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Series Spider-Man
Release Date November 7, 1997
Episode Number 61
Writer John Semper, Jr.
Karen Milovich
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Spider-Man is transported to an alien world by the Beyonder. He must lead a force of Earth's greatest heroes against their greatest foes. (Secret Wars Saga, Part One)


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"It's clobbering time!"


"Sue can't keep that up forever! What are we gonna do?"

-Human Torch

"I can't keep this up much longer!"

-Invisible Woman

"You did it, darling! You saved us!"

-Mister Fantastic

"Where am I? Spider-Man. What's going on?"



  • When Spider-Man is immobilized by Madame Web, his costume has inverted colors.



  • Curt Connors was seemingly cured of Lizard in "The Lizard King", only transforming again due to Beyonder's cosmic powers.



All characters from Fantastic Four were redesigned since John Semper wasn't fan of the series. Their voice actors were recast, except for Quinton Flynn who was the only actor who reprised his role.


Comic Book Resources ranked the entire Secret Wars Saga as the fourth greatest episode of the series. They noted that what made the episodes so memorable was the range of heroes brought together who initially bickered amongst themselves. They enjoyed seeing their favorite heroes fighting their favorite villains. They also liked how it was an exciting break from the tragedy of the previous episode and a colorful penultimate story that lead directly into the finale.[1]

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