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Namarra in Spide-Woman's web
Series Spider-Woman
Release Date March 1, 1980
Episode Number 16

(Series Finale)


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"Uh oh. Something tells me those guys aren't selling vacuum cleaners."


"The president has asked that you personally seize the space being away from the army."
"The President? How could a humble little super-spider like me turn him down?"

-CIM Agent and Spider-Woman

"Sh-sh-shivering S-s-spider teeth. That space lady isn't fooling around! But I've got an old spider trick that'll stop her."


"Looks like our pseudo-Spider Hero has betrayed our country. Why, if I could get my hands on her I'd show her a thing or two."
"I'm sure you would, Jeff. I'm sure you would."

-Jeff Hunt and Jessica Drew

"Thank goodness I'm part spider, or I'd have fallen asleep for sure!"

-Jessica Drew

"Wait a minute, that strange space being put us to sleep. We must be dreaming!"
"Golly. I just hope I don't have a nightmare. Especially about...sharks!"

-Jeff Hunt and Billy Drew

"Thundering Tarantulas! This dream is changing before my eyes."


"Shivering Spider Illusions! I didn't stop Namarra, it was just another dream."


"That sleeping creepo isn't fooling around I'll have to give her the old one-two punch."


"Wake me up when we get back to Justice Magazine. And goodnight, Spider-Woman."

-Jessica Drew


  • The newspaper Billy and Jeff are reading is called the Daily Journality.
  • This is the last time Jessica Drew was seen in animation.



  • Final episode of the series.



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