Doug Reisman
Doug Reisman SMTNAS.jpg
Real Name Doug Reisman
Team Affiliations Sigma Alpha Chi
Family and Friends Gary
Douglas Reisman is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man: The New Animated Series.

Douglas Reisman was a member of Sigma Alpha Chi at Empire State University.


Doug was everything Max wanted to be, good looking, well liked, and popular. He did all he could to be just like him. Max pledged the same fraternity and tried to suck up to him. What he did not realize, until it was too late, was that Doug had no respect for him all. Doug actually went out of his way to torture and humiliate Max, having his fellow members hit him with paintball guns, even putting his life in danger. When Max soon became Electro, he was attacked on sight as Electro shocked him, blaming him for becoming what he is before throwing him out a window. As Doug tried to recover, Electro made the same mocking remark he did to him. Doug was at first confused before realising who his attacker was before Electro attacked again, lifting him up and kept electrocuting him until he stopped moving and Electro let his lifeless body land on the ground.

Doug had a funeral after Electro's attack at ESU.


Doug was voiced by Jeff Fischer.

He is original to the series.

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