Members Shocker
Fancy Dan
Enforcers are from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The Enforcers are a group of hired mercenaries.


  • Shocker: Leader of the group. Also known as Montana.
  • Ox
  • Ricochet, also known as Fancy Dan.


The Enforcers were a high-tech mercenary group hired by Big Man.

They encountered Spider-Man who stopped them. Fancy Dan and Ox were captured but Montana escaped. He later returned as Shocker but also captured and arrested.

The three were sent to Ryker's Island. When the Sinister Six formed, the Enforcers helped the Six, being freed by Sandman. However, Shocker left to join the Six while the others went to Tinkerer.

Tinkerer gave them high-tech suits and they tried to rob a bank. Spider-Man stopped them and they were arrested.

They were then imprisoned in the Vault. At one point, Spider-Man came to test their security. Green Goblin released all the prisoners, including the Enforcers, to stop the hero but all were stopped.


First version of the team outside the comics to have a recurring role.

The team acquiring power suits to give them superpowers is original to The Spectacular Spider-Man. The team has never had superpowers, though Ox is incredibly strong and possibly superhuman though this has never been confirmed. In addition, Shocker is a separate character named Herman Schultz.

In the Comics

They were originally hired by Frederick Foswell, using the name Big Man, to try to take over the gangs of New York City.

Norman Osborn hired the team in order to remove some people from land he wanted to buy.

They were hired by Green Goblin to eliminate Spider-Man.

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