Energy Gauntlet
Energy Cap Shield NAHT
Real Name Energy Gauntlet
Powers and Abilities Creates Energy Shield
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Captain America's Shield
Family and Friends James Rogers (User)
Iron Man (Designer)
Energy Gauntlet is from the Non MAU series Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

The energy gauntlet is a device designed by Tony Stark for use by James Rogers. It was designed to mimic Captain America's Shield through the use of energy fields.


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The gauntlet was designed by Stark when he went into hiding after Ultron killed the other Avengers and took over the planet. Since the actual shield was lost, Tony had to use his technological knowledge to make it act the same.

James almost never took it off, apparently even sleeping with it.

When the children lured Ultron out into the desert and fought the Iron Avengers, the gauntlet was damaged. James then took his father's real shield from Iron Captain America, who was using it after its shield was damaged.

The gauntlet was likely not repaired since James had the real deal.


Along with the children, the gauntlet was adapted into the comics. In the storyline, James and the other children met Captain America of Earth-616. That Cap then began using an energy shield similar to this gauntlet.

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