Duncan Matthews
Duncan Matthews XME
Real Name Duncan Matthews
Family and Friends Jean Grey (Ex-Girlfriend)
Duncan Matthews is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Duncan Matthews is the ex-boyfriend of Jean Grey and a student at Bayville High School.


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Matthews went to Bayville High School where he met and began dating Jean Grey. However, she secretly longed for Scott Summers, who she lived with at the Xavier Mansion. Because of this, he had a rivalry with Scott and often teased him because of his glasses.

When the world learned about mutants, Duncan was one who hated this new species and broke up with his mutant girlfriend. However, he did briefly team up with the mutant group Brotherhood of Mutants to try to ridicule Scott in front of the whole school, but did not succeed.

Afterwards, he took to terrorizing mutants on the street. This brought him to the attention of the Morlock Spyke, a former member of Jean and Scott's team the X-Men and former student at Bayville. He then tried to kill Spyke but was stopped by the X-Men and Morlocks. He was then arrested.

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Duncan Matthews was voiced by Vincent Gale.

Matthews is an original character to the series. He essentially replaces Wolverine in the Jean-Logan-Scott love triangle since Jean and Scott were made into teenagers but Logan was not.

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