Edwin Jarvis
Edwin Jarvis
Real Name Edwin Jarvis
Team Affiliations Avengers

Edwin Jarvis is a butler who serves the Avengers.


The early life of Jarvis is unknown. At some point he began working for the Avengers.


Jarvis was voiced by Graham Harley.

First version of the character outside the comics. As of Ultimate Spider-Man, the only televised version to be human, though Jarvis of Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II was human. All other version are based on the modern version of JARVIS as an artificial intelligence similar to H.O.M.E.R..

In the Comics

He served in World War II.

He was the butler of Iron Man. When Tony gave his personal mansion to be the Avengers' headquarters, Jarvis stayed in the building to serve the team.

He is good friends with Captain America and Spider-Man.

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