Dynamo Buster Armor
Real Name Dynamo Buster Armor
Alternate Identity Hulk Buster Armor
Powers and Abilities Larger and Stronger than usual Iron Man Armor
Allies Iron Man Armor
Iron Man Mark II Armor
Silver Centurion Armor
Stealth Armor
Space Armor
Arctic Armor
War Machine Armor
Iron Man 2099 Armor
Family and Friends Crimson Dynamo Armor (Designed From)
Firepower Armor (Built from These Designs)
Dynamo Buster Armor is from the Non MAU series Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

The Dynamo Buster Armor is a large and powerful suit that Iron Man fits into, much as Tony Stark fits into the Iron Man armor.


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The armor is far bigger than any other armor, including the War Machine Armor. It was designed to withstand and dish out a tremendous amount of damage.

It features more powerful repulsor and Unibeam energy blasters. It has shoulder-mounted Gatling lasers as well as missiles.

It was based on the Crimson Dynamo Armor, which was similarly big and powerful.


The Dynamo Buster Armor was based on the schematics and designs of the original Crimson Dynamo armor, designed by Project: Pegasus, that Iron Man obtained. He built it knowing he would have to fight bigger and tougher opponents.

Obadiah Stane manipulated Pegasus into letting him use the Crimson Dynamo armor. Having not beaten it before, Iron Man used the Dynamo Buster armor to destroy it once and for all.

He then busted into the facility to plant the Technovore virus.

When the Hulk appeared in New York City, Iron Man used the armor to fight him. However, the green brute proved too strong and severely damaged the armor.

It was later destroyed when the Mandarin went after Tony.

Stane used designs from the armor to make the Firepower Armor.

Tony rebuilt the armor in order to fight the Iron Monger Armor.


The design of the armor looks closer to the mutant Juggernaut than the design of the comics.

In the Comics

It was built to fight the Hulk.

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