Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower
Real Name La Tour Eiffel
Alternate Identity Eiffel Tower
Team Affiliations French Resistance
Allies United States Military
Family and Friends Paris, France

La Tour Eiffel, better known as the Eiffel Tower, is a well-known landmark in the city of Paris, France. It is a large lattice tower made of iron.

World War II

During the war

During World War II, it was surrounded by blimps and searchlights. The city was taken over by the Nazis. Explosions went off in the air around the tower but it was not damaged. It was eventually liberated by the Allies.

Andre Cocteau and a soldier named Duke were buried in a cemetery that was on a hill overlooking the tower. Ernie and two other veterans had gone to see Duke, who had saved their lives. At the same time, Logan went to the cemetery as he had been hunting Cocteau since the war. Andre's daughter, Justine, found him and explained that Andre was actually working for the Allies. Logan, Justine, Ernie, and the veterans all made their way to a nearby bistro.


The Eiffel Tower went unnamed in the series.

The Eiffel Tower was originally going to be destroyed in "Sanctuary, Part Two". However, censors would not allow the landmark to be destroyed and forced the producers to change it to a desert.[1]

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