Edward Kelly
Kelly (XME)
Real Name Edward Kelly
Alternate Identity Principal Kelly
Team Affiliations Bayville High School
Edward Kelly is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Edward Kelly is the principal of Bayville High School.


Little is known about the early life of Edward Kelly.

He moved to Bayville, New York to become their high school's principal following the disappearance of Raven Darkholme.

He soon noticed that many of the students, and even the teacher Hank McCoy, had strange abilities. Once, a battle between two groups of students broke out and they demonstrated their powers. Charles Xavier erased the memory of the battle from all those there except for Kelly.

When the presence of mutants became known to the world, Kelly began secretly acting against mutant students.

He eventually decided to get into politics by running for mayor.


Edward Kelly was voiced by Dale Wilson.

The series changed his name from Robert to Edward for unknown reasons.

In the Comics

His name is Robert Kelly and he was a United States senator.

Mystique and her Brotherhood tried to assassinate him but was stopped by a time traveling Shadowcat.

He eventually became pro-mutant after Pyro saved his life. He was killed by an anti-mutant activist who felt Kelly betrayed their cause.

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