Emma Frost
Emma Frost WXM
Real Name Emma Frost
Powers and Abilities Psychic, Transforms into Diamond form
Team Affiliations Inner Circle

Emma Frost is a telepath who joined the X-Men after Wolverine reformed the team.


Physical Therapy
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She appears to want to help the X-Men after the mysterious explosion at the Xavier Mansion and disappearance of Jean Grey and Charles Xavier. At first Logan didn't trust her and questioned why she was there and why she wanted to help. Additionally, it should be noted that a telepath was required to operate Cerebro and Emma used her telepathic abilities as leverage to get onto the team; knowing that Logan could not really refuse her. Although, he warned her that she was "standing on hollow ground" and would need to earn the team's trust and if she betrayed the team; she would regret it. Moreover, she explained that she worked at the Massachusetts Academy and her students were taken away from her by the Mutant Response Division. She missed teaching so she came there to help them find Charles and Jean. She used Cerebro and found Charles on Genosha. She seems to show romantic interest towards Cyclops but nothing ever comes from it. Scott even came to her and asked to help him stop the emotional suffering and turmoil he was experiencing since Jean disappeared by wiping his memories. Emma, while sympathetic towards Scott, warned him that such a procedure would not really work, but leave him more tormented. It is eventually found out that she is secretly working for the Inner Circle and was responsible for releasing the Phoenix Force and destroying the mansion. She kidnaps Jean when they find her and helps move the Phoenix into the Stepford Cuckoos. When the Cuckoos go on a rampage she realized that they were going to enact the Days of Future Past future that Charles warned the X-Men about. She absorbed the Phoenix into her body seeming to sacrifice herself.


Emma Frost was voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

This is the first animated version to be associated with the X-Men.

In the Comics

Emma and Scott became lovers after the final death of Jean Grey. In the series, she shows interest but he doesn't seem to return any feelings since Jean is still alive.

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