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Empire State University
Real Name Empire State University
Alternate Identity ESU
State University
Team Affiliations New York City

Empire State University, also called ESU or simply State University, is an university located in New York City.




Little is known about the history of ESU.

The science hall got the Neogenic Recombinator designed by Curt Connors and Farley Stillwell. Curt used to Recombinator to accidentally turn himself into Lizard. Spider-Man used it to cure him. Stillwell used it to create Scorpion but he could not be cured.

When Michael Morbius turned into a vampire he began attacking students on campus. Eventually he transformed into a large bat-like creature and flew away. When he was found, ESU got the chance to study him. However, he got out and Spider-Man used the Recombinator to turn him into his less bat-like form.


The Fantastic Four episode "The Origin of the Fantastic Four, Part One" only states that Reed Richards went to State University.

In the Comics

It is specified that Peter Parker studies biophysics.

It was at this school that Reed Richards and Victor von Doom attended.

Human Torch attended but accidentally burned down a building. He was expelled and sued.

Emma Frost attended. She was on campus when an anti-mutant protest broke out.

Richard Rider was a student before joining the Nova Corps.

Debra Whitman, Ashley Kafka, and Miles Warren have been staff members.

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