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Antibody Surfer
Series Silver Surfer
Release Date April 11, 1998
Episode Number 8
Writer Larry Brody
Michael Steven Gregory

Galactus is dying and needs the Silver Surfer to help him. Can he bring himself to do it? Meanwhile, the Wanderers, those who have had their homes destroyed by Galactus, pick this moment to retaliate.


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"You serve Galactus? And you think that I, who have toiled for him and fought with him and suffered beyond measure because of him, would want to save the Devourer of Worlds?"
"As a matter of fact, I do."

-Silver Surfer and Nova

"We have traveled to virtually the other end of the universe. How did you find me at such a distance?"
"I always find what I look for. Since I was a kid, anywhere I needed to be, bam, I've been there. That's why Galactus gave me your old job after just one interview."

-Silver Surfer and Nova

"Surfer, the best job I could get without a college degree is going right down the tubes, and I am responsible!"
"Responsibility is not the issue now. A solution is."

-Nova and Silver Surfer

"Every night in my dreams, I relive the destruction of my home planet by Galactus. Yet now I find his ship even more awesome than I remembered."


"Silverado, there's this weird looking bald guy staring at us from the middle of nowhere!"
"The Watcher. His presence here shows that this is indeed a portentous event."

-Nova and Silver Surfer


Burning planet





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