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Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned
Dracula Sovereign of the Damned.jpg
Release date August 19, 1980 (Japan)
1983 (United States)
Rating PG (United Kingdom)
K-10 (Finland)
Director Akinori Nagaoka
Minoru Okazaki
Robert Barron
Writer(s) Bram Stoker
Marv Wolfman
Gene Colan
Tom Palmer
Tadaaki Yamazaki
Producer(s) Toei Animation
Editor Osamu Tanaka
Distributor Harmony Gold
Vestron Video
Northstar Entertainment
Mountain Video
Mondo Home Entertainment
Jacques Canestrier Video
Music By Seiji Yokoyama
Running Time 94 minutes
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Count Dracula, lord of vampires and the sovereign of the damned, steals away a bride intended for Lucifer. Not only does this anger his dark creator but also a satanic cult and his fellow vampires. He finds that the sins of his past will not allow him to live a normal, mortal life. Events become complicated when he comes under attack from all sides, including his vampire hunting great-grandson and the children of others he murdered long ago.


I Bid You Welcome

The universe created

In the darkness of space the universe is born out of the chaos. Bright nebulas appear among the stars. Soon planets are formed. During this time opposing forces clash against each other in eternal combat. The forces of nature are constantly changing. Light conflicts with the darkness, heat battles the cold, and motion versus inertia.

One such planet contains a sea of lava with rocks jutting out. Eventually it forms the planet Earth. It is here where good battles evil just as love conflicts with malevolence.

In the land of Transylvania lies a castle where evil and death fortify themselves. The ruler of the castle is a tragic but terrifying figure. He is the personification of the conflict between life and death. He is not living but neither is he dead. Though he is still tormented by the passions of mortals. He is Count Dracula.

A place of darkness

The castle itself sits on a top of a barren mountain. As the sun sets it comes a dark silhouette against the sky. The moon rises illuminating the castle in a ghastly glow. Inside the halls are completely empty. Several gargoyles and statues sit in waiting in the darkness.

Dracula had fled his native Europe because he was constantly being hunted by vampire hunters. So he travelled to the United States of America hoping to hide in the city of Boston. Over the city a large bat flies past the moon towards a steeple.

However, Dracula was not the only evil thing in the city. A group of mortals secretly practiced dark deeds. On an empty street, four men ride in a car. They then drive past a road with trees on both sides past dark houses. They eventually pull up to an old church.

The four men enter the church where a large group of robed men wait for them. One of the men apologizes to their master saying their lateness was because of a traffic jam.

However, their master the cult's priest berates them saying that they know the ceremony cannot start until the four men build the altar. They need the altar to give a bride to Satan.

More than one evil force in the world

The men set down their toolboxes and pull out their tools to get to work. The four men, now robed, build the alter while their master watches over them. The others watch with anticipation. The men finish by carving a pentagram into the altar while flames burn at each of the four corners providing the only illumination in the church.

The priest standing over them as they finish. Addresses his fellow worshipers of Lucifer and states that they will see their living lord. He claims that Lucifer will rise from Hell where they will present him with a maiden as a sacrifice. As he looks out to the crowd he sees the only two women there.

The priest raises his arms and begins the invocation. As he speaks it the cult follows along together. They ask their dark lord, and master of their souls, to appear and accept their worship. The priest then goes through the different names their master uses and states that each one is legend. The priest makes one last bid for their lord to appear and the cult begins praying in a strange language.

Outside the church a large dark cloud moves in front of the moon blocking out the light. The cult continues as the entire church begins to shake. A strong wind begins to blow inside the church causing the fires to go sideways. Outside an enormous lightning bolt strikes just outside the church illuminating everything inside.

Strength of the Vampire

Commanding presence

As the cult chants "Satan come forth" a large bat breaks the window and flies in. The wind of its wings blows out the fires. The bat swoops down and a caped man appears on the altar. They look up to see a man with black hair, pointed eyebrows, and a small mustache wrapped entirely in his black cape with high collar.

The priest tells his people that this is Satan, the ruler of their cult called the Disciples of the Black Mask. He tells them that Satan can give them immortality and destroys those that do not believe in him. He states that they look forward to his rule over Earth and gives him an offering of a mortal bride.

The figure simply stands and watches over the kneeling cult. He then asks a woman named Dolores to step forward. A woman stands and walks to the altar keeping her head bowed. When she approaches the figure she kneels before him.

The priest states that this will bring Satan's reign on Earth one step closer. As the priest tells the cult to be happy for Dolores, now the bride of Satan, she looks up into the figure's eyes. The figure is suddenly shocked at her beauty. The cult praises the two as they stare into each others' eyes.

Then the figure's eyes glow red and his cape wraps around Dolores. The cult looks up to see Dolores' robe fall down as the giant bat carries her off. The priest believes that Lucifer accepted their offer.

In the sky the clouds move away from the moon letting light shine on the city again. As the vampire bat flies above the city it is revealed that, while the offering was accepted, it was Dracula who took the woman not Lucifer. The bat flies above a park to an empty house that is lit up.

Inside, Dracula carries the passed out Dolores and sets her on the bed. He stares at her beautiful body, still clothed in the white gown she wore. She stirred some unholy feelings in him and he decided to make her immortal, like him, and release her from mortal bonds. As he continued to stare he began to focus on her neck.

So close yet so far

A vase of roses on the mantle began to drop their petals as his eyes glowed red. He extended his fangs and leaned in to her neck. He began to pull away but moved closer once again.

He stops and stands up. He begins to question how someone like himself can feel something like love. He does not want to bite Dolores but he knows he needs blood. He runs to the window, transforms into a bat, and flies away. Meanwhile, Dolores finally wakes up again. The bat flies over the city.

Blood is the Life

At the Boston Airport an airplane is taking off. A woman stands on the roof. In the building, people watch as the plane from Yatsirt Airways takes off.

The woman waves good bye to Harold, who is on the plane. As the plane goes out of sight she takes her handkerchief and wipes her eyes. Just then she looks up to see two red lights coming towards her. Soon the lights become the glowing eyes of a giant bat. She screams as she turns to run.

Dracula feasts

However, the bat becomes Dracula and he extends his fangs once again. He swoops in and bites her neck. As the blood drains from her body her skin turns a ghostly blue and she stops struggling. He holds her arms apart as she dies.

Elsewhere, another woman walks down a dark and empty street. A shadow passes over making noise. She turns around but sees nothing and continues on. However, the shadow passes over once again. She stops but still seeing nothing continues on.

Suddenly a man appears with a hat disguising his face. The woman is startled until she sees that it is just a homeless man who is drunk. He smiles and drinks from his bottle. Once he is finished he wipes his mouth and falls to the ground resting against a lamppost. The woman walks by calling the man disgusting.

In the dark, two red eyes watch her. They glow as she comes near. The woman looks up and sees the two red eyes. Suddenly Dracula emerges from the darkness and comes for her.

The last living soul she ever saw

The homeless man looks up to see the vampire take the woman in his arms. Dracula nears her neck and bites down. The woman goes limp as her blood is drained and her body turns blue. The homeless man leans forward. She utters a faint moan as she dies.

The homeless man begins to stand as the woman's hand falls. Meanwhile, Dracula continues draining her blood. The homeless man's teeth begin to chatter and he drops his bottle spilling the alcohol all over the sidewalk.

The city is silent in the darkness.

Civilization and Syphilization

The next day the woman's body is shown on television at a bar. One of the patrons there says they shouldn't show such violent stuff on television. Another says that she shouldn't have been walking through that neighborhood at night all alone. The first wonders why anyone would want to kill such a beautiful woman.

On the news, the homeless man describes her murderer. He says the man had long, pointy teeth like a wolf and big red eyes. He goes on to say how the attacker bit her on the neck. The reporter confirms that there were bite marks on the victim. One of the men at the bar wearing a jacket suddenly takes more interest in the report.

In the comics Frank already met his dear Grandfather and was here trying to kill himself

The reporter asks what happened next and the homeless man finishes his drink. He says that the murderer sucked the woman's blood and takes another drink. He continues by saying the man turned into a giant bat. The man continues listening.

However, the reporter claims that the witness has a thirty year history of alcohol based hallucinations and the police are not taking his testimony seriously. The reporter claims the man was then taken to a sanatorium for treatment, ending the report.

One of the men in the bar mocks the homeless man saying it sounds like a vampire movie. Another man thinks he could be telling the truth. When another asks if he really believes in vampires, the second claims his ex-wife was one because of the alimony. The man wearing a jacket simply watches the others talk.

The owner of the bar, Al answers the ringing phone. He tells the man in the jacket, Frank Drake, that the phone call is for him. Frank thanks him and picks up the phone.

Frank answers and is greeted by a beautiful voice asking to meet him by the flowerbed at the entrance of the park. She claims it's urgent. However, Frank doesn't want to meet with a woman he does not know, but she says she can't explain over the phone. Frank tells her he likes her voice and is curious about her looks, but doesn't like mysteries.

Frank is then shocked when she calls him Mr. Dracula.

A Strange Conversation

Frank meets the woman and a man in a wheelchair in the park. He spits on the ground and then wonders why they think is name is Dracula. The old man assures him that he is not wrong as he has thoroughly researched Frank's ancestry knowing he's a descendant of Count Dracula. A woman walks by pushing her baby in a stroller.

He tells him that Dracula's first son was born before the Count became a vampire, thus Frank's family line was spared the curse. Frank grows angry saying he wasn't spared. He tells him that he still has to live with the Dracula name and all the memories attached to it.

Frank says thanks but no thanks

The man tells him that if he really does hate Dracula, Frank will join him as a vampire hunter. Frank then bursts out laughing saying that the two are crazy. He doesn't think they have a chance against Dracula and turns to leave.

Then the old man pulls the handle off his cane revealing a long blade. Frank turns to narrowly dodge a swipe with the blade. The woman pushes the man forward as the man continues his attack.

Frank backs up as the two pursue him. The old man continues swiping while Frank dodges. They go through the park passing a popcorn stand. Then the man takes off part of Frank's hair shocking the woman.

As the old man takes another swing Frank jumps up to dodge. As he comes down the old man holds the sword up to him. Frank then kicks the blade away and lands. The woman gets out of the way as Frank gets behind the old man and puts him in a chokehold.

Frank asks why he did that and notes that he could have killed the old man. He explains that he heard that Frank was talented at martial arts and wanted to test him to determine if he would make a good vampire hunter. Frank smiles and asks if he's joking.

For Men Who Aren't Crazy

Later, in the library of a large house, Frank looks over all the books. He notes that the man seems to have every book ever made on the subject of vampires, werewolves, zombies and black magic. The old man claims he even wrote several books on the various matters himself.

Franke then looks over a table displaying several knives, wooden stakes, a hammer, a hook, several crosses, and a Bible. Frank asks if the man is serious about it all, and he assures him he is deadly serious.

The comics was one of the first to link the legend of Dracula to his inspiration

As Frank looks over a painting and statue of Vlad III the Impaler, the old man explains to him that he is a professor of science and philosophy who did research into metaphysics. He calls Frank by his Drake name and assures him he knows what he's talking about.

The woman leans to one wall watching the two.

However, Frank is still not convinced. He doesn't think they know what it's like to confront a real vampire. The old man decides to tell him a story to prove himself.

In the past, Dracula's castle was dark and empty as always. Wolves howled at the moon as the clouds passed by. In the depths of the castle a door opened shining light on a coffin. Two men stood in the doorway shrouded by shadows holding a single lamp. They walked down the stairs towards the coffin.

Apparently the book was non-fiction, just not entirely accurate

They stood at the coffin, one with a beard holding the light and the other with a mustache holding a hammer and wooden stake. The man with the lamp bent over and opened the coffin lid. As they did the light revealed the sleeping form of Count Dracula. The two looked shocked as they gazed at Dracula's sleeping body.

The mustached man holds the stake over Dracula's heart and prepares the hammer. However, Dracula suddenly opens his eyes shocking the two men. Dracula rises out of the coffin and raises his arms. Dracula descends on the mustached man and picks him up.

The bearded man watches as Dracula raises the other's arm and bites on his neck. He drops the lamp breaking it and Dracula turns to him. Soon the wind blows the lamps flame out. In the darkness, Dracula stands over the bodies of the two men as his red eyes pulsate.

Back in the present, the old man, named Hans explains that in all of history those two came the closest to killing Dracula. He says that one was his father Jonathan Harker and the other Rachel's great grandfather Abraham Van Helsing.

Frank then understands why those two hunt vampires but wonders why he should. Hans says it would clear his name and earn him the gratitude of mankind. Frank laughs at this and Rachel looks at him in disgust.

He says that his name plus the gratitude of mankind wouldn't get him a cup of coffee. Hans says that if it's a matter of money he has a check worth one-hundred thousand dollars. Frank replies that it's not enough to risk his life and turns to leave.

Unwary Fly

In the comics they became lovers, but this is obviously not the best way to get there

On his way out he grabs Rachel and asks for her to be thrown in. He pulls her in and kisses her on the lips. Disgusted, Rachel breaks free and slaps Frank. She runs over and grabs a crossbow and a handful of arrows.

She fires one forcing Frank to dodge. She fires a two more, despite Frank's protests, which pin his pants to the ground until he falls. One more arrow lands near his legs. He asks her to stop as she runs up and points the last arrow at him. Frank agrees to skip the bonus and take the money.

One by one he pulls the arrows out of the floor and stands up. He agrees the join and asks how they are going to track Dracula. As the sun rises in the window Hans blows on a whistle. However, Frank is confused when no sound comes out.

The door is opened by a large dog with a cross on its collar. The dog, Elijah, used to belong to a church until they found he was drinking the holy water. Frank doesn't think the dog can find his ancestor.

Hans reassures him that the dog's nose is incredibly sensitive to evil and will lead them right to the Count. He feels that even Dracula cannot hide from Elijah. Elijah begins to growl when Frank states that he's not too excited to be hunting Dracula. Frank says that dealing with Dracula is where the main problem lies. Elijah then raises his head.

My Cries at Night

Later at the church of the cult, the cult priest sits in front of a fire wondering why, if Satan seemed pleased with the offering, does he now ignore them. Suddenly the flames grow illuminating the small room and the statues far above.

He begins praying to his dark lord asking if he abandoned his followers and why he ignores their sacrifice. He then invokes his other names and commands him to appear. Suddenly, the whole place begins to shake. Soon a giant red figure with pointed ears, glowing yellow eyes, and horns appears in front of a statue laughing manically. The priest screams in shock.

In order to command you must have some sort of advantage

The figure, the real Satan, is disgusted that a mortal would command him. With a wave of his hand the fire is blown sideways but returns greater than before. Then a small demonic figure escapes from the fire and attacks the priest. The demon stops and returns to the fire.

The priest stands and asks why, if he has been so faithful, is Satan angry. Satan angrily tells him that his intended bride was stolen by Dracula right under their noses. The priest realizes his error and asks for help in getting revenge against the Count, vowing to destroy him.

Satan tells him to wait, as he has a special and cruel revenge for the vampire. He tells the priest to wait on year before they do anything against Count Dracula. The priest bows and agrees. Satan offers an ominous warning to Dracula before finally disappearing.

The priest kneels at the fire. He wonders what Satan has in store for Dracula. He then raises his hand and the fire expands.

Find Your Earth-Box

The next day the vampire hunters begin their pursuit of Dracula. Frank, Hans, Rachel, and Elijah wander through the park in the middle of the day, the humans carrying various weapons.

That night, they make their way to the corner of Free St. and E. 79 St. where a church's bell rings. They walk down the street with Frank and his readied rifle ready.

The next day they see a sailboat go under a large suspension bridge where a traffic jam has clogged the road.

The hunters search

That evening they walk along a dock past a crane and warehouses. They look into an alley as they pass but find nothing. Frank and Elijah walk a small plank onto an old boat and search aboard.

They walk along the deck but find nothing. They find a door leading down and peer into it. Elijah wanders inside but finds nothing. They then leave the boat where Rachel and Hans are waiting for them.

Frank tells them they found nothing. The ship's large mast and tattered sail sits behind them. Hans looks up to see a flock of seagulls flying overhead.

That night a strong wind blows leaves around the empty streets. The moon illuminates the rows of dark houses. Frank and Elijah walk down the empty streets along. Later, they make their way to a graveyard where they still find nothing.

Their search continues until it begins to snow on the city of Boston. It is Christmas Eve.

One night an ambulance sits outside the Boston Hospital. A large bell rings as two people stand in one of the rooms. Then a bat flies past the room and towards a clock tower. The bat flies around the tower and back towards the hospital as a baby's cry is heard.

No explanation on how a mortal woman and undead man make a mortal son

In the hospital Dolores lays in a hospital bed next to her newborn baby, Janus. He is the son of Dracula. Dolores lays on her side watching the baby sleep. Then she puts her hand on him.

Outside the snow continues to fall on the Christmas decorations. A wreath sits on a nearby fence near a poster of Santa Claus.

He Promised Me Things

Back at their home, Frank yells at Hans for failing to find Dracula. He points out that they searched for a year without success. Then he complains that they were wrong about Elijah. Rachel yells back that he isn't helping at all with his constant complaining. She thinks Dracula has found a way to disappear and hide from Elijah.

Hans notes that Dracula has changed his methods lately. The vampire has gone from openly killing people to covering his tracks, as if acting more cautiously. Frank wonders if that means they're closing in on him and that Dracula is scared. Hans says that is a possibility.

The hunters close in

He opens a drawer and pulls out a large piece of paper. He unfolds it and Rachel looks on. On it is a map of possible hiding locations. Hans is sure that Dracula is hiding within the highlighted section, near the city of Brookline.

Frank realizes that they haven't just been wasting time, they've been narrowing down his location. Hans says that every day they're coming closer to him. He tells the group to prepare themselves for the final battle because he is within their reach. Unfortunately, they are within Dracula's reach.

He reassures them that Elijah has proven his worth by finding where Dracula isn't and soon he'll finish the job. Elijah, sleeping on the floor, rises at the sound of his name. He begins growling in agreement.

The Strangest Passion

Looking for love for five-hundred years

Elsewhere, a mansion lies hidden deep in a forest. Inside Dracula holds up his infant son up near the chandelier. He tells Janus what a great son he is and hugs him. Then he tells the boy that it's time for bed and puts him in his bed. Dolores watches with a smile on her face.

Dracula turns and faces her. Dracula reveals that he has kept a secret from her, and she wonders why he would do such a thing. He explains that while he is not mortal, neither he is Lucifer as she thought.

He walks over to her and turns her around so that they both face the mirror. Seeing only her standing in the mirror, Dracula explains that he is a vampire, a victim of Satan, who made him this way. Dracula laments that he is hated and feared by all of humanity.

However, Dolores reveals that she doesn't hate him, and she knew he was Dracula. She explains that the moment their eyes met she sensed his feelings inside and knew he was not Satan.

Dracula then asks why she would marry him if she knew he was lying. She explains that she thought of him as the hope for herself. She feels that their love can turn them away from evil and turn to good. She hopes that their love will defeat Satan.

Dracula grabs her and decides to tell her about himself before he became a slave of Satan. He explains that he is from a titled family who originated in the Balkans, Transylvania.

In the past, Dracula ruled over a small territory that, while small, offered fertile and beautiful land. The climate was ideal, the soil rich, the water from the mountains was clear, and food was bountiful. He dedicated his life to protecting it. He had a large castle that was majestic in the sunlight. He was who would become known as Vlad III the Impaler.

Peaceful village

The people lived in a peaceful and gorgeous little town at the base of the castle's mountain. There was a bridge crossing the peaceful stream. His people prospered and were loyal to him because he was a generous ruler. The people were happy and pleased with what they had. They didn't bother to threaten their neighboring nations.

They stood around and had festivities to their harvests. Couples walked hand in hand. Some rode around on beautiful horses. Others played games. And nearly everyone drank in celebration.

I Am Dracula

However, they rose a great number of spears. Dracula goes on to say that his people fearlessly defended what was theirs from invaders. Dracula led his vast armies into battle several times. He wore elaborate armor, handled a sword, and rode a large black horse with white hair.

Dracula states that he defended his nation against the Bulgarians, Hungarians, and even the great barbarian Attila the Great. The opposing armies charged on their horses with spears in hand. Dracula's armies charged with swords. Soon blood was spilled over the invaders.

Vicious village

The invaders kept up their attacks and each time Dracula's army would repel them. Though always defeated the invaders continued to return. Dracula rode his horse while slashing at those beneath him. He slashed down creating a large splash of blood.

Desperate to stop the constant attacks, Dracula decided to create his own savage methods. He took the bodies of his fallen enemy and skewered them on the large spears. He put up hundreds, possibly thousands, of these spears along the boarders to ward away invading forces. He felt this was the only way to speak to the barbarians.

Dark crows landed among the bodies and picked them apart. These spears even lined the road to Dracula's castle. The plan worked and most enemies lost the will to fight upon seeing the gruesome sights.

Later, Dracula knelt before a cross. He was ashamed that in pursuit of peace he became a butcher and thus damaged his very soul. In the process he became the target from all sides seeking revenge. Dracula rode on his horse leading another charge.

His enemies sought not to invade his land but to kill their leader. With his horse scratched several times, Dracula used his sword to fend off the incoming spears. His enemies joined forces so that they may kill him, and they did.

No happy ending

Soon arrows did pierce his body. Dracula screamed out in pain as one by one the arrows struck. His vision turned blue as the arrows continued to land. Dracula's blood began to pour out onto the ground. Dracula then died in a pool of his own blood.

Dracula wishes how that could have been the end of his story.

To Really Be Dead

Dracula was buried in a graveyard, with a massive tombstone overhead. On a dark and stormy night lightning flashed above the cemetery several times. After the fifth bolt strikes Satan's ghostly image appeared, surrounded by the flames of Hell. Apparently, Dracula's blood-soaked reputation caught the interest of the dark lord.

Satan creates Nosferatu

Satan's eyes glowed and he raised his massive arms. He then fired massive bolts of energy at Dracula's tombstone shattering it. Satan looked down to see the unearthed coffin of Dracula. Dracula's arm then burst out of the coffin, his eyes glowing red. Satan raised Dracula from the dead with his power, making him his slave neither living nor dead. Dracula then rose bursting out of his coffin.

Dracula rose and stood before Satan. Satan then raised his arms up and changed Dracula's tattered armor into the suit that he still wears today. Dracula was rewarded for his sins. He then raised his own arms up and became a bat to fly away. He flew near his castle and then away. Now he was the Prince of Vampires.

For five hundred years Dracula fed his unending lust for blood. The name Dracula became synonymous with horror. Meanwhile, cities began to grow illuminating the darkness with its mass of lights.

Dracula could no longer bear to look upon the symbol of the cross, formerly a symbol of hope for him. It caused him terror that he had to shrink away from, for it reminded him of the eternal damnation that awaited all vampires. The cross then began to glow with burning energies. Dozens of bats flew away from the glowing symbol.

A cargo ship then sailed across the ocean through the dense fog, bellowing its massive horn. Several bats hung from the poles on the ship. Dracula explains that the Europeans learned too much about him and he was forced to leave.

He sought a land where people did not believe in stories of vampires, believing them to be nothing but superstitions. He came to America, where people seemed more interested in material objects than spiritual matters.

Once he arrived in Boston, Dracula found the Black Mass cult and discovered their plan to present a bride to Satan. Seeing his chance for revenge, Dracula turned into a bat and flew over the city to the church passing a large clocktower. He intended to steal the bride and kill her. The bat arrived at the church and broke through the window.

Later, Dolores knelt before Dracula and looked up at him. Dracula then forgot all his plans. When he saw her submit herself to him he knew he had to make her his. His desire for Dolores overcame his need for revenge.

And every boy watching this suddenly wanted to know what an "unholy desire" is

When she later lay on the bed Dracula thought of how he could make her immortal so they could be together forever. However, some force stopped him and he could not follow through. Dracula rose from Dolores' bed and went to a distant rooftop, where he pondered why he had stopped.

Back in the present, Dracula reveals that he had fallen in love with a mortal woman. They both look down at their son. He goes on to say that she made him feel emotions like love and joy again after he had forgotten about them long ago.

Dolores then decides to explain why she offered herself as Satan's bride. She says that she also lost her humanity, which is why she offered herself. In her whole life no one ever made her feel loved or wanted. However, that changed when she saw Dracula.

They began to spend time together, walking through the park at night. Dracula cared for her and made her feel special. On top of a skyscraper the two ate in a fancy restaurant while a waiter stood nearby.

Dracula finds true love

They talked and for the first time Dolores met someone who talked to her not at her. Dracula actually cared about what she thought. Dolores felt no other woman felt such love. They walked down the street looking into the stores that they passed. They stopped and stood looking into a dress store where the two hugged. Dolores knew that such a man could not be pure evil.

Back in the present, Dolores claims she sympathizes with Dracula. But she feels their love is worth suffering for. The two embrace then look down at Janus when he laughs.

Quaff a Cup to the Dead

Meanwhile, back at the cult church the priest kneels by the fire once more. Satan appears startling the priest. He tells him that it is time for their revenge against Count Dracula. The priest excitedly agrees and asks what he should do.

As the sun sets in the sky the priest opens a window in the steeple of the church. He releases a large black dove and bids it to go.

Elsewhere, Elijah runs along a dirt road followed by a car with its headlights on. Soon the dog and the car come to a stop. Elijah looks up to see the bird flying and begins to growl.

The bird flies to Dracula's mansion where Dolores grabs the bird. She finds a note attached to its leg and says it's from the cult. Dracula pulls out the note and reads it aloud. It congratulates them on the baby and says that the cult wishes to baptize Janus placing him under Satan's protection.

The trap is laid

Upon hearing this, Dolores grows afraid as she knows the priest is a vengeful person who cannot be trust. Dracula laughs feeling he can handle any priest. However, Dracula believes that the protection they offer could be valuable to their son.

The three vampire hunters continue to drive after the hunting Elijah. Frank notes that Elijah has never been this excited before. Rachel eagerly anticipates the coming battle, but Hans tells her to not let her emotions control her. Frank jokes that he can handle Dracula himself. Soon Elijah and the car slow down.

Elsewhere, Dracula and Dolores ride a buggy driven by a horse to the church. Dolores cradles the baby in her arms while Dracula drives.

Elijah senses trouble

Elijah tracks Dracula and suddenly stops. Frank stops the car and turns it off. They hear the horse and buggy and remain completely silent, each readying their weapon. Suddenly the buggy passes by them on the road and turns right away from them.

Frank recognizes his ancestor immediately. Rachel readies her crossbow and vows to avenge her grandfather. However, Hans stops her warning her not to jump the gun. He wants to know who the woman is first. He also wants to know if the baby is Dracula's. Rachel agrees and tells Frank to follow.

Frank starts the car and drives after them.

As the buggy approaches a man closes the window on the cult's church's steeple. The buggy pulls into the church's driveway. Elijah walks by them. The dog watches and Dracula exits the buggy and helps his wife and child down.

Frank stops the car and the three of them get out, with Hans using a ramp in the back. Dracula opens the church doors and his family enters. The vampire hunters run up to the church.

One Who Has Not Lived Even a Single Lifetime

Inside Dracula and Dolores walk along the main hall. They stop and gaze upon the alter which has been prepared for them. Dracula notices that no one is there and wonders if the invitation was a cruel joke.

Dracula has a weakness

Suddenly metal coverings close over the windows revealing glowing crosses. Dracula shrinks away in terror. Dolores is shocked when she finds that all the windows have similar coverings.

Outside, the hunters try to get in but a large covering blocks the door. Rachel wonders what's going on, and Frank doesn't like it. He says that there's no way they can get in through the solid steel. Frank thinks it was all a plot by Dracula to trap them. Hans warns them to remain calm in case it is a trap for them.

Inside, Dracula screams in pain as the crosses around him glow. Suddenly the priest rises and laughs evilly. Dracula demands to know what is happening. He accuses Dracula of sacrilege for using Satan's name and stealing his bride. The priest then sentences Dracula to death.

The priest holds up a pistol, but Dracula tries to reason with him as he does not want Dolores or Janus hurt. He also does not think the bullets will harm him. However, the man knows that since Satan gave Dracula his powers he can take them away. The man has silver bullets in the gun, which can harm him.

The man also knows Dracula has no power with all the crosses nearby. Dracula looks around the room and screams as each cross glows. The priest fires the gun but Dracula disappears in a puff of smoke.

Janus dies

Unfortunately, the baby's blanket begins to bleed. Dolores realizes that Janus has been shot. She kneels down and holds her dying son. The priest starts to back away. Dracula reappears out of the smoke and runs over to Dolores and Janus. He hugs Dolores while she cries. She tells him that Janus died.

The priest claims he didn't mean to shoot the child. However, Dracula whips his head around revealing his glowing eyes and fangs. The man runs away and Dracula leaps into the air after him. He lands on the man and begins choking him. He picks the man up and throws him into the altar. The mask falls off and the man begins to bleed out his mouth, dying.

Dracula looks over and still sees the glowing crosses. Angry that God would allow the death of his innocent child, Dracula vows to destroy the church. He grabs one column and throws it at another. Dolores looks up to see her husband's rage.

Dracula smashes the church

Dracula tears another from its foundation and hurls it. It hits another column and the roof begins to shake. Undeterred, Dracula continues throwing another column.

Outside, Hans feels that their chance to confront Dracula is nearing. The last thrown column hits the door's covering and knocks it down. The hunters run in to see the devastation. They stand in shock as they see Dracula throw another column while Dolores stands still holding her dead baby.

Dracula knocks another column over causing debris to fall on priest. When he stops Dracula walks over to the priest. Hans readies his gun and fires it, hitting the vampire in the shoulder. Dolores is shocked by the sudden appearance of the hunters.

The Monster That Breathing Men Would Kill

Hans tells them to attack and orders Elijah to pin Dracula down. Dracula turns to see the dog in time to grab him and throw him to the side. Frank runs up and tries a kick but Dracula dodges it. Elijah catches himself and faces the vampire.

Frank tries some kicks and punches but the vampire lord simply dodges them. Elijah jumps on his back and leaps off. Frank continues his assault to no avail. Eventually Dracula grabs his leg and throws him to the side. Elijah runs over to the fallen Frank to protect him from Dracula. However, Dracula slaps the dog away.

Rachel kneels and readies her bow. She fires two arrows but Dracula turns and easily deflects them. She fires two more for her grandfather but they do nothing. Dracula then leaps up and grabs the girl. Elijah runs up but Dracula once again knocks the dog away.

Dracula chokes Rachel until Hans fires his gun through his other shoulder. Dracula screams and throws Rachel into Hans knocking them both over. Dracula walks over to them ready to attack. Hans tries to crawl away.

Beauty and the beast

Suddenly Dolores stops her husband. She asks him to stop killing by claiming that nothing will bring their baby back. She doesn't want him to take his revenge out on these people. She then cries into the body of her baby.

Dracula, realizing what he's done, leaps out a hole in the building and flies away. Dolores begs him to stop but he is already gone. Hans watches on as Dolores cries out for Dracula to return.

The bat flies up to the top of a building and becomes Dracula. He screams out and demands to know why his son was killed and not him. He then commands nature to mourn his son with a great storm. Suddenly clouds form overhead, lightning pierces the sky, and heavy rains begin to fall. Dracula continues to scream out in torment.

All That Blood on My Hands

The next few days were quiet for the city of Boston. One night a train travelled through part of the city and left. The eight car train blared its horn as it travelled through the forest. The express train was making its four hour trip to fellow East coast city New York City.

Despite being so late the city is full of the noise of traffic. The Empire State Building stands above the city illuminating itself. Traffic drives by the Flatiron Building.

A beautiful siren

Somewhere in the city, lights quickly flash inside a disco club. A gorgeous woman dances out on the floor among the crowd. A man at the bar looks up and notices her. He nudges his friend and the two watch her. The friend smoothes his hair and walks over to her.

He "accidentally" backs into her pushing her aside. He claims it's too noisy to apologize properly and suggests they go to his car. She happily agrees.

Later the two are driving quickly down the street and around a corner. They then park under a bridge and look out over the water. He puts his arm around her and pulls her close. The two joke around as they listen to the radio.

The music ends and an announcer reports on another murder by the "Vampire Killer." Though unidentified, the person was drained of all their blood. The man jokes that he's the killer and the woman tells him not to say such things.

The guy pulls her close wanting to make out, still joking about being the killer, but the woman doesn't want to. The man jokingly threatens her but she turns to hide her face, becoming afraid. The man simply laughs.

A terrible siren

The man goes for another kiss but she turns around to reveal red glowing eyes and fangs. He screams but she pushes him back. She reveals that she's the real vampire and spills his blood everywhere.

Know Too Much to Live

In Boston one evening some time later a clock tower chimes. In his home Hans is interested in the murders happening in New York. Frank, his arm in a sling, thinks that Dracula went mad after Janus' death and is killing there. But he knows that no matter what, they are the work of a vampire.

Down but not out

Rachel thinks they shouldn't assume it's Dracula. She assures them that there are more vampires out in the world. Hans agrees, saying that Elijah doesn't seem to want to leave Boston. He suggests they keep an eye on Dolores in case Dracula is still hiding nearby.

Frank says that Dolores visits her son's grave every day and seems to still be in shock. Rachel feels sorry for her for all the tragedy she has endured. Though Hans reminds her that they are tasked with killing her husband.

However, Frank points out Dracula seems more devoted to Dolores than any other husband. He thinks the vampire wouldn't abandon her so easily. Hans then agrees that they need to watch Dolores to find Dracula.

A River Filled with Tears

Elsewhere, Dolores walks through the night streets as if in a daze. The hunters secretly follow in their car.

The next evening as the sun begins to set Dolores passes through a park and ends up in a cemetery. She kneels down and sets three pink roses on a grave. Frank, Rachel, and Hans secretly watch from the trees. They look to see Dolores praying next to the tombstone of Janus.

Tears fall onto her hands. She looks up, tears pouring down her face. She still can't believe her son is gone forever. She remembers back to when Dracula held his son up. She tells the tombstone how she thinks of her son constantly. Then she reveals that she cannot go on and asks for forgiveness.

Dolores bids farewell to a cruel world

She pulls out a large dagger and holds it to herself. Hans screams out. As she brings the blade closer Hans orders the two younger hunters to stop her.

Suddenly, a bright light shines down on Dolores. The dagger disappears and a vast booming voice speaks commanding her not to end her life. Dolores holds up her hands and explains that without her husband or son she cannot go on living. She turned her back on Heaven and gave herself to the forces of evil. She regrets ever living such a life.

The voice agrees that she has sinned and suffered. But assures her that Heaven has not abandoned her. The voice states that she will be given a second chance.

Suddenly the ground begins to shake and Janus' tombstone tilts. Dolores looks down in shock as the ground begins to split apart. Suddenly the small coffin of her son is unearthed and opened.

Dolores, Frank, Rachel, and Hans are shocked to see the body of the dead boy float out of the ground and bathed in light. Hans points out that it is a genuine miracle and the three begin praying.

The bright light illuminates a vast area. It even reaches a small dark cave high on a mountain. Inside, several glowing eyes reveal many bats hanging upside down. The light shines into the dark cave.

Dracula kneels on the ground when the light comes in. He recognizes the lights as the that of the Heavenly Light of Revival. He realizes that it's coming from his son's cemetery. He goes to the cave opening and discovers that it directly over his son's grave.

Dracula then realizes that Heaven is resurrecting his son. He knows that Janus will be sent to kill him pitting his heavenly powers against his dark powers. As the light begins to fade and the sun goes down further, Dracula becomes a bat and flies toward the cemetery to stop the process.

In the Presence of God

Janus is resurrected

Back at the cemetery, Dolores watches as Janus begins to breathe and move his hands. When Janus opens his eyes Dolores holds up her arms hoping to hold her son. However, Janus holds up his arms and is lifted higher into the air.

The bat continues to fly towards the cemetery. But when he gets to close the light begins to harm him. Regardless, Dracula continues on his way.

As the baby floats in the air suddenly the figure of a young man appears. He wears a suit of blue and has blonde hair and solid red eyes. The hunters continue to look on and pray. Then the baby moves towards the man and is absorbed.

The bat then flies in but the light knocks him away. Dolores sees it become Dracula and realizes her husband came. Dracula then falls among the tombstones. He stands and runs to his son, saying that God will not turn his son against him.

Dracula runs and leaps at the adult form of his son. Dolores asks him not to hurt Janus. However, Dracula doesn't even get close and is knocked away. Dracula stands once more as the light begins to disappear. Janus then lands on the ground.

Dolores runs up but does not recognize the man. Suddenly she sees a vision of her baby holding his arms up. Dolores still doesn't believe until the man calls her mother. Then she realizes the truth and embraces him. Dracula agonizes that his son will try to destroy him and turns to leave.

Dolores then pleads with Janus to show his father mercy. Janus grabs his mother and turns to see Dracula leave. He then points out that Dracula is a servant of Satan. But Dolores points out that Dracula is a victim, and did not willingly become a vampire.

Janus explains that he has to kill his father, for that was why he was revived. Dolores asks him not to for Dracula loves him so much. However, Janus goes on to say that it is not his choice to destroy Dracula any more than it was his father's choice to become a vampire.

Janus apologizes for what he must do

Dolores backs away realizing that the two men are stuck in the battle. Janus turns his head saying that he is the personification of good while Dracula is the personification of evil, and thus mortal enemies.

Dolores steps forward asking if she is to then be the personification of hopelessness during the battle, a punishment from Heaven for all her sins. He says it isn't for revenge, but for justice. Dolores falls to her knees and takes his hand, explaining how much Dracula loves him.

Hans, Rachel, and Frank continue to listen. Dolores explains that he has suffered so much already over the five centuries.

She begs him to stop and begins to weep. He tells her he cannot and runs away. He becomes a large golden hawk and flies away.

Dolores calls out to him to return but he doesn't listen. When he is gone Dolores falls on her hands and continues to weep. Just then Hans rolls up. Dolores is startled by his sudden appearance.

Learned What You Have Learned

Hans has lousy timing

Hans introduces himself and says he has some dark secrets about Dracula. Dolores reassures him that her husband kept nothing from her. Hans tells her that Dracula brutally murdered his father, wife, and daughter. Dolores is shocked to hear this.

Hans goes on to say that Dracula is a monster, dedicated to inflicting terrible things upon mankind. He states that he vowed to destroy Dracula, and he needs to see the vampire dead. Dolores shakes her head and claims he is too late, that her husband died when Janus was resurrected.

Rachel points out that Dolores seems so nice and wonders why she would get mixed up with the vampire, even defending him. Dolores turns her head explaining, once again, that Dracula is a victim of Satan. She claims he was punished with greater severity than he inflicted.

She goes to say that Dracula is in fact a kind person who struggled against his vampire urges. She says he constantly battled between good and evil.

She explains that she spent her life looking for love. Her mother died when she was young and her father was materialistic and uncaring towards other. She then turned to a reckless life as a substitute for love.

In flashbacks she rode a motorcycle with a strange man. Later she danced under a bright light in a club. Dolores states that she tried anything to distract her from her miserable life. She remembers sitting on a couch with three other men while they all drank.

Cults are known for preying on those from broken houses

Because she was lonely Dolores joined the cult. She knelt before the priest in a black dress. Though foolish, she felt a sense of kinship with them. She then flashes back to wearing the white bridal dress, explaining that she didn't really believe in the occult and agreed to be Satan's bride for fun. It was there that she found the love she had always been looking for.

Back in the present Dolores continues to kneel next to the open grave of her son. She stands and leaves. As she does she berates the three for wanting only hate and vengeance. The three stand in silence as she goes.

Never Even Heard the Name

Elsewhere, Dracula wanders down an empty street apparently exhausted. He then stumbles over a trash can. He realizes that despite his attempts he needs to drink blood.

A woman walks down the street. He hears the footsteps and looks up to see her passing by. He then begins to stare at her neck as she walks and his eyes turn red. Dracula readies his fangs when a bright light shines behind him.

Father versus son

He turns to see the golden hawk fly down. The hawk becomes Janus and he lands. Janus tells his father that he will not allow him to murder anyone else. Dracula demands that he not call him father. Janus agrees, saying that it would make it easier to destroy his father. Dracula promises to show him how he survived for five-hundred years.

Dracula walks towards his son and leaps at him. However, Janus leaps into the air and over his father. He turns to see Dracula heading towards him. Dracula makes another attack and once again Janus leaps over him.

Janus' eyes glow yellow and fire powerful beams at Dracula. The vampire is weakened but leaps into the air become a cloud of fog. The fog flies to a nearby rooftop and becomes Dracula. Dracula realizes that his son inherited some of his powers, which is probably why he was resurrected. However, Dracula promises that he has more to come.

The vampire raises his arms and calls forth a great storm cloud. Lightning strikes and a funnel of fire comes down. The funnel strikes at Janus but he leaps back quickly. Dracula then leaps up, becomes a bat, and flies off. Janus watches in shock.

A great storm cloud passes over Dracula's mansion.

Given Dracula's abilities, the cloud could be another vampire

Inside, Dolores is sitting on the bed and wonders about the battle between her husband and son. Suddenly the window bursts open and a cloud enters. Dolores screams as it twirls around her before leaving.

In his cave, Dracula suddenly looks up to the opening. He can hear Dolores screaming and stands, clearly angry. Other bats in the cave quickly fly out. He believes that the Black Mass is behind it. The bat flies out of the cave.

The bat flies past the rocks and over the city. He then makes his way to a forest and flies to the church. He flies through a large hole and becomes Dracula once again.

He stands and gazes around at the devastation. He then sees Dolores lying on the altar. He runs over and grabs her asking her to speak. Dolores wakes and claims she is fine. The two embrace. She then wonders who brought her there. Dracula knows it's a trap.

Spider Spinning His Web

Suddenly the booming voice of Satan welcomes and taunts them. Dracula commands the Prince of Darkness, as he is the sovereign of all damned souls, to appear. Suddenly a bright light appears in the doorway hurting Dracula. Satan explains that it is he who commands Dracula. Just then a spiral of flames moves towards them.

Abandon all hope ye who enter

Soon the entire church seems engulfed in the horrible flames. Fires spew from every corner and swirl around. Dolores and Dracula stand shocked. Dracula wonders where they are. Satan appears before them, in gigantic proportions, and tells him that Dracula is home, Hell.

Satan says that Dracula will soon die. Dolores is terrified but Dracula tells him to get on with it. Satan laughs while Dracula claims he is ready. Satan asks why his servant would betray him, but Dracula counters that he did serve him well. Satan states that he will pay severely for giving his enemies hope. Dracula gasps in fear.

Satan goes on to say that Dolores meant nothing to him, except as an insult when Dracula took and loved her. He points out that love is the worst crime in his eyes, and that Dracula was expressly forbidden from loving. Yet they created a child together.

Dracula asks that Satan do whatever he wants to him so that he leave Dolores alone. Satan laughs and explains that Janus got his powers from his mother, not his father as he thought. That power threatens his empire now.

Dolores claims she is just an ordinary mortal with no powers. Satan points his massive finger at her reassuring them that she does have an awesome power. He says that once she gets control over this power she will use it to help mankind, undoing centuries of his work. He will destroy Dracula for punishment, and Dolores for his protection.

Dracula vows to protect his wife and promises to stop Satan. Suddenly Satan fires beams of energy out of his eyes hitting Dracula causing him to scream out in pain. When the energies stop Dracula falls to the ground. Dolores kneels and checks on her husband.

Soon bubbles begin to appear all around the count. Dolores stands and begs Satan to stop. He simply laughs and his eyes glow once more. Dolores raises her hand once again asking him to stop.

One could assume that Satan made her life miserable from the start

Satan fires his beams but they stop when they hit her hand. Suddenly a bright light shines from her. The light forces Satan's energies back and soon hits him in the eyes. Satan stops and grabs his head in pain.

Dolores faces her fallen husband again and the bubbles disappear. Satan continues to thrash around in pain. Dracula then wakes up feeling strange. However, he is interrupted by Satan's screams.

Satan suddenly stops his trashing and looks at the two. He claims that Dolores found the power to stop him. While he can't exact his revenge now he promises he will. He bids them to leave and waves his arms. Dracula and Dolores are then pushed back into a blackness.

Far Worse Things Awaiting Man Than Death

Human once again

Dracula grabs his wife in their tumble and lands. Their surroundings dissipate revealing that they made it to their mansion. Dolores is happy to be home and hugs her husband. However, Dracula suddenly looks in the mirror to find that he has regained his reflection causing him much shock.

Dracula leaves Dolores and walks out of the mansion towards the city.

Back in Boston, the Frank, Rachel, and Elijah wander through the empty streets. Rachel suddenly stops the other two. Up ahead, Dracula calmly walks towards them. He passes them without even acknowledging the hunters. The three turn to watch Dracula as he stumbles down the street. Frank and Rachel turn to each other in confusion.

The three return to Hans' home. Hans says they look as though they've seen a ghost. Frank explains that they just saw Dracula and that neither he nor Elijah reacted at all. Rachel wonders if that means he is no longer a vampire.

Hans doubts it since he's never heard of such a thing. Frank explains that they followed him to the train station where he left for New York City. Hans is shocked and decides to pay close attention.

Elsewhere, Dolores hears the same thing from Janus. She stands near her bed while he stands in the window. Janus explains that Satan made Dracula mortal again. To return to his old self, he is seeking the female vampire Layla who can restore him. Without it he could die at any point.

Dolores turns to the mirror and begins to cry. She once again tries to convince Janus not to kill his father. Janus walks over to her and rests his hand on her shoulder. Surprised, Dolores turns around. He assures her that everything will be fine.

The Dead Walks Fast

In New York City, Dracula stumbles around the night streets in search of Layla. However, after five-hundred years he is also desperately searching for food. Deciding he needs money, Dracula spots a couple walking away from him.

For once he doesn't want blood

He grabs the man and puts him in a choke hold. The woman steps back and screams. The man tells his attack that his money is in his pocket, but he begins choking. Dracula grabs the man's wallet and drops him.

However, the man falls down without a sound. The woman yells out that their attacker killed the man and pleads for help. After quickly checking the wallet Dracula makes a run for it down the street. He hears people yell after him while giving chase.

Two men chase him but Dracula quickly hides in an alley and the two run past. After they leave Dracula peaks his head out and comments that now he is nothing more than a common thief.

The former vampire makes his way to the Restaurant King near 75 St. and enters. Outside, Rachel, Frank, Hans, and Elijah follow. Hans is shocked to find Dracula wanting normal food. He also acknowledges that Elijah no longer seems to sense Dracula's evil presence.

Rachel suggests that without his powers, now is the perfect chance to kill the Count. However, Hans points out that if he's not a vampire they would be ordinary murderers. They could be convicted and sent to prison.

Dracula eats human food

Inside the restaurant a couple sit at a table staring into each other's eyes. Meanwhile, Dracula eats a hamburger.

Later he leaves the restaurant and turns left. Rachel and Hans follow.

Elsewhere in a park, street vendors line the sidewalk trying to sell their stuff to the dozens of passing people. One man shows off his paintings, while one man with a pipe passes by admiring them. Another man tries to convince a woman to by a silver or gold necklace. One man plays his guitar.

One couple walks down the sidewalk holding hands. Dracula walks through the vendors watching the couple. He recognizes the woman as Layla, despite changing her hair to red.

Aren't You Drinking?

Layla and the man walk down a dark street past several stoops. They then walk up a stoop to a building. Dracula stops and watches them enter. Once they are out of sight he proceeds forward. In a nearby alley, Hans peaks out from around the corner.

Dracula enters the building and walks up the immediate flight of stairs.

By now the boys have figured out what an "unholy desire" is

In an apartment, Layla is showering. The man opens the curtain to peak at her and asks if it's okay to open some wine from the refrigerator. Layla says it is okay for him but she won't drink.

Outside in the hall, Dracula walks up to their door.

Inside, the man pours himself some wine. Suddenly the door opens letting in Dracula. The man confronts the intruder but Dracula swats him away. The man hits the wall and passes out. Layla hears the noise and calls out.

Dracula orders her to come. Layla recognizes the voice and opens the curtain. Layla, now garbed in her vampire outfit with cape and crown, walks up to Dracula. She berates him for spoiling her dinner. She then asks why he's there.

Layla likes the new Dracula

Dracula explains that he confronted Satan who took away his powers and made him mortal. Layla's eyes widen and she starts walking around him, interested. She claims it suits him now, except for the clothing. Dracula begs her to help.

Layla stops behind him and Dracula begs her again. Layla agrees and readies her fangs. Dracula turns and thanks her. Layla comes closer and snarls, causing Dracula to react with disgust. She raises her hand and scratches him with sharpened fingernails. Dracula screams in pain.

She is angry that Dracula forced her into this existence against her will. She becomes a bat and attacks Dracula. Dracula fends her off and asks her to stop. But Layla comes around for another attack saying she would never help him. Dracula pushes her away only for her to fly around and attack again. She tells him good riddance as she breaks through the window and flies away.

Outside, the hunters watch the bat fly away. Dracula runs out the front of the building asking her to return. Layla says her good bye and leaves him alone. Dracula then collapses onto the ground.

Suddenly the Heavenly light appears. Dracula looks up to see the hawk become Janus. Dracula accepts his fate and asks that it be quick. Janus explains that he is tasked with destroying servants of Lucifer, and can no longer harm Dracula as long as he is mortal.

Dracula explains that he saw Janus' mother use the Heavenly power, saying how powerful it was. Janus reassures him that he would use his power against his father should he ever become a vampire again.

Either help him or get out of the way

Dracula then stands and fixes his cape. He says he has to try as he cannot accept the thought of death. He then thinks he can find the solution back in Transylvania and walks past Janus. The son just stands there and watches him go.

Hans, having overheard it all, suggests they follow. He knows that other vampires could infect him there.

Dracula continues walking into the bright nighttime city. However, overhead Satan appears and laughs manically.

Children of the Night

Upon returning to Transylvania, Dracula wanders down a road through a forest at night. Off in the distance a wolf howls. Soon Dracula stumbles and falls. He looks up and sees a cemetery through the fog. A bat flies through the trees.

Dracula stumbles around and falls before a the severely scratched tombstone of Mallisa, who died some time in the 1400s. Dracula recognizes the name and begins digging. With his bare hands he pulls the dirt away from the grave. Soon he uncovers the coffin and lifts up the lid.

He sees the blue body of Mallisa and asks her to forgive him for waking her up. He reaches down and asks her to wake. Soon her glowing yellow eyes open and she sits up. She is glad to finally see him again. Dracula explains that he is mortal again and needs her to turn him into a vampire once more.

Losing friends quickly

Mallisa prepares to bite his throat but stops and begins to laugh. She tells Dracula she won't do it. Dracula demands to know why she would disobey her master. She says he is no longer their master since he became human.

She reveals that all the vampires know he married a human woman and fathered a human child. That was the reason Satan stripped him of his powers. She goes on to say that they have a new master now. She shows no sorrow for Dracula's plight.

She is angry that Dracula promised that she would be his wife and then abandoned her. Now Mallisa has promised to marry their new master, Sir Tomo. Dracula is angered that Tomo would declare himself master.

Soon, hands begin to appear out of the nearby graves. Other vampires push themselves out of the ground all around Dracula and Mallisa. The disgusting creatures stand and surround their former master.

Dracula demands to know what is going on. Mallisa explains that Tomo ordered his death and they will obey. Dracula tries to command the others as their "true master" but the vampires ignore him. He commands them to go away but they simply walk toward him.

Then they all begin to turn into bats. The bats swarm Dracula and begin attacking causing him to scream in pain. Dracula tries to protect himself but there are too many of them. He pushes them away but falls to the ground. He begins to bleed on the top of his head.

Not the music he likes

He stands and slowly makes his way out of the cemetery. He starts to run while the bats continue to attack. He makes his way down a hill and starts running. Then he spots a small cottage and decides to head there.

He falls down from exhaustion and grabs a cart for support. He gets up and begins pounding on the locked door. The bats continue their attack.

What Music They Make

Inside, three children, each with crosses around their necks, stop their meal and face the door. The younger girl asks the brother, Billy, if they should let him in. However, Billy's older sister reminds them that their mother told them not to let anyone in. Billy doesn't plan on let the strange man in.

Dracula continues pounding on the door asking them to save him from the vampires. Upon hearing that word Billy rushes over to the window to see all the bats. He tells the two sisters that there must be hundreds of bats outside.

Billy quickly opens the door and Dracula stumbles in. Dracula orders him to close the door and he does before the bats can get in. The bats begin clawing at the door. The younger sister is surprised by the sound of their ferocity. Billy asks if he is fine but Dracula just lays on the floor breathing heavily.

Outside, the bats swarm around the house.

The video showing its age

Billy offers Dracula a bowl of soup as he appears hungry. Dracula bats the bowl away spilling it, saying that there are more important things to worry about. He warns that the vampires will break in and kill them all.

Just then he looks down at the crosses hanging from their necks. Initially he reacts in horror but realizes that they can be used to repel the bats.

Outside the bats screech louder and louder. Inside the three children cannot stand the noise. Dracula believes that the crosses they wear bother the bats, which is why they have yet to attack. They look through the windows to suddenly see the bats disappear.

Billy wonders why it is so quiet and goes to see if they left. He runs to the window to see that the vampires returned to their "human" forms. Billy explains that they're surrounded and Dracula runs to see.

The vampires begin their slow walk towards the house moaning loudly. Dracula backs up as they start pounding on the door. The two girls cry out for their mother. Billy reassures them by reminding them that their mother told them to pray to Heaven.

One vampire looks into the window and smashes through. Soon they burst down the front door. Dracula tells the children to stay behind him and he'll do his best to protect them. The vampires begin pouring in from all openings.

One bald vampire leaps at Dracula and tries to bite him. Dracula grabs him and pushes him away. Another runs at him, leaping on top of him, but again Dracula shoves him away. As he does he sees a large cross sitting near the fire.

Come a long way from being loved by his kingdom

He runs over and grabs it. However, it begins to burn his hands. Despite the pain, he turns around and points it at the oncoming vampires. As Dracula puts the cross near a female vampire she dissolves into a cloud of dust. He does this to two more vampires.

The vampires see the others dissolving and allow Dracula safe passage out of the house. However, one vampire remains behind and turns towards the children. The older sister holds up her cross causing him to dissolve.

The other vampires quickly leave the house in fear. The three children simply stand there shocked. As the moon sits in the red sky the house sits quiet.

People Will Not Believe in Him

Dracula walks up a hill where another vampire bursts out of the ground. The vampire introduces himself as Tomo telling the mortal to leave. Dracula asserts that he is the true vampire master. Though Tomo claims Satan gave him the title when Dracula married Dolores.

Dracula then challenges Tomo to combat for the title. Tomo accepts as he believes it will make him more respected should he defeat the former master. Other vampires gather to watch the two.

Dracula leaps towards Tomo, though the enemy dodges and pushes him back. Tomo stomps on the ground and Dracula nearly dodges. Tomo then begins beating Dracula with his staff. Dracula is hit several times across the face.

Tomo stands and confidently says that Dracula is no match. He goes for another swipe but Dracula hits him knocking him back. Dracula stands and faces his usurper. Tomo kicks at Dracula and the count backs up.

Battle for supremacy

Tomo leaps into the air and forces Dracula to fall. He pulls out a dagger and tries to stab Dracula's head, though he dodges the attack. Tomo tries again but Dracula grabs his arm and stops him. Tomo begins to get the better of him and forces the blade down. The watching vampires laugh.

Dracula then grabs Tomo's face and pushes him back. Steam suddenly appears from Tomo's face. Dracula pulls back his burnt hand. Tomo's face continues to burn. He moves his hands away revealing the scar of a cross.

The other vampires point in shock. Tomo's face continues to burn until he falls down. As he lays there his body begins to dissolve away into nothingness. Dracula and the other vampires surround his disappearing dust.

God works in mysterious ways

The vampires look up and pledge their allegiance to their once-again master. Dracula looks at his hand and sees the burnt image of the cross. He realizes that Heaven used him to defeat Tomo. He turns in disgust and heads towards his dark castle. The vampires call out to him as he goes.

Dracula walks a dark road all alone. Above him the golden hawk lands on a branch and becomes Janus. He watches his father make his way to the castle.

The count walks up the ruined stairs of his castle. Rachel and Frank watch him and shrink down behind some rubble. Dracula walks past them without notice. They watch as he enters the large entrance of his castle.

Rachel readies her crossbow but Frank stops her. She wonders why since she can easily kill him now. Frank reminds her that Hans has a plan for him inside the castle and asked that they not interfere with Dracula.

The last meeting of the hunters

They flashback to Hans explaining his plan when they first arrived at the castle ruins. He told them how nothing up to that point had worked, but had a trump card that he would not yet reveal. He told them that he had to do it alone and asked to not interfere. Rachel said he couldn't do it alone and Frank agreed.

Hans reiterated that his plan is the only way. He then realized they thought he was crazy. He reassured them that he knew what he was doing. Rachel agreed and Hans turned to leave.

Back in the present, Rachel and Frank face each other hoping Hans' plan works.

Dracula opens a set of double doors and enters a large room. As he walks through the room he suddenly realizes that he has his fangs again. Once again he is the master of vampires, the sovereign of the damned. He twirls around believing it was the air in his castle that returned him.

Dealing with the Undead

Their final battle to the death/undeath

Suddenly Hans calls out to him. Hans wheels himself into the light and Dracula recognizes him. The newly restored vampire demands to know why he is there. Hans then leaves his wheelchair, stands, and readies his cane.

Hans explains that he has finally trapped Dracula. He intends to avenge the murder of his family. Dracula says how tired he is of Hans constantly harassing him and vows to end him once and for all.

Dracula screams and leaps forward. Hans readies his blade but Dracula lands and bats it away. He grabs Hans and begins to choke him. Hans falls to the ground as he struggles against the vampire. Blood begins spurting out of the Hans' mouth.

Hans reaches up with his weakened hands and presses a button in the center of his wheelchair's wheel. He then grabs one of the spokes and pierces it through Dracula's heart. Dracula stops his attack. He backs up and cries out in pain as blood begins pouring from his mouth.

Dracula stands and Hans follows. Hans then falls down onto his wheelchair. He explains that the spoke is made of pure silver. He claims that Dracula has finally been defeated.

Beaten by a wheelchair, how tragic

While he struggles with the spoke, Dracula cannot believe that he was beaten by such an easy attack. Hans points out that he dedicated his whole life to destroying him and now he succeeded.

Dracula finally pulls the spoke out of his chest and throws it to the side. He leaps at Hans claiming that he has not been defeated yet. Hans tells him they will meet their judgement together. He then presses a button on his wheelchair.

It is God's Law

The nightmare ends, finally

Suddenly the wheelchair erupts in light. The blast vaporizes Count Dracula and shreds his cape apart. The fires of the blast moves down the hall and up the spiraling staircase. The blast rises up through the floor completely destroying it.

Outside, one of the castle turrets blows apart and the entire castle erupts in flames.

Frank and Rachel are knocked back by the force of the blast. They look up to see the castle being destroying. Part of it begins to crumble in on itself. Rachel realizes that Hans finally killed Dracula and hugs Frank.

The forces of good win

Back in Boston, Dolores is surprised to see the golden hawk fly to her window. It becomes Janus and he lands. Janus apologizes, though Dolores already knows that Dracula has died. She begins to weep.

Janus walks up and puts his hand on her shoulder. He knows how much she has suffered, but promises that it's all in the past. He tells her to start a new beginning. But Dolores doesn't think there is anything to live for.

Janus assures her that he will always be with her. And since he is Dracula's son, her husband will always be there. Dolores claims he is the best of both parents and that his father must have been very proud. Dolores then hugs her son.

Suddenly a bright light shines on the two of them. Janus suddenly floats up and away.

Now it's happily ever after

Dolores is shocked to find her baby in her arms. She hugs her returned baby and looks up to see his adult form continue to the sky. She realizes she does have something to live for. She looks back down and hugs her baby tighter.

Broken Battlements

In Transylvania all that is left of Count Dracula's castle are the crumbling ruins. It still falls apart while sitting on the mountain top. They match the mortal life that Dracula lived. It's size shrunken as it fell to rubble and decay, no longer the mighty fortress of its height. It falls apart while haunted by the tragic memories of its past.

The once mighty Vlad III fell to the decadence and depravity of mortal sin. A cemetery bears the only ones left. Dracula died as all men do. Meanwhile, Dracula's coffin sits alone, untouched by any in the red light it is now bathed in.

A family crest sits on a wall. A reminder that while each man dies, life goes on through the memories of generations.

And may the dead remain buried

They remember as Vlad rode his horse in protection of his kingdom, with his mighty castle behind him. Great deeds inspire others, while evil deeds serve as a reminder of what man is capable of.

A cross still sits somewhere in the castle, shining brightly. While the castle is destroyed it reminds all that life and love are everlasting.


"From the dawn of creation, the history of our universe has been one of violent conflict. A chaotic clash of opposing forces vying to dominate the void. The very elements of nature itself are in constant upheaval, an eternal combat of opposites. Light against darkness. Heat against cold. Motion against inertia. And on the world of humankind, the awesome struggle of good against evil. The conflict between love and malevolence."

-Narrator, opening lines

"In Transylvania stands a sinister castle, a fortress shelter of evil and death. The lord of this castle is the tragic and terrifying personification of the cruel conflict between the affirmation of life and the corruptions of death. Condemned to exist eternally, unliving but undead, and tormented by mortal passions. He is known as Dracula!"


"Driven from his native Europe by the relentless pursuit of an organization of vampire hunters, Count Dracula fled to the United States of America seeking to hide himself in the city of Boston."


"His was not the only evil presence in this city, for amongst the mortals there was a group who practiced secret dark deeds. They met in a church. But their form of worship was an unholy desecration."


"Disciples of Lucifer, here me. Tonight we invoke the living presence of our master himself. We beseech the lord of darkness to rise from Hell and accept our sacrifice. We pray the maiden we have chosen to present to him shall be found worthy."

-Cult Priest

"Oh mighty Lucifer. Hear and grant the plea of your people. Appear before us and accept our worship. Abaddon, Beelzebub, Belial, Mephistopheles. Thou whose name is legend come forth we bequeath thee. Oh, mighty Satan, commander of the forces of evil. Praise be thy name."
"Oh mighty Satan, lord of the evils. We beseeched thee to appear and accept our humble sacrifice."

-Cult Priest and Cult

"Behold, it is the living presence of Satan, ruler of the Disciples of the Black Mass, giver of immortality, ruthless destroyer of dishearted disbelievers. All power to thee and to the coming of the dark kingdom here on Earth. We, thy true believes, have invoked thy presence here in order to present you our offering of a mortal bride."

-Cult Priest

"Disciples of Satan rejoice! With this alliance with a mortal bride, Lucifer's reign on Earth draws nigh. And now let our hearts join in joyous praise of Dolores, bride of Satan. Hail Dolores, bride of Satan! Hail to the coming of the kingdom of darkness!"

-Cult Priest

"Behold, our offering has been found worthy in the eyes of our lord, Lucifer."

-Cult Priest

"The offering was found worthy. But it was not Satan who received a bride this night, it was Dracula who bore the woman Dolores away from the devil worshipers. High above the city, on the leathery wings of a giant vampire bat, the intended bride of Lucifer was stolen away."


"The beautiful Dolores had aroused the unholy desires of Dracula and he intended to claim her for himself. She would be his for all eternity. He would make her immortal, like himself. She would be released from the constricting bonds of mortal life and she would be his. Forever."


"How can it be possible for a creature such as I to feel such a tender emotion as love. It can't be. But I must have blood. I can't! But I must have blood!"

-Count Dracula, first line

"Wow, would you look at that. They shouldn't show stuff like that on the air."
"That woman had to be crazy walking through that neighborhood late at night all by herself."
"Sure was a pretty woman. What kind of loony creep would wanna kill her?"

-Men in the bar

"He had long, pointy teeth. Like some kind of wolf or something. And he had these big red eyes. And then he bit her on the neck."
"Bite marks were found on the woman's neck. And can you tell us what happened next, sir?"
"Ah, it was rough. He sucked her blood. Like this. [Makes biting noises] And then the man turned into a bat. He...he grew wings like a bat and he flew away."
"The eye witness, we learned, has a thirty year history of alcoholic hallucinations. Police place no credence in his story. He was taken to a sanatorium for treatment."

-Homeless Man and Reporter

"Sounds like a vampire movie."
"Don't laugh. That guy could be telling the truth."
"Come on. You mean you believe in vampires?"
"You should pay my alimony. That old bat I was married to was a real bloodsucker."

-Men in the bar

"Hello, this is Frank Drake."
"Mr. Drake. I'm calling for someone who needs to see you about a very important matter. Could you please meet us at the flowerbed at the entrance of the park. It's quite urgent."
"You better tell me who you are and what you want first because I'm not not that partial to mystery meetings with strangers."
"I can't explain over the phone."
"Too bad. You got a nice voice and I'm curious about your looks. But it's just like I've been saying, Frank Drake isn't into mysteries, buttercup."
"But Mr. Drake, or should I call you Mr. Dracula."

-Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing, first lines

"I assure you young man I am not playing games. Nor am I here to threaten you. Let's get one thing straight right now. I have made it my business to trace your ancestry and I know you are a direct descendant of Count Dracula of Transylvania. Your ancestor was Dracula's first son, born before the count became a vampire. So you were spared that evil curse."
"Spared was I? I still have to bear the name of that evil Dracula and all the memories attached to it."
"If you truly hate Dracula you will join me as a hunter whose whole life is dedicated to tracking him down and liquidating him."
"[Laughs] You're out of your ever-lovin' skull. If you think you have a chance against the likes of Count Dracula you've got another thing coming. As for me joining you, I've got two words for you: Good bye."

-Hans Harker and Frank Drake, first lines

"Geez, you must have every book ever written about vampires, werewolves, zombies, and black magic stuff."
"I wrote a few of them myself."
"You're really serious about all this stuff, aren't you."
"Deadly serious, Frank. Deadly serious. I'm a professor of science and philosophy with many years of deep research in metaphysics. I assure you Mr....uh, Drake, I know what I'm doing."

-Frank Drake and Hans Harker

"Ah, let's see now. At current market rates with my good name plus the gratitude of all mankind I might be able to buy a cup of coffee. But I doubt it."
"You want money? In here's a check for one-hundred thousand dollars."
"That's more money than I made all last week. But I'm afraid it's still not quite enough for me to risk my life for. Bye."

-Frank Drake and Hans Harker

"Hey, how about tossing her in as a bonus?"

-Frank Drake

"If you ever try a trick like that again I'll put an arrow right through your heart. You understand me?"
"You made your point, honey."

-Rachel Van Helsing and Frank Drake

"Elijah's nose is an unerring radar, incredibly sensitive to the scent of evil. We can depend on him to lead us to Count Dracula, wherever he may be hiding. Even with his unholy powers, Dracula cannot fool or confuse Elijah. You can accept my assurance that finding Dracula will be no problem."
"Somehow the thought of finding Dracula doesn't reassure me an awful lot. I have a feeling that when we find Dracula that's when our real problems will just be starting."

-Hans Harker and Frank Drake

"I don't understand it. Satan seemed pleased with the bride we offered him. But now he ignores us. Oh mighty Prince of Darkness, hear the voice of thy faithful servant on Earth. Why have you abandoned your disciples? Why do you ignore our sacrifices? How have we offended thee, oh Satan? Master, hear your priest. I invoke you by name. Abaddon, Belial, Beelzebub, Lucifer. I command your presence, oh mighty one. Come forth. SATAN COME FORTH!"

-Cult Priest

"Mortal. How dare you command the presence of Satan. Be gone."

-Satan, first line

"Dracula, beware."


"While Satan's disciples ponder his words, a smaller, but equally determined, group is not waiting to press their pursuit of Dracula. Pledged to find and destroy the monster, wherever he may be, however long it may take, the vampire hunters press relentlessly onward."


"On Christmas Eve of that year a child was born. Dolores gave birth to Janus, the son of Dracula."


"And you know what, you're unerring, valuable flea bag there is a total, complete washout."

-Frank Drake

"There's been a significant in Dracula's life of late. He used to murder boldly and never bothered to cover his tracks. Now he's acting more cautiously."

-Hans Harker

"We're closing the noose, little by little, day by day, Frank. And now we must prepare ourselves for the confrontation. We will soon have his whereabouts pinpointed. He's within our reach. And, heaven help us, we're within his reach."

-Hans Harker

"What a beautiful boy. What a beautiful, brave, cheerful, and worthy son I have. Such a good boy. My son. And now you must go to bed and get your sleep so you'll grow up big and strong."

-Count Dracula

"Dolores, there's a shameful secret about myself that I have kept hidden from you all this time."
"How could you possibly keep a secret from me, darling?"
"While it is true I am not a mortal man, I am not your beloved Lucifer, lord of darkness, who you and your disciples worship at the Black Mass."

-Count Dracula and Dolores, first line

"You see, I am a vampire. I am not Satan. I am a victim of him whom made me this loathsome creature. Hated and feared by all mankind."
"I don't hate you Dracula."
"I knew the moment our eyes met that you weren't Satan. There's just too much love in your eyes. I saw the torment also. Anyone who is capable of such tender feelings could not possibly be Satan."

-Count Dracula and Dolores

"In you I saw hope for myself. Oh darling, there's an awesomely powerful bond of love between us that can transform us completely from evil to good. With love, together we can conquer Satan."


"I come from a titled family. From a kingdom in the Balkans. Transylvania. The territory over which I ruled was small, but fertile and beautiful. My life was dedicated to protecting it. It was a bountiful land. The climate was ideal. The soil was rich. The air was clean. Water was plentiful from clear mountain streams that poured through the valley. My people prospered and they were loyal in their allegiance to me. For I was a generous and compassionate ruler. We were high thinking, happy, peace-loving people. Content with what we had. We offered no threat to any of our neighbors. But were fearless in defense of what was ours."

-Count Dracula

"Countless times I led my army into battle to ward off invaders seeking to take our land by force. We repelled the Bulgarians, the Hungarians, and the barbarian Hun, Attila the Great. Time and again the barbarians rode against us. Time and again we defeat them. But they always returned to try again. Desperate to convince them the futility of the slaughter, I adopted by own savage method. I skewered the bodies of the invaders and scattered them about the surrounding countryside as a horrible warning to potential future enemies. I shuttered at my own actions. But it spoke to the barbarians in a language that they understood. The strategy worked. Enemies lost their fighting spirit and retreated at the grisly sight of my signposts of death."

-Count Dracula

"I had become a butcher in pursuit of peace and my soul was irrevocably tarnished. I became the target of hatred on all sides and every warrior who rode against me burned with vengeance. Enemies joined forces with the soul purpose of destroying me. And they succeeded. And so perished the mortal Count Dracula in an ocean of my own blood. Oh, if only that could be the end of my story."

-Count Dracula

"My blood-smeared, Earthly reputation had caught the attention of Satan himself. I was raised from my grave by his evil power. Neither living nor dead, I was his slave. And thus were my mortal sins on Earth rewarded. Condemned to exist eternally as the Prince of Vampires. For five hundred years I have fed my insatiable bloodlust. And the name Dracula has become a horrible abomination to mankind. Formerly a symbol of hope, the cross became for me a source of terror and I shrank from the reminder of eternal damnation which had represented to me and all vampires."

-Count Dracula

"As Europeans learned too much about my habits and vulnerabilities, I was forced to flee my native land. I journeyed to a land where the people thought legends of vampires were just silly superstition. Americans seemed more concerned about worldly material things than about spiritual matters."

-Count Dracula

"I discovered the Black Mass Cult soon after my arrival in Boston and I overheard their plan to present a bride to Satan. It was my chance for revenge. On the night appointed for the offering, I hastened to the church of Satan's disciples. My plan was simple and cruel. I would steal Satan's bride and destroy her. Then I saw you, and all my plans were forgotten. As you knelt before me in obedient submission and your eyes met mine I knew I must have you for my own. My need for you overwhelmed my need for revenge. With one bite I could give you immortality and you would be mine for all eternity. But a strange force gripped me and would not let me carry out my purpose."

-Count Dracula'

"Only now do I realize what that force was. I, the Prince of Vampires, the Lord Sovereign of the Damned, had fallen in love with a mortal woman. Now I behold the results. A beloved son, Janus. My frozen heart burns like a torch. Love and joy were just words describing long forgotten emotions until I found you and regained my ability to fell them."

-Count Dracula

"I too had lost my humanity. That is why I offered myself to be Satan's bride. I had felt unloved, and unwanted all my life. Until that moment our eyes met. You opened a whole new world to me simply by caring and by showing me that you cared. You made me feel alive and special. When we were together you never took your eyes off me. And when we talked, you spoke to me not at me. And you cared what I thought. No woman could ever feel more loved, more cherished than you have made me feel every moment we've been together. Such a man could not possibly be all evil. I know how you suffer my darling. My heart suffers with you. But our love is worth suffering for."


"We hail the birth of your Satan-sent child and we shall gather tonight for the purpose of baptizing your beloved Janus into the Fellowship of the Black Mass. This ceremony will place your son under the protection of Satan and will render him safe from all harm."

-Note from Fellowship of the Black Mass

"Just one arrow right in his heart and my grandfather will be avenged."

-Rachel van Helsing

"In the name of Lucifer, you Count Dracula stand convicted of sacrilege. In that you did fraudulently use Satan's name and that you did steal his bride, Dolores. Prepare to die!"

-Cult Priest

"How can you allow the murder of an innocent child!? I'll destroy this temple with my bare hands!"

-Count Dracula

"This is for my grandfather!"

-Rachel Van Helsing

"Dracula! No more killing. Our baby is dead and you can't bring him back to life by spilling these people's blood in revenge. Hear me with the human heart that beats within you, Dracula. No more killing, please!"


"AH! MY DARLING BABY! WHY COULDN'T YOU HAVE DESTROYED ME INSTEAD OF MY DEAR INNOCENT SON!? Mourn him now with storm clouds! All of nature must mourn the murder of Janus, my son!"

-Count Dracula

"Uh oh. Hey, I'm sorry babe. It's too noisy to apologize properly. Why don't we go out to the car?"
"Okay, dude."

-Man and Layla, first lines

"What's your sign?"
"Caution: man at work."

-Layla and Man

"In the news headlines, another bloodless corpse has been found in the recent wave of grisly murders by the so-called Vampire Killer. Identity of the latest victim has been withheld. But as with all previous victims, the body was drained of its blood."

-Radio Announcer

"Ah ha. They'll never take me alive. You didn't know I was the vampire killer, did ya?"
"Oh, don't joke about such a thing."
"He he. I don't know what you mean, I was being serious."
"Quit that. Be a nice guy, will ya."
"Okay, come on now."
"Better not play games with me or I'll bite a hole in your neck and suck your blood out. Remember, I'm the big, bad, blood-thirsty vampire!"
"Don't! You're scaring me!"
"Oh, don't be uptight. Come on, give me a kiss."
[Reveals herself to be a vampire]
"What's happening? I don't believe it!"
"Meet the real big, bad vampire!"
"The real vampire!?"

-Man and Layla

"Oh, my baby. I just can't believe you've been taken away from me forever. I see you so clearly and hear your sweet voice in all my dreams, and in my every waking thought as well. How he loved you. How happy we were together. Now that I've lost you both, I can't go on. Forgive me, my darling Janus, but I can't go on."


"Thou shalt not take they life, Dolores."
"Heaven forgive me, but without Dracula or Janus I have no reason or desire to live. Have mercy on me and allow me to end the misery I have brought upon myself by turning my back on Heaven and offering myself to the black forces of evil. I regret ever having been born into such a life of wickedness and suffering."
"You have sinned, and you have therefore suffered greatly. But Heaven has never turned its back on you. You shall be granted a second opportunity."

-God, only lines, and Dolores

"It just isn't possible you can be my son, Janus."
"Yes, it is, Mother."
"How darling Janus, it is you. I don't understand it, but I know it's true. My loving heart recognizes you."

-Dolores and Janus, first line

"Janus, he's your father. That poor tortured and tormented creature deserves your mercy."
"Is he not the vampire Dracula, servant of Satan?"
"Yes. He's more a victim than a willing servant, my son. He did not choose to be a vampire and you must not blame him."
"But I have to kill him."

-Dolores and Janus

"I have no choice in this matter. That's why I was revived."
"But he loves you so much."
"I am only doing what I was created to do, Mother. I have no choice. That's it. Try to understand. It's not my choice to do this anymore than it was his willing choice to be a slave of Satan."

-Janus and Dolores

"He is the personification of evil, and I am the personification of goodness. We are mortal enemies by our nature."
"Well then, does this mean it is my fate to be the personification of hopeless suffering. To look on helplessly while my son and my husband try to destroy one another. Is this the punishment Heaven has chosen for me!?"

-Janus and Dolores

"Oh Janus, can't anything be done to stop this? Please."
"I'm sorry, Mother."

-Dolores and Janus

"My name is Hans Harker and I have some rather distressing information about your husband's past which I think you should know."
"I know everything about my husband's past. He has never kept secrets from me."
"Then no doubt he told you that he brutally murdered my father and my wife and my daughter as well. The man is a vampire, a vile monster. He's a demon from Hell, whose total life is dedicated to committing horrible obscenities upon all mankind. I have vowed upon my sacred honor that I will destroy him."
"Your noble purpose has already been accomplished."
"My purpose will not be accomplished, madame, until Count Dracula is dead."
"My tormented husband, Dracula, has been virtually dead from the moment Heaven revived Janus, Mr. Harker. It's only a matter of time before he kills his father."

-Hans Harker and Dolores

"You seem to be a warm and compassionate being. Why in the world would a woman like you want to marry such and evil monster like Dracula? And how can you go on defending him knowing full well what he is?"
"My husband didn't request to become a vampire. That was the work of Satan. The torments he suffered were far worse than those he inflicted. Believe me. He was a compassionate human and he struggled to overcome the curse of the vampire, which compelled him to commit those abominable murders. His very soul is a tormented battlefield of good striving against evil. Love against hate."

-Rachel Van Helsing and Dolores

"All my life I pined for love and affection because my mother died when I was a baby and my father was a cold and uncaring man concerned only about wealth and position. So I abandoned myself to a wild and reckless life. I pursued adventure and novelty as substitute for love and peace of mind. I was eager to try any sort of distraction that might help me forget the gnawing emptiness inside me. I joined the cult of the Black Mass because I was lonely and craved for a sense of belonging. A feeling of kinship with others, however foolish they might be. I agreed to become the bride of Satan as a lark because I didn't truly believe in the occult. Little did I suspect that in that evil environment I would find the live I had sought all my life."


"I'm waisting my breath. You only understand hate and vengeance."

-Dolores, to the Vampire Hunters

"No more, Father. Heaven will not allow you to murder another."
"You must never call me Father again. My exalted, Heaven-sent, murder-bent mortal enemy. You're no longer my son, Janus!"
"You're right. It'll make it much easier for me to destroy you if I forget that you're my father."

-Janus and Count Dracula

"It would not be wise for you to underestimate the powers I possess, Janus. I shall show you how I managed to survive for five-hundred YEARS!"

-Count Dracula

"It's been five-hundred years since we met, my dear Count Dracula. I trust all goes well with you."
"Satan Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Underworld, as your sovereign of all damned souls I command you now to appear before me!"
"It is I who command you, here, to face judgement."

-Satan and Dracula

"Your time of ruin is at hand, noble Dracula."


"You have betrayed me and have given comfort to my enemy, you ungrateful wretch! For this you will pay dearly. You shall feel the unholy wrath of Satan Lucifer. The woman you stole is nothing to me but you blasphemy me by loving her. Love is the vilest transgression in the eyes of Satan. And as my servant you are expressly forbidden from loving anyone. Yet you and this woman did love one another. And from your love there did come a child from Heaven."
"Hear me now, lord Lucifer. Do what you will with me, but leave the woman out of this and let her go free at once. You hear!?"
"Why should I do that? You flatter yourself in the belief that the child inherited his powers from you. But in reality it was this mortal woman, his mother, who gave him his awesome powers which threatens my empire now."

-Satan and Count Dracula

"The woman has found the power to prevent me from recking my punishment for the moment, but I'll have my revenge! Go now. Both of you."

-Satan, last lines

"My image is reflected in the mirror!"

-Count Dracula

"Millions of people inhabit New York City, but only one can help Count Dracula. Layla the vampire, whose bite can restore his immortality. Tired and famished with a hunger of five-hundred years, Dracula desperately needs money for food. He sees his chance."


"Has it come to this? That I've become a common thief in the streets?"

-Count Dracula

"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe it. Count Dracula, sovereign of all vampires, exhibiting an apparent hunger for ordinary mortal food."

-Hans Harker

"Hey, I found some wine in the refrigerator. Okay if I open it? Pour us a drink, babe."
"Sure, go ahead and pour yourself one. But I don't"

-Man and Layla, quoting the 1931 Dracula film

"Dracula. You spoiled my dinner and he's Rh Positive too. So what brings you around after all these years and years and years and years."
"Layla, I had a run-in with Satan and as a result he took away all my powers and made me a mortal man again."
"A mortal man, you say. Very interesting. It looks good on you."
"You must help me Layla!"
"Yeah, I definitely like you this way. Except for your wardrobe."

-Layla and Count Dracula

"So you want to be a vampire again. Glad to be of service. So, come to me Dracula."

-Layla and Count Dracula

"You dare come to me for help when you were the one who betrayed me and turned me into a vampire, making my existence into a living Hell!"


"Ciao, baby."
"Come back! Layla!"

-Count Dracula and Layla, last line

"Alright. You got me now. I hope you'll make quick work of it, my loving son."
"I cannot harm you now that you are a mortal human being. I am empowered solely for the destruction of Lucifer's demons."
"I have seen that heavenly power. Your mother possesses it. It was awesome."
"You see what you face if you ever become a vampire again."
"I have to try. I can't face the thought of dying. Perhaps I'll find the answer in Transylvania."

-Count Dracula and Janus

"Count Dracula, at last you've come back to me."
"There's no time to explain, Mallisa. I'm mortal and I must have the venom from your vampire fangs to restore me at once or I am a dead man. Hurry!"

-Mallisa, first line, and Count Dracula

"I won't do it."
"What!? You dare disobey the command of your vampire master!?"
"You are no longer our master, Dracula, since you became a human being. We know you married a mortal woman and fathered a human baby! It was because of this that Satan took away your powers and immortality. And he gave us a new master."

-Mallisa and Count Dracula

"I am your true master. And I command you to hear me and disperse! You will obey me! You hear me! Stop! Stop it! Obey me!"

-Count Dracula

"They must be beginning to feel the vibrations of the crosses you're wearing, and that's why they're not trying to come in after me."

-Count Dracula

"Turn back mortal. You are not welcome here on the sovereign soil of Tomo, the vampire master!"
"Tomo, you impostor, I have come to challenge your right to assume my title."
"My title was given to me by my patron lord Lucifer himself when you betrayed him by committing yourself to a blasphemous marriage with a mortal woman."

-Sir Tomo, first lines, and Count Dracula

"Prepare to meet your death."

-Sir Tomo

"You're not even given me any competition, you ridiculous mortal."

-Sir Tomo, last line

"All powerful master. As vampires we'll obey you."


"It's the mark of the cross. I didn't defeat him after all. It was the power of the cross that destroyed Tomo. I have been used as an instrument of Heaven!"

-Count Dracula, inner monologue

"Hold it."
"Uh? I can get him now. My arrow can get him now that he's lost all of his supernatural powers."
"Harker has a plan to get him in the castle if we don't dare interfere with him, Rachel. Don't you remember what he told us at our last planning session this morning? Remember, our promise."

-Frank Drake and Rachel Van Helsing

"You can't take him on alone."
"Rachel's right, Hans. Whatever your plan is we wanna be in on it too."
"I'm afraid I must insist that you trust me in this matter and that you do exactly as I tell you. Because if you don't all of our efforts will have gone for nothing. Why are you looking at me as if I've gone insane. Ha ha ha. I assure you, life is very dear to me. Even though I am just an old cripple. You needn't worry about me."
"Good girl."

-Past Rachel Van Helsing, Past Frank Drake, and Past Hans Harker at their final meeting

"Let's hope."

-Frank Drake, last line, and Rachel Van Helsing

"Hans Harker, I believe. What are you doing in my castle!?"
"After all this time I finally have you, Count Dracula. And you'll not get away form me. I have come to avenge my murdered family."
"You plagued my life for years. But now I'm going to be rid of you once and for all!"

-Hans Harker and Count Dracula


-Count Dracula

"You have met your just ending, Dracula. That spoke is made of pure silver."
"What!? Silver? I can't believe I have been so stupid as to have been beaten so easily."
"Well that's it, Dracula. I have dedicated my entire life to your destruction. And now my mission has been completed."
"Now Harker! We'll see who has won!"
"We shall go to meet our judgement together!"

-Hans Harker and Count Dracula, final lines

"He did it."

-Rachel Van Helsing, last line

"I'm sorry."
"You don't have to tell me, Janus. I already knew it. Dracula's gone. He's dead."
"I know what a nightmare of suffering your life has been, Mother. But that's all in the past now and you must try to make a new beginning."
"Oh, how can I think about a new beginning, Janus. There's nothing to live for anymore."
"I'll always be with you and through me he'll be with you as well."
"You represent the best of both of us, son. I know he's as proud of you as I am."
"You think so?"
"Of course he is."

-Janus, final lines, and Dolores

"Oh Janus. There is something left to live for after all, my son. And we shall make a new beginning together."

-Dolores, final line

"In Transylvania, crumbling ruins are all that remain of Count Dracula's castle. Symbolic of the crumbled ruin of his mortal life on Earth. A once might fortress, fallen to rubble and decay. Haunted by tragic memories of a once mighty warrior and leader. Fallen to the decadence and depravity of mortal sin. In the end he was a man, inevitably destined to face the eventual fate of all men. But while death is the inescapable destiny of each mortal being, life itself is eternal. And mortal men live on in the memories of future generations. Their great deeds inspire others to greatness. And their evil deeds serve as a warning to all. The ultimate truth remains, life and love are everlasting."

-Narrator, final lines of the video


  • The first animated movie based on a Marvel Comics property.
  • The first of four videos to be directly adapted from a specific comic story, the other three being The Monster of Frankenstein, Ultimate Avengers, and Planet Hulk.
  • The car that the cult members drive at the beginning appears to be a Jeep Wrangler.
  • The priest's name isn't mentioned at all. In the comics, it is Anton Lupeski.
  • Dolores' name in the comics was Domini.
  • The first time in a Marvel based movie that the "hero" character ever killed anyone, and fully on-screen no less. The next time would be twenty-nine years later in Hulk vs Wolverine.
  • The man in the bar complaining about showing a dead woman on television is ironic, probably a self-referential joke, given that this made-for-television movie showed her death.
  • After Dracula's first night of attacks the men of the bar say a victim should not have been in that part of town by herself at night. This is an example of victim blaming.
  • The homeless man is taken to a sanatorium. A sanatorium played an important part of the original Dracula story.
  • For reasons unknown, Quincy Harker's name is changed to Hans Harker.
Based on a real woodblock print of Vlad the Impaler dining in the presence of numerous impaled corpses
  • All of the paintings and statues of Vlad III the Impaler that Hans Harker has in his library are actual depictions of the historical figure.
  • In Hans Harker's library there is a statue of a man with a mustache, presumably Vlad the Impaler. The dates on the statue say 1456-1462, not his birth and death since he is obviously more than six years old. It is likely the time he ruled his kingdom.
This is where the Bram Stocker book and animated feature differ
  • In the original book, and comics, Jonathan Harker and Abraham Van Helsing were both successful in killing Dracula. In the comics, Dracula is resurrected and killed several times. The final time, before the movie, Dracula only rose because Frank Drake's friend accidentally woke him up.
  • In the comics, Elijah's name is Saint.
  • This version of Satan is inspired by Marvel comic book villain Mephisto, and is briefly called that as an alternate name.
  • In the comics, it was the Cult Priest who hired the vampire hunters to slay Dracula. Here they are simply tracking him.
  • Frank Drake and Elijah board a large, old style boat, much like the one Dracula travelled, called the Demeter, in the original book.
  • Satan may have been the one hiding Count Dracula from Elijah during the year, just as he asked his cult not to attack the vampire. Or it could be that since Dracula has changed his ways he may not be as evil as he once was.
  • It may seem odd for an undead man to father a living child, but in the comics there are several vampires who are implied to have had normal human children.
Coincidence or careful plan by Dracula to draw bats on city maps?
  • The map of Dracula's possible hiding locations in Boston looks distinctly like a bat, most closely resembling Batman's logo.
  • Apparently back in Dracula's day, Attila was known as Attila the Great whereas now he is commonly known as Attila the Hun.
  • When telling his story to Dolores, Dracula flies around Boston at 1:05 in the morning.
Who ya gonna call?
  • The vampire hunter's car appears to be a Miller-Meteor.
  • Though unclear in the video, in the comics the Cult Priest did in fact die when attacked by Dracula.
  • In the comics the female vampire's name was Lilith.
  • Layla's victim's license plate says E S7745.
  • Hans Harker's name isn't revealed until about forty-five minutes into the movie.
  • When the vampire hunters stand outside the restaurant in New York, there is clearly a sign for Coca-Cola.
Who honestly thought of marketing this to kids?
  • When the man opens the shower curtain to see Layla quite a bit of her breast and the crack of her buttocks. The most nudity seen in a Marvel animated product.
  • The way Layla says she doesn't drink wine is exactly the same way that Béla Lugosi's version of Dracula did in the 1931 Dracula film, with the brief pause before saying wine.
  • In the shot of Dracula running from the vampire bats against the moon there are twenty-two bats attacking.
  • There are roughly thirty-nine vampires in the movie.
  • The shot over the end credits appears to be Count Dracula holding out his long cape while standing in front of a small village.
  • As of Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, this is the longest running Marvel animated direct-to-video feature. Though the theatrically released Big Hero 6 is fourteen minutes longer.
  • The only Marvel animated video to be released in Betamax format.


  • Animation is reused repeatedly throughout the video.
  • When Dracula attacks the first woman, only part of his teeth glow.
  • The second woman to be attacked by Count Dracula returns to her normal skin tone when she is on television. She should still have her bloodless color.
So why didn't Frank use his Super Saiyan abilities against Dracula?
  • There is simply no way Frank Drake could leap as high as he does during his fight with Quincy and Rachel. Though this is a very common thing in anime.
  • When Rachel Van Helsing fires the arrows at Frank Drake she holds two, loads one, but still has two in her hand. Additionally, she fires four in rapid succession, for a total of five, but only grabbed three to begin with. She should not have been so quick if she was constantly pulling more arrows out of the quiver.
On a nice stroll through the park with their rifles, shotguns, and crossbows
  • Absolutely not one person seems bothered by the fact that a young man with a gun and a young woman with a crossbow and arrows pushing an old man with a long blade in his cane wander around Boston and New York City in broad daylight. Surely the gun must have caused some alarm somewhere in that time.
  • There is no 79 St in Boston.
  • Janus has far too much hair for a newborn.
  • For a year, a woman never noticed that her husband never cast any kind of reflection.
  • In actuality, Vlad III the Impaler and Attila the Hun were not alive at the same time. Though that may not be true of the video's universe, or he could be talking about another Hun named Attila.
  • When Dracula and Dolores receive the note from the cult it is still very bright outside. In fact, behind Dracula you can see shadows suggesting the sun is still fairly high in the sky. A vampire should not be able to tolerate such light.
  • When Dracula deflects Rachel's arrows in the church they make a distinct metal on metal sound.
  • When Dracula leaves the church, Quincy is suddenly back in his chair.
  • Layla's victim's license plate is distinctly not from the United States. Though it could be an imported car.
Perhaps Dolores was finally pushed over the edge by clumsy tombstone makers
  • In an obvious spelling error, Janus' tombstone says "REST IN PEAEE".
  • With only a shining light for information, Dracula makes a lot of assumptions about its source and purpose. While it is all true, he shouldn't have figured it out so easily.
  • The chokehold Dracula put the man in while mugging him would not have killed him so easily. He probably passed out and the woman overreacted.
  • In the high shot of Dracula entering the restaurant, Frank and Rachel have on each other's clothes, though switched again in the next shot.
  • In the street sale one of the vendors has something priced for 35$, revealing non-American origins. It is standard practice in the United States for the $ symbol to come before the number. The symbol after the number is something that occurs in other nations such as Japan.
A shower right off the kitchen with apparently a dresser/closet inside too. But sadly no toilet or sink.
  • Who has a shower attached to their kitchen? Usually they are in a bathroom.
  • Layla showers naked, but emerges fully clothed with a cape and crown. Who has clothes in their shower?
  • There's no apparent explanation as to why Dracula and Layla would appear as normal human beings, with fangs, while the vampires in Transylvania look like zombies. It could be because Dracula and Layla are better fed while the others haven't feasted in a long time.
  • The blood on Dracula when he is human is very inconsistent.
  • If Dracula is human, Elijah cannot sense him, and even Janus refuses to kill him why would the cross burn him?
  • Dracula burns Tomo with a cross burn in his right hand. Problem is, he grabbed only the lower part with his right. He grabbed the "intersection" part with his left.



Actor [1] Role
Theodore Lehmann (English)
Nachi Nozawa (Japanese)
Jean Claudio (French)
Luis Carrillo (Spanish)
Renato Montanari (Italian)
Count Dracula
Dan Woren (English)
Frédéric Girard (French)
Frank Drake
Melanie McQueen (English)
Amparo Valencia (Spanish)
Beatrice Margiotti (Italian)
Rachel Van Helsing
Raymond Baillet (French)
Joaquin Escola (Spanish)
Hans Harker
Keiko Mari (Japanese)
Geneviève Taillade (French)
Celia Honrubia (Spanish)
Jean-Pierre Denys (French)
Roberto Cuenca Martínez (Spanish)
Cult Priest
Laurent Hilling (French) Satan
Jean-Pierre Denys (French)
Juan Antonio Gálvez (Spanish)
Sir Tomo
Marcelle Lajeunesse (French)
Maria Dolores Diaz (Spanish)
Marcelle Lajeunesse (French) Mallisa
Juan Antonio Gálvez (Spanish) Homeless Man
Reba West Transylvanian Village Girl
Stan Jones (English)
Ryo Ishihara (Japanese)
Frédéric Girard (French)
Manuel Tejada (Spanish)
Hidekatsu Shibata (Japanese) Unknown
Hiroko Suzuki (Japanese) Unknown
Junpei Takiguchi (Japanese) Unknown
Kazuyuki Sogabe (Japanese) Unknown
Keiichi Noda (Japanese) Unknown
Kenji Utsumi (Japanese) Unknown
Mami Koyama (Japanese) Unknown
Reiko Katsura (Japanese) Unknown
Yasuo Hisamatsu (Japanese) Unknown
Elena de Maeztu (Spanish) Unknown

Stan Jones, who did the voice of the narrator, would later do Doctor Octopus and Kingpin on Spider-Man and Leader and additional voices on The Incredible Hulk.


Job People
Director Akinori Nagaoka
Minoru Okazaki
Robert Barron
Writer Bram Stoker (Original Story)
Marv Wolfman (Comic)
Gene Colan (Comic)
Tom Palmer (Comic)
Tadaaki Yamazaki
Robert Barron (English)
Re-Recorded at Intersound, INC.
Sound Engineers Kevin Stanton
T. W. Davis
Story Based on The Tomb of Dracula by Marvel Comics Group
Copyright Owners Toei Animation
Distributor Harmony Gold
Vestron Video
Northstar Entertainment
Mountain Video
Mondo Home Entertainment
Jacques Canestrier Video
Oceania Film
Editor Osamu Tanaka
Composer Seiji Yokoyama
Character Design Hiroshi Wagatsuma
Animation Designer Hiroshi Wagatsuma
Art Coordinator Take Torimoto
Assistant Director Akinori Nagaoka
Background Art Kenji Matsumoto
Toshiro Nozaki
Creative Consultant Gene Pelc
Finish Check Tsutomu Tsukada
In-Between Animation Kyoko Sato
Miyuki Ikeda
Key Animation Hiroshi Iino
Jirou Tsuno
Photography Hisao Shirai
Planning Yoshiaki Koizumi
Yoshifumi Hatano
Production Manager Kazuichi Tsurumi
Dubbing Harmony Gold (English)
Garcia Ktorza Productions (France)
Sincronia (Spain)
Oceania Film (Italian)
Broadcaster TVE (Spain)

Home Video

If you can find it, grab it. It's a collector's item now.

The video was released on VHS and the short-lived format Betamax. The British release was only available before the regulation of the video market. Afterwards it disappeared without re-release when the laws were changed.

Even before the VHS format ended the video ceased production and faded into obscurity.


Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned is also titled Tomb of Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned, Tomb of Dracula, or just Dracula. In its native Japan it is called Yami no Teiô Kyûketsuki Dorakyura. Roughly translated, it means Dracula: Vampire Emperor of Darkness.

The video was part of a deal made in the late 1970s between Marvel Comics and Toei Animation to produce animated versions of their comic book characters. While the deal was successful, this and The Monster of Frankenstein were the only two films made.

The story is a condensed version of the The Tomb of Dracula comic book series. It is based on the overall story arc from issues #7-50, though condensing much of the story. The series itself only lasted seventy issues between April 1972 and August 1979. Ironically, The Tomb of Dracula was not available in Japan.

In the comic books, Frank Drake is introduced much earlier in the story. In it he is a millionaire playboy who had squandered his inheritance and had nothing other than his ancestral castle. He travelled to Transylvania with his girlfriend and friend planning to sell it or make it into a tourist attraction. It was there that he discovered that it once belonged to Count Dracula and he is Dracula's ancestor, though he never truly believed in the legends. When Drake and his friend find Dracula's skeleton they accidentally resurrect him. Drake narrowly escaped when Dracula recognized his descendant, but his girlfriend and friend were not so lucky. He then went to London where he was going to commit suicide when Rachel Van Helsing saved him. This is where the movie picks up, which is probably why Frank seems so interested in the news report that everyone else ignores and why he seems to know so much about vampires in the first place. Though it appears that he simply knows that he's a descendant of Dracula.

The movie's portrayal of Dolores is different from her comic book inspiration Domini. Here Dolores was unloved by her family and led a life of reckless endangerment before joining the cult. Domini was raised in a convent and escaped the join the cult. She was to be sacrificed but Dracula appeared and stopped, it was then they offered to make her his bride. Domini and Dracula had to use a spell to impregnate her. She also used magic to resurrect Janus by merging him with a spirit called the Golden Angel. Her powers are minor extra-sensory perception, including clairvoyance and precognition.

Other characters omitted from the comics include Clifton Graves, Blade, Hannibal King, Taj Nital, Deacon Frost, Harold H. Harold, Varnie, and Nimrod.

Tadaaki Yamazaki adapted the comics written by Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan, and Tom Palmer, which itself is based off the original story by Bram Stroker. All are given writing credits.

Toei Animation would go on to animate "Pryde of the X-Men".

The video originally appeared on the Japanese television network TV Asahi on August 19, 1980. It did not air in the United States until 1983.

When it left Japan and came to the Western countries, Robert Barron directed the English voice actors. He used many of the voice actors who would go on to appear in Robotech.

It was released throughout Europe in countries like France and the anime loving Spain. It was released by Mondo Home Entertainment with a dub by Oceania Film.


It is, at times, dark and creepy

Reviews for the movie are generally low. Critics generally point out lousy animation and terrible voice work, a common occurrence among anime at the time. They note numerous holes in the plot and logic of the film. It has been criticized for being marketed towards children while featuring a number of deaths, violent acts, and blood. Most feel the problems stem from Japanese filmmakers adapting a source not readily available in their country, and then translating it back improperly. They negatively refer to the 70s era clothing, music, and look. However, they do appreciate the more classical and moody music. Over the years it has gained a cult following.

A little too dark and too creepy

The review of Anime Bargain Bin Reviews said that he did not think the movie worked as children's entertainment. He thought it was too involved, wordy, and overwrought for them. Also the numerous deaths and large amount of blood made in inappropriate. He claimed the low quality of the film was an Internet legend. He felt many of the scenes were impossible to take seriously as it had terribly dodgy dialog. Meanwhile, several other scenes came off as unintentionally funny. He stated that the problems stemmed from one culture adapting a source that it did not fully understand what they were translating. He did not think the animation was of very good quality. He thought it was unintentionally humorous, particularly when Hans fights Frank. He thought it was full of dull talking and little action. He thought the character designs were uninspired. However, he did praise the score saying it fit well and was atmospheric, though he did not like the occasional disco tunes. He claimed that the movie was dull over all. "Fans of the Comic Book series would almost certainly be outraged and for everyone else it's just a long drag to the closing credits." [2]

While it's faithful to the look of the comics, it comes off as silly in animation

Justin Sevakis of Anime News Network called the film a spectacular disaster of a movie. Though never actually reading the comic book source, he felt that condensing years worth of comics into the video simply pointed out how bad the comic was. He felt it didn't have much regard towards continuity or logic, and that people didn't react realistically. He felt the dubbing was poor so people generally sounded bored. He didn't understand why Frank was asked to join if all he had to offer was martial arts. He felt the movie couldn't decide between things like whether Dracula was sympathetic or a murder, whether vampires were more human or more like zombies, and why vampire ailments still affect Dracula. Though he did fell sorry for Dracula when his son was shot and killed. He thought that adult Janus' costume looked like a bad 70s science fiction outfit. He didn't think the ending was satisfactory and would have preferred if it ended when Dracula lost his powers. Ultimately, he thought that the vampire hunters served no purpose in the overall story and could have been written out completely. He thought the animation was terrible. He claimed the narrator spouted mindless exposition. "Watching Dracula: Sovereign Of The Damned isn't just like watching a car wreck, it's like watching a slow motion oil-tanker-and-helicopter collision set to Rammstein music. It's a lot of fun, simply because every time you think it can't possibly get any dumber, it somehow manages to top itself. I can't imagine what it must have been like to rent this tape as a kid, but I'm pretty sure at least one older brother must have used it to make a sibling cry." [3]

If you can't pick out when this was made then you really don't know pop culture history

"Greboruri" of Lost World of Anime called it the worst anime he had ever seen and was terribly campy. While never having read the comics, he felt the movie made him want to avoid it. He thought the English voice acting was horrible, and was glad they skipped trying to do a Transylvanian accent with Dracula. He claimed the narrator was annoying and spoke lines that did not make much sense. He claimed many of the scenes were unintentionally funny, such as the wheelchair fight, battle with Satan, and especially the Dracula-Dolores romantic plot. He wondered why Dracula, if he was mortal at that point, would be burned by a cross. He also pointed out the absurdity of Dracula becoming a vampire once more by just reentering his castle. He felt the script, dialogue, and acting were substandard and generally awful. He wondered why Harmony Gold would change the names of characters, which were based off and American comic book. He was amazed at the amount of the blood, violence, and even partial nudity were in the video. Though he acknowledged that it had developed a cult following despite being not readily available. "Again I find myself questioning the sanity of those responsible at Harmony Gold who bought this piece of shit. I mean, Dracula falling in love and eating hamburgers? It's just mind numbingly stupid and dumb on so many levels. Did they just buy shows blind or what? There's no way I can recommend this show to anyone. It's so bad that you wouldn't want to inflict it on your worst enemy." [4]

The video has a 5.3 rating on the Internet Movie Database and is listed as the eighteenth worst anime on Anime News Network with a rating of 3.89.[5]


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