Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II
Real Name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Alternate Identity Elizabeth II
Team Affiliations United Kingdom Government
Allies Bill Clinton
Family and Friends Charles, Prince of Wales (Son)
Diana, Princess of Wales (Daughter-in-Law)

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, also called Elizabeth II, is the Queen of the United Kingdom.


Little is known about the history of Elizabeth.

At some point she ascended to the throne to become Queen. She had a son named Charles who then married a beautiful woman named Diana.

At some point she, Charles, and Diana went to the United States of America visiting New York City. While there they stayed at Trump Plaza. They rode in a limousine to the hotel. For some reason she decided to wear the crown jewels for the journey.

Upon their arrival they were swarmed by photographers taking pictures with their cameras. Also in the crowd was who they thought was Sue Storm-Richards.

Sue-Skrull Steals Crown Jewels

The three stood at the entrance taking pictures when Sue suddenly became invisible. Suddenly the crown was taken off Elizabeth's head shocking the crowd.

A reporter cried out that Sue was a crook.

United States President Bill Clinton later ordered that the Fantastic Four be brought in after all the members were seen committing crimes. The superheroes were later able to prove that the ones who committed the crimes, including stealing the crown, were alien shapeshifters called Skrulls.

It is unknown what happened to her afterwards or if she ever got the crown back.


Elizabeth was unnamed and unvoiced. She was simply called the Queen.

She is based on the real figure.

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