Electro SMTNAS
Real Name Max Dillon
Alternate Identity Electro
Powers and Abilities Composed of and Controls Electricity
Team Affiliations Empire State University
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Peter Parker
Sally Johnson
Mary Jane Watson
Electro is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Max Dillon was a brillaint, though socially awkward, college student at Empire State University. When he encountered a freak accident that turned him into pure electricity, he became the supervillain Electro.


Early Life

Max Dillon SMTNAS

Little is known about the early life of Max Dillon.

All his life, Max was bullied by those more popular than him.

Max went to high school with Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, and Harry Osborn. He befriended Peter who was also smart but unpopular. Mary Jane knew of Max but he apparently did not catch the attention of Harry.

Max Student SMTNAS

He went to school at Empire State University in New York City where, while one of the smartest people in his classes, he was not very popular. Peter, Mary Jane, and Harry also went.

At some point he developed a crush on fellow student Sally Johnson.

Max Drip Den SMTNAS

Like many students, Max would visit the Drip Den on campus and order coffee from Muang, the owner. Max often ordered an ice vanilla latte with non-dairy whip cream, because he is lactose intolerant. He ordered there so often that Muang would know what he wanted before he finished ordering.

Max attended Professor Williams' chemistry class in the fall semester. She had a reputation for very difficult tests. Max got the highest score ever on her midterm, something he was extremely proud of.

Max Program SMTNAS

He started developing a computer program that would imitate his appearance.

When Oscorp Industries announced their intentions to demolish Villeroy Towers, where many students and school employees lived, Max joined his fellow students in protests against the corporation. The figure known as Turbo Jet began stealing valuables and giving them to the protesters to help fund their cause. Max joined in one protest that praised Turbo Jet and condemned Spider-Man. However, Turbo Jet was then discovered to be a criminal while Spider-Man was confirmed to be the hero.


One day, the Psychology 101 professor gave the class a major assignment that was worth fifty percent of their grade. The assignment was to illustrate the relationship between thought and behavior. He told them to pair off into partners and begin an experiment. He warned the class not to screw up.

Max Gives Assignment SMTNAS

Peter came in late as usual and asked what happened. Max gave him a copy of the assignment telling him he missed the entire thing. After reading, Max told him they all needed partners.

Peter asked if they could be partners, but Max told him he was already taken. He boasted he was the best partner in the class then showed Peter the computer program he was working on. The computer voice told "Mr. Dillon" good morning.

Max Crazy Christina SMTNAS

Just then they heard the laughing of Christina and saw her laughing at her textbook. Max stood and told Peter that she was his new partner and warned him about the "Christina Zone" while making a crazy gesture.

He laughed as he left.

Some time later, he was ordering from Muang at the Drip Den when Christina walked by. She stopped when she noticed the Empire One news report about Peter taking video footage of the superhero Spider-Man. She noted that Peter always seemed to know where to find Spider-Man.

Max and Muang ignored her while he ordered his ice vanilla latte. Muang added that he always wanted non-dairy whip cream. He was amazed that out of all the twenty-thousand students on campus Muang remembered his order.

Christina Asks Max SMTNAS

Just then, Christina came up to him demanding to know about Peter Parker. She pushed him out of the way asking Muang. The barista did not know where Peter was, but commented that his roommate Harry Osborn just ordered two half-grand macchiatos and went off. He pointed in the general direction and she left.

It is unknown what happened with the assignment though it is likely Max did well on it. However, Christina was hospitalized after she kidnapped their classmate and Peter's possible girlfriend Mary Jane Watson. She had tried to use Mary Jane to lure Spider-Man then fell in a free elevator.


Max wanted to be one of the cool people on campus. He figured he could join a fraternity and gain new friends. He began to admire Doug Reisman and decided to pledge his fraternity Sigma Alpha Chi.

One day, Max was walking on campus near the quad when he passed an alley. Some men came out of the alley and grabbed him. He did not see who they were.

They tied Max's hands together, blindfolded him, and duct taped a helmet onto his head. He could not see or hear anything.

Max Kidnapped SMTNAS

They shoved him in the back of a car and surrounded him. Max became terrified at what could happen to him. He tried looking around asking what was going on. Someone knocked on his helmet.

At some point the vehicle stopped and the men exited leaving Max alone. Max began feeling around for something. As he did, someone pushed his head to the side. Max then fell to the floor.

He began squirming around again. He crawled towards the front of the vehicle, realizing it was a limousine. He found his way into the cab and found the steering wheel.

Max Starts Car SMTNAS

Max felt around and started the ignition. He put the car into gear and the car sped off. He tried to steer but with the helmet could not tell where he was going.

The car started bouncing off things, hitting some unknown objects, and even jumped onto two wheels. Eventually the car slammed into another car.

The crash forced Max to slam his head against the steering wheel. He was knocked out and fell onto the seat. His foot pressed down on the accelerator.

The car continued speeding through the streets uncontrolled. Spider-Man leaped into the limo trying to stop it. He saw the unconscious Max and broke through the windshield. He steered into a construction zone and the limo went over the side.

Max Wakes Concrete SMTNAS

The limo slammed into the pit filling with wet concrete. The crash woke Max up and he sat up. Spider-Man told him not to worry. He was eventually able to force the helmet off and found himself covered in concrete.

Spider-Man broke into the cab area as concrete covered the rear window. Spider-Man grabbed him and shot a webline to a crane above.

Spider-Man Saves Max SMTNAS

Max grabbed onto the hero who pulled them both out of the limo before it sank. The hero swung them over to a nearby beam and set Max down.

He asked if Max was alright and who did that to him. Max got angry and broke the ties holding his hands. He cried out that he did not know.

Max Slams Beam SMTNAS

Max slammed his hands onto a nearby vertical beam. The force caused a flock of pigeons to fly away.

He was fine except for a large bruise on his face. He changed and returned to school.

Later that day, Max was in the quad drinking coffee when he saw Peter at the stand getting a cup for himself. He was watching a news report saying that the police wanted Spider-Man for questioning about the runaway vehicle.

Peter made a comment that Spider-Man needed a little break. Max walked up joking that the hero needed a publicist. Peter agreed then noticed the bruise on his face and asked if he was okay.

Max joked that it depended on Peter's definition of okay. Peter asked what happened and Max nodded towards the news report. Peter turned to see footage of Spider-Man carrying Max out of the car.

Max Admits Kidnapping SMTNAS

Peter turned back to his friend surprised that he was there. Max explained he was in the car when it happened. The two walked away from the stand and, finishing his coffee, Max threw his in the trash.

His friend asked him who would do that. Max explained that because of the tape and helmet he could not tell. He pointed towards the alley and said he was kidnapped near the quad. He felt it was one of the many "a-wipes" on campus saying that it was full of them.

Peter Max Discuss College SMTNAS

Max felt that college was just like high school all over again. He wanted to not be a pinata any more. Peter joked that college is just high school with ashtrays.


Max then noticed Doug, his friend Gary, and another friend approaching. He felt that Doug was someone knew how to be cool. He watched Doug continue towards him while his two friends walked away.

Max Fixes Hair SMTNAS

Max fixed his hair and began approaching Doug. Max intercepted Doug and said hello. The guy wondered what he wanted.

Max put it out for a shake but Doug ignored it. He explained that he was pledging with Sigma Alpha Chi then corrected that he was merely hoping to pledge. Max pointed out that it was Rush Week on campus.

Peter put his hand on Max shoulder, but wanting to be left alone Max brushed him off. Peter tried again but Max brushed him off again.

Max Brushes Off Peter SMTNAS

Doug checked his nails pointing out that Sigma was a great fraternity that Max should definitely shoot for. Peter began tapping again but Max continued brushing him off. Max told him he just wanted to say hello.

Max got flustered when Doug asked what his name was. Doug moved around Max when his friends approached. Doug then told Max about a party his fraternity was throwing.

He suggest Max come by, surprising his friends. He joked that Max should bring some food suggesting a casserole or something. When Max asked if he was serious, Doug said he was not.

Max Going To Party SMTNAS

Max confirmed to the group that he would be there. Peter approached him saying they should go. Getting annoyed, Max told him he was with other people.

Doug asked if Peter had a problem. Peter told him that the problem was about to go away. Max backed off from his old friend as the Sigma members surrounded Peter.

Doug sneered down at Peter then turned. The three of them threw a punch but Peter managed to get out of the way and moved behind Doug. Peter put up his fists as the three approached. Doug punched him in the face and he went down.

The three Sigma guys walked away. Max picked up Peter's dropped book. Peter approached him and Peter asked to go, insisting that the three were not worth their time.

Max Berates Peter SMTNAS

Max believed that Peter was jealous of him. He insisted it was because the Sigma guys wanted him and not Peter. He tossed Peter's book at him ordering him to stay out of it. He walked away.

Max got himself ready and went to the Sigma house. Gary welcomed people into the house that was pounding with music and flashing red and blue lights. The people there were dancing, talking, drinking, and making out.

Max Party SMTNAS

Max stood off to the side bouncing his head to the music. He watched as Gary and his friend carried Doug through the house. As they passed Max he said hello but they apparently did not notice him.

Nearby, Harry and Mary Jane stood talking.

Max Sees Sally SMTNAS

He was enjoying the music when he noticed Sally talking with her friends. She stopped and noticed him smiling. Max decided to make a move and began approaching her.

Just then a hand grabbed him. He turned and found Doug's friend in a robe standing there. The man told him he had been selected to enter the inner sanctum of the Sigma's council. He walked away ordering Max to follow.

Max Leaves Party SMTNAS

Max turned back to Sally who smiled at him. He smiled back and gave her a thumbs up. He walked back not noticing the pillar and walking into it.


Max went into the basement and saw the council standing around Doug all wearing robes and holding candles. Max walked into the group and they surrounded him.

Doug explained that this was the inner circle of the Sigma council. The group knelt before Doug. Not knowing what to do, Max hunched over to bow.

Max Ready SMTNAS

Doug went on saying that the council had all sworn an oath to protect their brotherhood. He asked if Max understood. Max smiling at his coming acceptance and said he did.

Doug asked him if he was ready to receive their judgement. Max again said he was. He asked the council what they thought of Max.

Max Rejected SMTNAS

The group extended their hands then pointed their thumbs down denying his pledge. Max looked around shocked. Doug ordered the group to commence with the rejection ritual.

The group stood and turned their backs to Max. They blew out the candles leaving the room in total darkness.

Someone flipped a switch turning on the lights. Max found himself backed against a wall. He looked and found the group holding paintball guns towards him.

Doug claimed that it sucked to be Max.

All at once the council began firing at him. Max was pelted in the face with the small balls of paint. He turned to protect his face but they continued shooting his back.

Max Pelted SMTNAS

Max turned again and they shot his face, hands, and back. The group stopped and Max fled up the stairs.

Max burst through the basement door back to the party. He walked out and approached Sally and Mary Jane. Mary Jane asked him what was wrong.

Max Curses Party SMTNAS

Suddenly the entire house burst into laughter, all pointing at and watching him. Max cursed the group and ran out of the room towards the back door. Mary Jane called out to him.

Max Storm SMTNAS

Max ran out into the back alley. A storm had gathered and rain fell. Lightning struck across the sky. He berated himself for being stupid enough to believe Doug wanted to be his friend.

He walked out into the street, ignoring the passing cars. A car blared its horn as it had to swerve to avoid hitting him.


Max went into an alley on the other side of the street and began crying. He looked up and saw a neon sign that said "MAX".

He climbed up a nearby ladder to get closer. He saw that it was a billboard for Maximum Shock energy drink. Suddenly the rain stopped.

Max Neon Gas SMTNAS

Getting angry again, Max picked up a piece of trash and threw it at the sign. The sign cracked and sprayed neon gas all over him.

Just then, a bolt of lightning struck the generator powering the sign. Electricity engulfed the sign.

Maximum Shock Sign Explodes SMTNAS

The neon lights cracked spilling energy everywhere. Then the sign exploded. The force of the blast knocked Max back.

Max Struck SMTNAS

Max flew back falling over the alley. As he fell a bolt of lightning struck him in mid-air. The electricity combined with the neon gas.

Max's body was transformed into living electricity. He began to glow blue, his hair stuck on its ends, and his eyes glowed white.

Electro Born SMTNAS

Max floated down into the alley. Debris from the sign began raining down overhead. He stopped and floated mid-air.

He looked up and screamed. Electricity filled his mouth. Max realized that he now had the amazing power to control electricity.

Electro Realizes Power SMTNAS

Lightning struck overhead. He rose up in the alley. He raised his hands and charged them with electricity.

Max decided to use his new powers to exact revenge against Doug and all those who humiliated him. No longer needing to walk, he floated back over to the Sigma house.

Electro Hates Frat SMTNAS

Max floated out of an alley and into the courtyard near the house. He saw the Sigma's sign and scowled. His eyes glowed white.

Max sucked the energy out of the house. He fired electricity at the house shattering the windows. He began firing at the doors to the house. Eventually the doors burst in.


Electro Enters Party SMTNAS

The electrified Max floated down and into the doorway. The crowd turned to see him and Doug wondered what he was. Max floated in saying that he was not a what but a who.

Electro Tortures Doug SMTNAS

He turned to see his tormentor and scowled. He raised his arm causing Doug to look shocked. He shot a flurry of electricity at Doug and raised him to the roof. The other man cried out in pain causing Max to smile.

Sally then ran up begging Max to stop. She tried to grab his leg but the electricity in his body knocked her back. She fell into Mary Jane's arms and collapsed.

Electro Hurt Sally SMTNAS

Max was stunned. He did not want to hurt her.

He got angry at Doug for turning him into this. He strengthened his attack. He raised Doug and threw him through a window and outside.

Electro floated out and found Doug struggling to get up. The man looked shocked to see him approaching.

Sucks To Be Doug SMTNAS

Max told him that it sucked to be Doug. Doug could do nothing but stare at him.

Max fired again and lifted the man up. His attacks caused Doug to writhe in pain. Eventually he fell still as he died.

Electro Kills Doug SMTNAS

He dropped his deceased tormentor. He looked around and saw other people from the party staring in shock. He saw a man checking on Doug's body and approached. The man fled when he noticed Max.

Max raised his hands powering his fists. He claimed to hate all them feeling all the popular people were responsible for his situation.


Electro Hands Webbed SMTNAS

Spider-Man then appeared and webbed Max's hands saying that it was "lights out time." Max turned and tried to fire, until he realized that the webbing blocked his attack.

The hero leaped down and swung over to a lamppost. Max floated over and struggled to burn off the webbing. The webhead joked that he should have been around for the last energy crisis.

Electro Fires SMTNAS

Max fired a blast of electricity at the webslinger but he swung off the post. The power of the blast caused the light bulb to explode.

The hero landed on the opposite building. He complained that Max was not civic minded. Max fired more blasts but the wallcrawler dodged them.

Spider-Man Confronts Electro SMTNAS

He leaped down and Max ordered him to stay out of his way. Spider-Man agreed to but not before punching him.

Max was knocked back by the blow. He scowled at the hero who was still being shocked. Spider-Man leaped up and swung off the posts.

Max attacked but Spider-Man jumped out of the way. However, the blast knocked him into a nearby window.

Electro Defeats Spider-Man SMTNAS

Max turned his attention back to the people from the party. They fled from his as he approached while he charged his hands.

His feet were then webbed by the hero. Spider-Man landed on a nearby car and pulled Electro to the ground.

Electro Shriveling SMTNAS

Suddenly the electricity from his body began pouring into the ground as his body became grounded. His body started to shrivel as the energy from his body left. Spider-Man continued to pull him closer to the car.

Max struggled as his body shrank. He turned and grabbed onto the webbing electrifying it. The force knocked the hero back causing him to slam into a balcony and collapse.

Max got up and floated over the courtyard. He looked up to see the power lines overhead. He smiling realizing he could recharge his body.

He floated up then grabbed the power line. He ripped it apart and began absorbing energy into his body.

Electro Recharges SMTNAS

With his body renewed, he dropped the lines and they fell into the courtyard. He looked down and cursed the remaining for believing that he could not have been one of them.

In his view, they were all just more Doug Reismans. He claimed that they did not believe he was good enough for them.

Electro Bombs Courtyard SMTNAS

Max powered up his hands threatening to have them join his "club" and rained blasts down upon them. He attacks caused large blasts below. He fired at Gary and his friend blasting them forward, but got near Sally.

Spider-Man pardoned himself then punched Max with webbed up hands to protect himself. The attack knocked him back onto a rooftop.

Max got up and saw Spider-Man leaping up insulting him asking what his deal is. He got angry and fired at him. Spider-Man leaped down dodging. He continue firing but Spider-Man kept dodging.

Electro Is Max SMTNAS

The wallcrawler jumped over Max and punched him in the head hard. Max fell back against a wall. He began crying and the hero leaped over to him. He turned Max around and realized who it was.

Spider-Man asked what happened to him. Max replied that "they" don't know and "they" don't understand. Spider-Man backed off telling him that he could not continue hurting innocent people. Max stood claiming that no one was innocent.

Electro Rages SMTNAS

Max fired at Spider-Man knocking him back into a wall. His attack burned the web gloves off and he collapsed.

Max floated over to the edge claiming that he had the power now. He looked down and fired at the people below. He was suddenly attacked from behind by the wallcrawler.

Electro Berates Spider-Man SMTNAS

The two landed on the ground and electricity began flying out of his body around them. His body began to shrivel as he became grounded again. The hero claimed that he knew what it was like. Max began shriveling responding that the hero did not.

He blasted Spider-Man with electricity. The hero reared his head as energy flowed through his body showing his skeleton.

Spider-Man Punches Transformer SMTNAS

Spider-Man then punched through a hatch for an electric transformer and pulled out the ground wire. Realizing what he was doing, Max slashed across his chest causing a large gash.

Electro Absorbed Ground Wire SMTNAS

The webslinger then plugged the ground wire into Max's neck. He screamed out in pain as his body became absorbed by the wire.

Spider-Man watched in shock as Max slowly disappeared. His body dissolved until there was nothing left of it. The last of him was nothing but a shock that flowed into the wire.


Because Max's body had been transformed into pure energy, he continued to live within the electrical system. He could move anywhere the electrical wires went.

A funeral was held for Douglas M. Reisman. He was buried across the river from the city in a small cemetery.

Electro Cemetery SMTNAS

The night of the funeral, Max went into the lampposts in the cemetery and found Peter, Mary Jane, and Harry leaving. He laughed seeing Doug's headstone.

No one knew what really happened to Max. Apparently the authorities did not believe that he turned into pure energy then disappeared completely. Officially, he simply disappeared. Eventually, people began referring to Max as Electro while rumors circulated about his whereabouts including being him homeless and living behind the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

As time went on, Electro became lonely. He was the only one of his altered kind and could not touch anyone else. Since Sally was the last person he ever connected with, Electro often thought of her. Eventually he decided that he would try to convert her into an energy being like himself. However, he realized that if he got it wrong he could kill her. Electro decided to try it on someone else first and chose Professor Williams reasoning that as a chemistry teacher she would appreciate the "experiment."

Because of his chemistry knowledge, Electro knew that it was the combination of neon gas and electricity that made him this way. He realized he needed a great deal of energy to recreate the situation because of the incredible amount of energy in a bolt of lightning.

Power Plant SMTNAS

He used the systems of the Consolidated Edison power company to recharge himself and grew steadily stronger. He spent his time in an empty power plant that was infested with cobwebs and vermin.

Towards the end of Spring and beginning of Summer, two teenage boys came into the plant. One boy threw a ball across the empty plant while the other sat playing a handheld gaming device. Electro recognized them as the type of people who used to torture him.

Electro called and his voice echoed across the empty space. The two stopped and looked around. One asked if he was talking to them noting that there was no one else there. When Electro remained silent, the two began laughing.

He grew angry at the two trespassers and reached out to a hatch marked "High Voltage." He threw it open and flipped the switch inside.

Electro Surrounds Teens SMTNAS

Electro surrounded the two with energy. One suggested that they should leave.

Electro powered on an enormous fan that sat to one side. He overpowered the device so that it began sucking in everything in the building. The force of the suction began pulling the two boys in.

Electro Powers Fan SMTNAS

With nothing to hold onto, the boys were pulled back but grabbed onto some grating. The grating flipped up and the two held on despite being horizontal. Electro filled the entire building with flickering blue light.

Eventually Spider-Man entered the building and crawled along the beams towards the boy. The two called out to the hero. Their ball and device flew past the two and were sucked into the fan where they were torn to shreds.

Spider-Man landed on a column and made some joke about hanging on. The two begged him to hurt. The wallcrawler moved around to grab onto a pole. The boys lost their grip and flew towards the machine.

Spider-Man Stops Fan SMTNAS

Spider-Man webbed them both to the floor. he pulled a pipe and leaped down shoving it into the fan. With his increased strength, he used the pole to stop the fan. He then webbed the switch back off. The fan powered off.

The hero went to the boys pulling off their webbing. They thanked him and moved to leave. They told him that there was a ghost that tried to kill them. Spider-Man sarcastically agreed with other widely used excuses. The two left followed by Spider-Man.

Electro Gas SMTNAS

After gaining some additional energy, Electro sparked inside the fan knocking the pipe down. Electro forced gas to release inside the machine and extended himself out.


Electro entered Sally's laptop while it was at Empire State in Professor Williams' chemistry class. He waited while the professor lectured about Electro Negativity, atoms, and ionic bonds.

Williams then talked about her midterm. Mary Jane, sitting next to Sally, told her friend that Williams' tests were difficult. The two agreed to share notes.

Electro Test Question SMTNAS

Electro caused her computer to beep to get her attention. Sally looked down and he formed a message telling her to ask the professor who got the highest score ever.

She stared in shock at the mysterious message. To get her motivated, Electro told her to askw ho aced her last test.

Sally pressed the Escape key several times before Electro made the message disappear. She raised her hand and asked who got the highest score ever.

Williams wanted to know why she asked and Sally responded for no particular reason. She then revealed that Max Dillon got the highest score.

The professor went on to say that she too had heard the rumors about Max's disappearance. She reiterated that all anyone knew was that he disappeared the same night Doug was killed. She turned not wanting to talk about it anymore.

Doug's friend, also sitting near Sally, whispered about one rumor he heard. Williams stopped her lecture to silence him. After the jock made a rude comment, Sally shut her laptop and stormed out, unknowingly taking Electro with her.

Electro followed Sally as she went to her dorm room and began studying.

Electro Lamppost SMTNAS

As the day turned to night, Electro flowed into a lamppost outside her room sparking the light bulb.

He entered her room and saw her reciting her textbook into a small recorder. He saw her pause, stretch her arms, then begin again. She was talking about electrostatic attraction when she paused.

As she started again, Electro decided to announce himself.

Electro turned on her television set filling it with static. She tried to turn it off with the remote but he would not let her.


He appeared to her calling out her name causing her to back up onto her bed. She recognized Electro as Max then wondered if someone was playing a joke on her.

He appeared again and, since he could not speak normally to her, he wrote on her screen. He said that if this were a joke he was not laughing. She asked what he wanted.

He felt that she should have been there for him. She stood and unplugged the set. However, Electro used his energy to keep it running surprising her.

Electro made some odd noise. She backed up onto her bed begging to be left alone. He told her he could not do that. He made a pun that this was his chance to take charge.

Electro Jokes SMTNAS

Fearing she was taking him seriously, he explained it was a joke. She screamed out that she wanted to be left alone.

Electro wrote that he was getting stronger all the time thanks to Con Ed and that soon he could reach out to touch her. He reinforced his point by extending his face out of the set.

Electro Leaves Sally SMTNAS

He left by exploding out of the television set up into the overhead light. He went through the window to the power lines outside.

He traveled along the lines out of sight of her room.

Trial Run

Electro moved along the lines until he found Williams walking down the street. Luckily she was alone.

Electro Stalks Williams SMTNAS

He leaped from the line to a neon sign. He passed into another sign after she passed it. When she reached the street corner he went into the crosswalk sign behind her.

She stopped and looked around asking who was there. When she did not see anyone she continued on.

Electro Reforms SMTNAS

Electro jumped in front of her and extended himself between a lamppost and neon sign. Williams stopped and ran away. He began forming his body in the jumping electricity causing her to drop her suitcase.

She tried to look back but tripped over a trash can. He floated over to her, his body partially see-through, and she looked up at him.

Electro Confronts Williams SMTNAS

He swung his arm and fired a blast of electricity at her. He lifted his former professor up and she screamed in pain, her skeleton became visible.

Electro floated up and brought her along to the roof of the building. He went to a Maximum Shock billboard. He decided to recreate his origin as closely as he could.

Electro Williams Trial SMTNAS

He fired at the sign cracking it. Neon gas sprayed all over his former teacher. He reached over towards a high voltage switch and began drawing energy from it.

Williams asked what was happening to her. He responded that she liked experiments. When Spider-Man landed near the switch, Electro caused a power surge that knocked his foe back.

Spider-Man then webbed the switch cutting off Electro's source. Without the energy supply, Electro was forced to drop Williams to the roof.

Electro Ghost Screams SMTNAS

Without the power, his body began shriveling again. He screamed as he nearly disappeared. He turned into a spark and fled along the power lines.

He eventually returned to the power plant to again recharge himself.

Eventually, Spider-Man went to the power plant. He called out to Max then called him Electro. Electro cried out causing his opponent to turn around. The hero claimed that he would like to help but that Electro had gone too far.

Electro powered on the fan again, though not with the same force. Spider-Man approached him saying that Sally did not want to be with some electrified murder.

Electro Forms Fan SMTNAS

He surged power through the building into the fan. Spider-Man shielded his eyes as Electro formed out of the fan.

Electro grew angry at the idea of staying away from Sally. He ordered the hero to stay away from her. Spider-Man replied that he was going to say the same thing.

Electro Orders Spider-Man Away SMTNAS

He claims that he will do what he needs to, then fires a blast at Spider-Man. The hero was hit and fell to the ground.

As he tried to get up, Electro disappeared into the plant's systems and powered down the fan.


Somehow, he managed to get a large canister of neon gas into the plant.

Electro returned to Sally's dorm. He watched as she unplugged all her electronics while he hid in the overhead light. She then sat on her bed and blew out the candle.

Electro chose that moment to reveal himself. He poured electricity from the light then shot down into the television powering it.

Electro Takes Sally SMTNAS

Sally backed into the wall as Electro formed himself out of the set. He reached down telling her that it was almost time.

He grabbed her and took her to the plant. His actions left a smoking outline of her on her bed.

Max lifted Sally in the air and began shocking her while he siphoned off power from the generators. She begged him not to do this while writhing in pain.

He explained to her that he learned from his mistake with Williams and would get it right this time. She asked why he wanted her.

Electro Explains Transformation SMTNAS

He explained it was because she smiled at him at the party. He felt she cared for him, something no one ever did before. She tried to say that it wasn't what he thought. Electro asked if she did care for him then increased his efforts.

He stopped absorbing energy and directed his electricity at the canister of neon. He lifted it up and caused it to spray on her.

He then pulled a wire up to him.

Just then, Mary Jane and Harry ran onto an upper rafter to talk to him. He claimed that the guys in Kappa Tiki Kappa, a made-up fraternity, talked about how smart he was.

Electro Annoyed SMTNAS

Electro became annoyed with the guests but continued focusing on converting Sally.

Mary Jane spoke up claiming that people remember him fondly and he should not ruin his reputation. She pointed out that he claimed to love Sally.

Electro decided to renew his attack to convert Sally so they could be together. He then floated over to her holding the wire.

Electro Hurts Sally SMTNAS

He moved the high voltage switch on. He explained to his love that this would hurt him more than it would hurt her. She threw herself around in pain.


Electro Webbed Sally SMTNAS

Spider-Man agreed then appeared. He leaped down onto the ground floor carrying a High Voltage Storage Container. He reached up and webbed Sally.

Feeling that Sally was his, he doubled his attack on her. The shock followed the webbing down to the hero knocking him back.

Electro Melts HVSC SMTNAS

He realized what the HVSC was for and directed the energy from the wire down to the container. While the device was fine, the rubber on the bottom melted the device to the floor.

With the threat stationary, Electro redirected the wire back at Sally. Her hair began to stand on its ends while her eyes started glowing. He realized it was working when she began disappearing like he did.

Electro Shocks MJ SMTNAS

Mary Jane called out to him to stop. Growing annoyed with her, he directed his attack to knock her down. Spider-Man ordered Harry to get her out of there. He complied and left.

Spider-Man grabbed a wire from the side of the HVSC and ran towards Electro. He watched as the hero leaped off some machinery towards him. However, the cord was too short and pulled him back, just out of reach of Electro.

Electro laughed at the hero's failure calling him a freak. He fired the wire's energy at the wallcrawler.

Electro Turning Sally SMTNAS

Just then, Sally claimed that she could no longer feel anything. He turned saying that she would learn to, thinking she was talking about her emotions. He dropped the wire and continued his attack on her.


He was about to charge another attack when his opponent grabbed his leg. He had hung himself from the ceiling and was using his body as a conductor for the wire. Electricity ran through his body showing his skeleton.

Electro Powerless SMTNAS

Electro tried to fire but his attack did nothing. He found his body was being absorbed by the HVSC.

He turned and saw Sally slowly lowering to the ground as his attack dissipated. Her hair and eyes returned to normal.

Spider-Man Absorbs Electro SMTNAS

He looked down and saw Spider-Man directing his body's energy into the storage container. Realizing he was going to be trapped, he tried to fly away.

Slowly his body shrank flowing through Spider-Man and the wire. Eventually Electro's energy left Spider-Man and the wire and flowed into the storage container.

HVSC Overloading SMTNAS

Electro found himself trapped in the small container with no way out. He cried out but was unable to do anything.

He tried overloading the device trying to destroy it from the inside. Eventually Spider-Man lifted it off the melted rubber and threw it into the river outside.


The container floated down to the bottom, sparking as it sank. The container exploded under the water causing a massive explosion.

Electro Dies SMTNAS

With no where to go, Electro was killed once and for all. Spider-Man hoped that his death would finally bring an end to Max Dillon's pain.

Powers and Abilities

Electro Powers SMTNAS

Electro is possibly the most dangerous being on the planet. He can control and manipulate electricity and any electrical object. He can easily shoot enough electricity out to kill a human being. He can fire his energy in powerful blasts causing large explosions. Electro can also absorb energy from other sources and redirect it as he wishes thus growing even more powerful.

Additionally, Electro can manipulate and control electrical objects. He can become a power source for objects such as appliances. He can also increase the power to a machine causing a significant overload. For computerized devices he can change the screen however he wishes.

Sally Unplugs TV SMTNAS

Following his accident, Max became a being of pure living electricity. He does not seem to have any actual physical body anymore thus no need for food or drink anymore. He can exist within electrical systems and move through electrical lines and wires. Merely touching him is enough to send powerful shocks through a person.

Sally Touches Electro SMTNAS

However, this is also his greatest weakness. He must conform to the laws of physics all electricity must conform to. His entire body can be absorbed by various substances such as dirt, ground wires, and storage devices. He also cannot survive in water. When some of his body is absorbed he appears to shrivel, appearing almost zombie like. When very weak he becomes semi-transparent. Also, he cannot control his body's energy. Any contact with physical objects, even unintentional, would electrocute it proving hazardous to living creatures.


Max Greets Doug SMTNAS

Max Dillon was meek and anti-social. He was an outcast from the popular people in school since he was considered a geek. Because of this, he often talked down about them to degrade them. However, he still wanted to be part of them. Max tried to be part of them. Sometimes, his desire to be accepted clouded his judgement to what was right in front of him.

Electro Angry SMTNAS

Gaining superpowers, Electro unleashed all his pent-up inner rage. All the people who teased him, all those who tortured him, and all those who denied him became fuel for his revenge. After dealing with his most recent tormentor, Electro unleashed his rage upon all those he felt wronged him. He became blinded by hatred attacking anyone and everyone.

After cooling down, Electro realized how lonely he really was and what he wanted was a woman to spend time with. Since Sally was the last, and possibly only, woman to notice him he became obsessed with her. He was consumed with being with her and did all that he could to make her like and appreciate him. Electro put Williams in danger and nearly killed her because his obsession clouded all judgement.


Peter Parker

Max Peter SMTNAS

Peter is perhaps Max's best and only friend. They were friends in high school and went to the same college. Both found common ground in being outcasts and unpopular. Max would confide in Peter while he tried to help Max out. However, Max's growing desire for acceptance made him ignore Peter's help. He felt Peter was becoming jealous of his apparent growing popularity. The last he saw of Peter was when he spurned him for just trying to help. After becoming Electro he seemingly forgot about Peter completely.

Sally Johnson

Electro Drops Sally SMTNAS

Sally was the one he had a crush on. He liked her and she seemed to like him, though she may have been caught up in the party atmosphere. Max wanted to ask her out but was distracted. She was the last person she connected with before his humiliation. Following his transformation he still remembered her and he found that she remembered him. When he tried transforming her into someone like him, he realized that she did not love him like he loved her but merely liked him.

Doug Reisman

Doug Teases Max SMTNAS

Doug was everything Max wanted to be: good looking, well liked, and popular. He did all he could to be just like him. Max pledged the same fraternity and tried to suck up to him. What he did not realize, until it was too late, was that Doug had no respect for him all. Doug actually went out of his way to torture and humiliate Max, even putting his life in danger. When he realized this, Electro actually had no problem taking his life feeling that Doug represented all that was wrong in his life.

Mary Jane Watson


Mary Jane apparently considered him a friend, possibly because of her romantic relationship to Peter. She kept up to date with him, though he did not seem to notice her. After his transformation he showed no concern for her at all, possibly viewing her as yet another one of the type of people who tortured him. When she interrupted his transformation of Sally, she shocked her to silence her, though not hard enough to do any lasting damage.


Electro was voiced by Ethan Embry.

Electro is one of only five villains in the series from the comics along with Kingpin, Lizard, Silver Sable, and Kraven the Hunter. The other villains were merely inspired by Marvel Comics characters. Flash Thompson and J. Jonah Jameson are typically antagonistic but not really villains.

He is the only villain to actually appear in multiple episodes outside of illusions, besides the Gaines Twins in the two-part finale.

This version of Electro is combined from elements of both the 616 and Ultimate universes. The event that transforms Max is from the 616 while his appearance and powers are from the Ultimate. This is the first version to be based on Ultimate Electro.

The original model for Max was designed with zits that were eventually removed.

The character model for Max/Electro is the same as Peter/Spider-Man from the neck down.

The pop-up trivia for "Head Over Heels" incorrectly spell his last name Dylan, unless this is how the name is supposed to be spelled in this series.

Max was originally going to crash the limo into the Hudson River, but the animators decided that concrete was easier to animate.

Electro Face SMTNAS

The paintball attack was to give a star-like shape on Max's face to mimic the star-shaped mask Electro wears.

In the first draft of "The Party", Max got hit by a car when leaving the party. In the episode, a car narrowly misses him.

Electro's origin is featured in the opening of every episode.

The original model for Electro was more yellowish but this was changed when the producers felt he looked too much like a zombie.

In "When Sparks Fly", Electro's lines were recorded using backmasking, recording something backwards onto a tape meant to play forwards. This gave him the other-worldly feel.

In the original script, Electro killed Williams trying to convert her.

In the Comics


Was an electrical engineer and lineman involved in a freak lightning accident.

Max's first crime was killing a thug who pulled a gun on him. His first crime as Electro was to rob J. Jonah Jameson's safe in The Daily Bugle.

Jameson later hired Electro to defeat Spider-Man on national television.

He made a deal to greatly amplify his powers. However, Spider-Man defeated him with an insulated suit. As a final grand gesture, he threw himself into the Hudson River seemingly dying in a massive explosion.


Electro was a result of bioengineering and was sold to Kingpin as part of a real estate deal.

Was freed from prison by Norman Osborn along with Kraven the Hunter and others to be part of the Ultimate Six.

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