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Tied to the Time Machine
Series Spider-Woman
Release Date December 21, 1979
Episode Number 14


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"According to this map, the secret government base is just ahead of us."

-Jessica Drew

"Speaking of time machines, if we don't step on it we're going to miss our private press interview."

-Jeff Hunt

"Hey! Spider Under Glass isn't exactly my favorite dish."


"Spidery Space phenomena! The universe is closing in on itself."


"Holy Toledo! Those wooly weirdos have captured the Capitol Building!"

-Billy Drew

"Get lost! I don't need any Spider-stowaways!"
"Nice try, Dr. T., but a Spider-Line in time saves nine. Whatever that means."

-Doctor T. and Spider-Woman


  • To answer Spider-Woman's question, "a stitch in [time] saves nine" means to fix a small problem before it becomes a larger one.




The hairy beings from the future look exactly like Chewbacca, the Wookiee from Star Wars. Similarly, Graviton from "Invasion of the Black Hole" resembled Star Wars villain Darth Vader.


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