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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme).jpg
Real Name Stephen Strange
Alternate Identity Doctor Strange
Powers and Abilities Powerful magic, Fighting prowess
Team Affiliations Sorcerer
Allies Wong
The Ancient One
Family and Friends April Strange (Sister)
Gina Atwater

Doctor Stephen Strange, or simply Doctor Strange, is a master of the mystic arts and deals with many mystic threats. He is the most powerful sorcerer on the planet, thus called the Sorcerer Supreme.


Stephen Strange grew up loving his sister. However, she grew sick and when the doctors claimed she couldn't be helped he became a doctor to perform the operation himself. However, she died during the operation and he blamed himself. He later became an arrogant but highly qualified doctor who didn't care much for other people. He became more concerned with money and reputation than helping people. He worked with a Gina Atwater but they fought often on their ideologies.

One day he saw a group of sorcerers fighting a Chenoo but dismissed as an illusion. That night he was driving home when he saw the ghostly image of Camille Carranza, a patient he refused to help. The image caused him to crash. When he awoke he found that his hands had been badly damaged and he could no longer use them, thus he could no longer work.

He then traveled the world seeking doctors who could help restore his hands, though none could. Stephen then tried to kill himself but one of the sorcerers, Wong saved him. He told Stephen to head to Tibet for help.

Stephen did and found Wong who introduced him to The Ancient One and Mordo. Stephen expected a quick fix but they promised spiritual guidance. They had him perform menial tasks until he got fed up and left. Ancient One then told Stephen that his sister's death wasn't his fault and began to teach him sorcery.

Mordo tried to teach him but his anger almost killed him. Wong saved him and took over his training. Stephen was then taken to the Sanctum Sanctorum where he learned of Dormammu.

The sorcerers then fought against Dormammu's forces but Mordo turned against them. Ancient One and many of the sorcerers were killed. Stephen then confronted Mordo and easily beat him, but Dormammu killed him. Stephen and Dormammu fought and he eventually absorbed the demon.

Stephen then apologized to Gina in a dream. Then he went back to the Sanctorum with Wong who told him about Clea.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Strange controls high level magic and is a cosmic energy wielder able to generate a near infinite range of effects. The magic he uses allows him to shoot energy blasts, fly, and even enter barriers normal men cannot. He also has some physical prowess as he was able to overcome a man who had caught him with his staff.


Doctor Strange is voiced by Bryce Johnson.

In the Comics

Wong became Strange's assistant after he became Sorcerer Supreme. Wong didn't teach Strange the mystical ways.

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