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Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme
Doctor Strange The Sorcerer Supreme.jpg
Release date August 14, 2007
Rating PG-13 (MPAA)
PG (Singapore)
Director Patrick Archibald
Jay Oliva
Richard Sebast
Writer(s) Greg Johnson
Boyd Kirkland
Craig Kyle
Producer(s) Bob Richardson
Stan Lee
Editor George P. Rizkallah
Distributor Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Music By Guy Michelmore
Running Time 76 Minutes
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Stephen Strange is the best in his field, until an accident leaves him without the use of his hands. After searching the globe for a cure he finds help in the unlikeliest of sources: the ancient use of magic. He begins his training in the art of sorcery to combat the forces of darkness. However, when their enemies prove too much Doctor Strange will have to embrace his true destiny as the Sorcerer Supreme.


Creature Attacks

In the sewers, two technicians are running from something. They reach a ladder but one is dragged under the water. The other, Chuck, turns around to see the first pop up and then dragged away at high speed. Chuck climbs up after hearing a crunching noise.

So close to the surface

On the surface a third technicians hears the screams and runs over to the manhole. Chuck climbs to the opening desperately calling for help. The third technician grabs his hand but Chuck is suddenly pulled downward. After another crunching noise the asphalt underneath the technician begins to break apart with water shooting up.

The third technician runs to his utility truck and drives away before something explodes from the ground. Suddenly part of the back is crunched and the truck is dragged back by some unseen force. Part of the back end of the truck breaks off and the technician speeds away, driving past a group of five watching the whole thing.

The sorcerers have arrived

The unseen force crushes one of the cars. One of the five, Mordo, says that the beast is shrouded and tells another to use the Eye of Agamotto to see it. The other performs some magic and the amulet opens up to reveal an eye, which then superimposes itself on each of their eyes. A large four-legged creature then becomes visible.

Mordo performs some magic and conjures up a sword out of smoke. The beast throws a car at the group and all but one scatter, with the fifth shielding himself. The fifth performs some magic creating a trench between he and the beast, and a blast of energy comes up from the trench knocking the creature back.

Mordo lands on the beast and tries to stab it but the beast knocks him off his balance. The beast tries to use its tail to knock Mordo away but Mordo jumps and dodges it. The beast then tries to knock him out of the air but this time Mordo cuts the tail off, which then disappears into a puff of smoke. The creature then makes a run for it down an alley.

It is often better to fool the world with one disaster then let them know the truth of another

Another of the group, Wong tells Mordo they must not let it escape and conceals their efforts in another magic spell. This spell makes it appear as though a tornado is going down the streets, but is really hiding the creature. The tornado leaves the alley and knocks into a passing truck. The tornado goes down the street knocking away several cars, including a mother and her two children.

Meanwhile, Doctor Stephen Strange is driving his car and sees the tornado. However, he also sees the beast inside. He slams on his breaks as the creature runs into a construction site. He looks up and sees the five, seeming to appear and disappear, running after it.

Full of himself with good reason

The creature runs up a wall but Mordo jumps on its back. One of the five uses her ropes to capture it while Wong uses two swords to cut the hind legs off, which also disappear into smoke. As the creature falls Mordo stabs it in the chest and slams onto the ground. The beast lands behind him and disappears into a cloud of smoke.

Wong notes that this creature has come closer to the Sanctum Sanctorum than any other creature. However, Mordo does not care as long as the creature is dead. Mordo then disappears in a puff of smoke.

Strange sees something unbelievable

Strange has been watching from his car all this time. Then, Wong uses a spell so they disappear from his sight. Not knowing what to do Strange backs up and leaves. One of the sorcerers notes that Strange saw them even through Wong's spell.

Making Rounds

Strange arrives at his hospital, called Wellhaven when Cory starts talking about all his patients. However, Strange is only there to do rounds and doesn't want to be bothered. Cory tells him about a Miss Latansie but since she has only a fairly substational deductible, modest income, and nothing a medical journal would be interested in Strange does not want to treat her. Cory tries to get him to take her but Strange slams the door in Cory's face spilling his papers.

Getting confronted by the boss

In his office Strange looks at a picture of he and his sister April when Oliver, the hospital's administrator, walks in the door. It seems Oliver has a problem between some of his senior staff, as some people want to strangle Strange. A Doctor Gina Atwater has seen Oliver several times to complain about Strange.

Oliver knows Strange and Gina had a personal history but Strange argues it has nothing to do with that. Gina has been calling Strange to the coma ward for consults but Strange ignores her. So she then goes to Oliver and Oliver has to go to Strange. Oliver just wants the bickering to stop and the two to work together. Strange agrees to schedule her in but Oliver says she's waiting now, and then leaves.

Special Cases

Not a welcoming face

Strange enters the coma ward to find Gina at her desk. Gina is surprised that Strange would bother to come down and Strange reminds her that the hospital hired him to handle special cases. He says that the special cases bring recognition and thus money to keep the hospital running. Gina wonders if Strange cares about patients anymore but Strange claims caring is a luxury he cannot afford, as he gets the hopeless cases. This is why Gina needs him.

Gina shows him Camille Carranza, a twelve year old. Strange doesn't treat children but Gina contends it is a special case. Gina introduces Mrs. Carranza, who only speaks Spanish and her son to Strange as the finest neurosurgeons and a specialist in aberrant brain maladies. The son translates for his mother.

Showing up Doctor Strange

Strange asks what symptoms Camille had before losing consciousness and the brother said she had nightmares. Strange says she needs a psychoanalyst as he's not a dream-reader. Gina then shows that it's her brain in addition to the nightmares. She shows him a scan of Camille's brain seven days ago and Strange notes an embolism. She shows him another scan from that morning showing that eight more embolisms appeared in a week. Strange has never seen anything like this but Gina has. She opens a curtain to reveal that the coma ward is packed with children showing similar conditions.

Strange examines Camille by opening her eye to see the contraction of the iris, noting the pupillary response as something is going on in her mind. Suddenly the girl jumps up and grabs his shoulder. The world around Strange goes dark as he sees flames rise up. And out of the flames appears a demonic looking head. When the vision stops Strange asks Gina what Camille saw in her nightmares. Gina claims it was always a burning face.

Can't help? Or won't?

Strange leaves the coma ward immediately. Gina follows berating him for not helping children and his tired of the hospital feeding his ego. Mrs. Carranza follows begging Strange to help her daughter. However, Strange claims he cannot help her daughter.

That special bond between a brother and sister

Strange returns to his office and looks at the picture of his sister and younger self. He then flashes back to a time when she was putting on make up and posing in front of a mirror in her room. The younger Stephen grabbed her lipstick and smeared it all over her lips. The two ran into the hallway and wrestled until April grabbed her head and fell down.

Strange opens his eyes in the present and leaves. Strange drives near a bridge while listening to a news report about the last tornado being the third in the last month. He also listens to a report about two missing city workers while driving through a tunnel. When his radio clock turns to 12:00 midnight the radio cuts out.

Camille's not-so-friendly visit

Strange looks in his rearview mirror to find he's being chased by fire and the demon head. When he looks behind him there is nothing there. He slams on his breaks and spins out of the tunnel. Strange then sees a large group of ghostly looking children standing in the road, one of them being Camille.

The cruel irony

He hits Camille but she floats above his car. Suddenly her face turns into a skull and she disappears. Strange's car hits a guardrail and falls over the side, hitting a large tree branch on the way down. The airbag inflates as he crashes down the side. The last thing Strange sees before he passes out is his right hand.

Needing Options

Doctor Stephen Strange looses the delicate use of his hands.

Strange wakes up to find Gina in the hospital room where he is resting. Strange asks about the children but Gina says there weren't any, it appeared that Stephen just lost control. Gina says that since Strange has been under for three days he must just be confused. She also says that Strange will be okay. But when he lifts his hands he notices that they are wrapped in bandages, with the fingers grouped together.

Strange then demands to see his chart. Gina doesn't want to but Strange demands it. She relents and sits down to hold it up for him. After reading it Strange realizes what has happened. Gina says he can still be a doctor but Strange knows he'll be lucky to open a door. Gina tries to help but Strange tells her to leave.

Strange has a secret admirer

Outside Strange's room Gina bumps into Wong, who excuses himself and leaves.

A taxi pulls up outside a building and Strange walks out. A doorman helps Strange into his building. Outside his home Strange cannot get the key into the hole. He tries it with both hands but fumbles and it drops. The door opens and the doorman lets Strange in.

Failing to perform even the simplest of tasks

Later Strange wipes off the steam from his mirror. His hands are still bandaged but his fingers are individually wrapped now. He puts some shaving cream on his face and tries to hold a straight razor to shave. However, he cannot stop his hands from shaking and he drops the razor. In anger he pushes everything off the counter.

Later Strange calls Oliver with a headset wanting to know if there's anyone that can help. Oliver says that people will take his money but that doesn't mean they are able to help. Strange doesn't care how expensive or experimental a procedure might be. Oliver relents and tells him about a doctor in Berlin.

Last Resort

Even the God of Thunder cannot help Strange

Strange heads to Berlin and the doctor explains how expensive it will be but he goes through the procedure. Later he is seen reading articles on the subject of nerve reattachment. Elsewhere he is taking X-Rays of his hands. In Sydney a doctor tells him the damage it too severe. Strange tries a specialist in Hong Kong who tries acupuncture. By now he has grown a full beard.

Strange loses his lovely home

Soon Strange begins to run out of money and cannot pay the bills for all these treatments. He writes checks but soon his credit begins to decline. Eventually he leaves his home and begins living in a rundown hotel. He calls Gina on a pay phone in the hallway asking for Oliver but he's busy. In his grief he cannot even put the phone back on the hook.

While walking down the street Strange recalls all the people telling him that he is out of options and that there is nothing they can do.

Losing all hope

Strange goes to the bridge near to where he had his accident. He looks over to the city shrouded in fog and at the traffic as it passes. When no one is around Strange falls off the side. Strange plummets to the ground but as he nears the ground he slows and gently sets down. He looks around and spots Wong, who tells him that he can be healed in Tibet. Wong gives him a map and disappears.

In a Parking Garage Stephen surprises Gina. She is initially shocked but realizes it is him. He asks for her help to get to Tibet. She wonders why but helps anyways.

The end of one era and the beginning of another

In Tibet Strange wanders through the snow following the map. He tries to climb up a rock face but slides down. He continues up anyways. When he gets to the top the map blows away in the high winds. He shouts in anger but soon realizes he has made it somewhere. He goes to the temple doors and knocks. Wong opens and lets him inside.

New Journey

Inside they see Mordo training several people. They walk past him into the presence of The Ancient One who stands on the other side. Mordo follows them in and Wong tells Strange to do as he does and the two bow. Mordo walks around them and stands as if guarding the Ancient One. Strange grows impatient and asks about the cure but Mordo pushes him back. The eye on the Ancient One's amulet closes and he begins to speak of spiritual guidance.

Strange enters a strange new world

Strange doesn't want that so the Ancient One tells him his journey in in vain, and turns around to reveal he has been sitting and hovering the entire time. Ancient One drops to the ground and walks away. Strange tries to follow but is grabbed by Mordo. Strange begs for help and Ancient One lets him stay. Wong leads him out while Mordo appears to have his misgivings about Strange.

Wong leads Strange to his room, one that is empty except for a rug. Strange asks where he is to sleep but Wong says comfort is a privilege he must earn. He also says Strange will start working in the morning.

If Wong can teach Mordo he can teach Strange

Downstairs Wong sees a group of sorcerers head off to battle more Shadowhounds. Mordo does not think Wong can come since he is training Strange. Wong reminds Mordo that he did everything he needed to when teaching Mordo.

A Shadowhound stalks Central Park as the group of seven sorcerers appear. A pack of Shadowhounds suddenly appear and attack the group. Mordo tells them to run. One of them is tackled by several hounds and Adena fires a magic blast at them. Other members of the group also fire on the hounds. One uses a spell to make vines that snag and destroy some hounds. The woman with the rope swings it around destroying several of the hounds before she is tackled by one. The hounds then begin to destroy the lampposts cutting out the light.

Surrounded but not outmatched

With his sword Mordo destroys several of the hounds. Another sorcerer keeps destroying them until they surround him. The remaining five sorcerers gather around a single lamppost and prepare for battle. When the light bulb goes out Wong casts a spell illuminating the entire area, revealing they are completely surrounded by hounds. Mordo charges into battle.

Life Trial

At the temple Strange wanders and finds the Ancient One. He tells Strange to scrub the floors. When Strange asks how he is to hold the brushes Ancient One tells him that is between Strange and the brushes.

Wong, Mordo, a woman, and two injured men enter the hallway by magic. Ancient One approaches and asks where the others are. Wong tells him that though they fought bravely they were lost. Mordo tells him that the creatures are growing more confident. Ancient One believes that they are seeking their master, Dormammu, and that his influence is growing stronger. Wong contends that it is impossible as the dark dimension remains sealed. Ancient One believes Dormammu knows something they do not.

Elsewhere, Strange has strapped the brushes to his hands and is scrubbing the floors. The group walks by and Wong notices the man's struggle. After dark Strange goes back to his room and notices that someone put the picture of he and his sister next to the rug. Strange collapses in exhaustion and stares at the picture.

Stephen won't let anything happen to his sister

He falls asleep and dreams of his sister sitting in a waiting room. She overheard Stephen and the doctor arguing through the door. Stephen knew April won't survive without surgery but the doctor didn't believe she has much of a chance with it. Stephen stormed out and told April he's not the right doctor, like the last three. He then told her in six months he'll be a doctor and could perform the surgery himself.

The next day Strange is using a sledge hammer to knock down a wall. He puts the rubble into a bucket and tries to carry it away but falls down. He then puts a rod on his shoulders and carries two buckets on each end. He does this until he completely knocks the wall down.

Not the healing Strange asked for

One night he returns to find a blanket in his room. The next morning he finds the wall completely rebuilt. Strange collapses and is approached by Wong. He tells Wong that his hands are getting worse and wants to know when he can use them again. Wong tells him that the healing isn't about his hands. In anger Strange leaves.

As Wong watches him the Ancient One tells him to let him go. Wong does not believe Strange will survive but Ancient One says it is his choice. As it grows dark Strange collapses into the snow, with the temple still in sight.

Truth Awaits

Something happened to Stephen's sister

Strange dreams of when his sister went in for surgery. April was scared but Stephen comforted her. Before going down he joked that she needed more lipstick. He promised that she would be all right as she finally went down. Later the operating table was empty and Stephen was crying. He picked up a tray of tools and threw them across the room then punched the wall. He collapsed and looked at the table.

Ancient One gives Stephen a little push in the right direction

Suddenly the Ancient One appears in the dream. He tells Strange that this is the wall he must tear down. He must realize that his sister could not be saved. He tells Stephen that not all lives are meant to be saved. Strange does not want to believe but the Ancient One leaves saying that the next move is his.

Strange finds himself standing in the snow facing the temple, with a streak of grey in his hair. Ancient One also wakes up with Wong at his side and begins coughing. Wong looks out and sees Strange, knowing that Ancient One helped him.

Strange returns to breaking the wall. The Ancient One looks on and tells Wong that Strange is ready. That night Strange returns to his room to find a steaming hot tub of water waiting for him.

It doesn't matter what Mordo thinks, as long as he does what he's supposed to

Meanwhile, the Ancient One uses the Eye of Agamotto to see that two Chenoo have appeared and are advancing on the Sanctum from opposite sides. Mordo wants to assemble teams but Ancient One says it will take all of them to stop one. Mordo believes they are strong enough but Ancient One tells him to obey his commands.

Controlling Forces

Outside the Sanctum Mordo disobeys and divides the group into two teams.

In Tibet Strange continues tearing down the wall. He pulls a large cube off the wall and onto a platform, then drags the platform away. He slips and falls while the Ancient One approaches. Stephen gets up and tells him how difficult it is. Ancient One tells him that it is only difficult because Strange tells himself it is, stating that to the 'chosen few', things such as weight and solid mass, like that of the stones, are irrelevant. He demonstrates this by picking up the rope with one hand and effortlessly dragging the platform as if it were weightless.

Throw's Einstein's principles out the window

Ancient One tells him that he will help Stephen carry the stone. Strange drags the platform as if it were weightless, while Ancient One has not even touched the rope. When Strange notices this, Ancient One says that since Strange believed it was weightless it had no weight. Ancient One then conjures up a sword from air. When he hands it to Strange and asks him if it where real, it vanishes into thin air in Strange's hands, causing him to state that it is doesn't look like it. When Ancient One conjures up another sword, he slices the stone in half with a single swing and then throws it at Strange, who catches it between his hands. It only stayed when he believed it was real.

Ancient One explains sorcery as wielding the energy in matter, which therefore makes limitations irrelevant. As this happens, Stephen's hands and fingers glow with blue energy and he finds that can move them again, while the suddenly the wall disappears. Ancient One states this as Stephen having finally 'accepting the unacceptable' and tells Stephen it is time for him to see what lies beyond the wall.

Fighting Wars

Two tornadoes travel through the city. Suddenly the side of a building bursts out as a Chenoo comes through. One sorcerer tries to shield himself but is stomped on by the creature. Mordo conjures a sword while Wong conjures a spear as the two run across the rooftops. They jump down and begin stabbing at the creature. It goes through a building knocking Mordo off. On the other side Mordo gets back on as the creature continues running. However, the hide is so thick that his sword disappears into smoke.

Mordo asks too much of his companions

He spots Blue and Demara and tells them to throw up a containment spell. Wong does not believe the two are strong enough to stop it and tells them to get out of the way. However, Mordo believes it will work. Mordo conjures up a larger sword and breaks through the hide. It hits the spell and stops, but the force of its charge breaks through killing Blue and Demara.

The creature falls at the foot of the Sanctum and disappears. Just then the two see the other tornado and the Chenoo coming right at them. One sorcerer knocks it sideways into a building while another grows vines to trap its legs and eventually its entire body. The first sorcerer uses a spell to powerfully punch the creature, but it breaks free and bites him throwing him like a ragdoll.

The protective spell wears off and Wong catches him in mid-air. Mordo comes down and kills the creature with a single blow. The ragdoll sorcerer is injured but will be fine.

Ancient One's not happy with Mordo's judgement

Later, Ancient One berates Mordo for losing so many lives. But Mordo contends that they are fighting a war and he did what they had to do be victorious. Mordo believes that Ancient One should step down as his time is drawing near. He believes that Dormammu knows this and that is why he is attacking so much at this point. He feels a warrior should be put in charge. However, Ancient One believes they are protectors not warriors. Ancient One then states that the position of Sorcerer Supreme will never belong to Mordo, as his recent actions have proven.

Ancient One promises to give the position to someone who does not seek it, and it is Mordo's job to train him. After Mordo leaves, Ancient One falls in another coughing fit. Wong apologizes but Ancient One assures him he was misled. He also feels that Mordo must be watched.

Absorbing Magic

The next day Mordo is training Strange in sword combat. Strange no longer needs bandages. Mordo pushes Strange back but Strange continues to defend himself. Eventually Mordo grabs Strange's arm making him drop his sword and pushes him to the ground. Then Mordo picks him up and slams him against a statue. Mordo then throws Strange towards the edge where Strange catches himself at the last second.

Casual training becomes a fight to the death

Mordo comes closer with his sword ready and attacks. Strange climbs up and dodges several of his attacks. He then conjures up a sword to defend himself. Mordo continues pushing until Strange is on the ground. However, the area around them swarms with energy and the sword disappears. The smoke is absorbed into Strange's sword and Mordo is pushed back.

Strange apologizes but when Mordo gets up he conjures two axes and comes at him. Mordo jumps up but is caught by Wong's smoke. Mordo breaks free but Wong materializes between the two. Wong reminds Mordo that he is to train Strange, not kill him. However, Mordo contends that a Sorcerer Supreme must be able to defend himself, then walks away.

Strange asks what Mordo meant but Wong dismisses it. Wong says that Strange has a unique gift to absorb magic, which is only granted to a few individuals. Because of Mordo's outburst Wong will take over Strange's training.

Trouble Arriving

New day, new trainer, new techniques

Wong begins training Strange in the ways of martial arts. He goes from mirroring Wong's movements to sparring with four at once. Mordo watches his training with interest.

In his room Strange manipulates a single drop from a bucket of water into a mirror. He inspects his face then manipulates another drop into a straight razor and begins shaving his beard.

The Ancient One meditates and notices something with the Eye. Strange, with his hair cut and his beard shaved into a goatee, wanders through the halls until he spots the other sorcerers. He asks Wong what is happening and Wong says that the Ancient One will explain once they reach the city. Strange wonders how they will get there when the students begin disappearing into a portal.

At the Sanctum Strange wonders why they didn't teleport him to Tibet this way. Wong explains that he couldn't until now. The group follows the Ancient One up a series of stairs. Ancient One explains that there are different dimensions existing on Earth, and that they each have a gateway to the Sanctum. Mordo takes the lead and opens the door to reveal a vast space beyond, the Nexus. The Nexus is where all dimensions cross over and the scorcerer's are there to protect it. When Strange asks Ancient One tells him of Dormammu.

The door seems so small

They enter the Nexus to find themselves surrounded by portals. The Ancient One, Wong, Strange, and Mordo float over to a single portal. Ancient One explains that Dormammu is a creature of corrupted magic existing in a dark dimension.

When Ancient One begins coughing Wong explains that thousands of years ago Dormammu broke into this dimension and seized the Nexus, giving him control over all other dimensions. Dormammu's creatures ruled over the world. Ancient One was the one who drove Dormammu back into his own world and sealed the portal. They have since slain of the creatures save for the Wing Mark. The Wing Mark will only return on the day of Dormammu's return. However, the Wing Mark is on its way there.

Strange touches the barrier to ensure that it is there. Dormammu cannot break through the barrier but his influence on the creatures is unmistakable. Somehow Dormammu is still coming through.

Windows of the Mind

His world is filled with the debris of such things as planes, statues, and buildings. On one platform there is a large group of ghostly children, including Camille. Dormammu then flies towards the barrier.

Dormammu pops in to say hello

Strange feels something and Ancient One tells him to back away. Suddenly Dormammu rushes the barrier, makes an appearance, and leaves. Strange then reveals that he has seen that face before. It is the burning head Strange saw when he examined Camille. He goes on to say that many children had similar visions. Ancient One explains that children can sometimes see through to other dimensions and Dormammu must have learned to use that.

If Dormammu finds enough minds to pass through he can enter our dimension. Mordo suggest killing the children but Ancient One tells him that would never be an option. Strange then suggests that he can wake them up, which would cut off Dormammu's escape. Strange heads off to the hospital and Mordo follows in case a warrior is needed. Meanwhile, Ancient One and Wong stay behind to defend the Sanctum. After they leave Ancient One hands the Eye off to Wong.

Though it is late at night Gina is hard at work when she notices Stephen and Mordo. Stephen then uses a spell to make her fall asleep. Stephen checks the records and finds that not only has the amount of patients tripled but every coma ward is filled to capacity.

He can save her, now

Strange examines Camille and sees into Dormammu's world. A ghostly Strange walks up to a ghostly Camille as Dormammu approaches. The two disappear and Camille wakes up in the real world. Strange then begins doing this with the other children.

At the Sanctum the Ancient One meditates and the other sorcerers prepare. Suddenly Ancient One detects the Wing Mark, a swarm of flying mouths that head towards the Sanctum.

Dealing with the devil

At the hospital Strange saves more children while Mordo watches. Mordo looks to a boy still in a coma and then appears in Dormammu's realm. Dormammu appears before him and Mordo makes him an offer. Because the Ancient One has "turned away from" Mordo, he offers his services to Dormammu. Dormammu threatens to trap him but Mordo claims that Strange will only release him like the children. Dormammu then ask what it is Mordo wants.

City Scare

The dreaded Wing Mark

A car accident blocks an intersection. A taxi cab driver looks in his mirror to see the Wing Mark flying through the city. The swarm fly into the cab and eat the driver until nothing is left but bones. The Wing Mark continues through the city eating more bystanders.

At the hospital Strange as awoken another child. They watch has he moves on to the rest. However, the ones he has not gotten to yet suddenly open their eyes and sit up. Strange believes that Dormammu is making his move and asks for Mordo's help. The children all stand up and leave the coma ward.

Mordo embraces the Dark Side

Strange turns to see Mordo conjuring up a sword and attacking him. Strange is then blasted through several walls. Mordo goes to inspect and after being satisfied leaves. A mark then burns itself into his forehead. Wong appears in a puff of smoke alongside Strange. He then explains to Strange that Mordo has joined Dormammu.

The Wing Mark continue on their way to the Sanctum. One sorcerer uses a spell to turn an ordinary tree into a large barrier that blocks and stabs much of the swarm. However, some stabbed Wing Marks turn into smaller ones and devour the sorcerer.

The last stand of the Ancient One

The Ancient One tells Miro and Adena that the creature has come. Ancient One moves to the top of the tower while the rest of the sorcerers defend the bottom. The Wing Mark surround Ancient One but do not come close. When they close in Ancient One begins twirling his staff and destroying several of the swarm. Part of the swarm forms a giant hand and attacks a sorcerer. He defends himself but the swarm overpowers him.

Ancient One continues to defend himself but grows noticeably bloody. He then jumps down to help Adena. They both put up a barrier to protect themselves but Adea is overpowered and consumed. The swarm then turns its full attention on Ancient One. In an impressive display of power Ancient One destroys the remainder of the swarm.

The betrayal of Mordo

Exhausted, Ancient One falls to the street. Just then Mordo approaches. Ancient One realizes what Mordo has done but is cut down by Dormammu's new lap dog.

Wong and Strange appear at the Sanctum but find Ancient One already dead. Wong cradles his master's body but Strange knows they need to find Mordo. Wong hands him the Eye of Agamotto as it is the only way to find Mordo. Strange argues that it is only for the Sorcerer Supreme but Wong agrees. Strange does not want it but that is why it is his destiny.

Must Be Stopped

The children line up before Mordo

The children, now walking as zombies, wander through the streets to a central point around Mordo. He stops the children has he senses the presence of Strange. Strange walks out from the shadows with Wong behind him and confronts Mordo. Mordo sees the Eye and attacks with his sword.

However, Wong stops the attack while Strange does not even move a muscle. Mordo summons his sword to him and attacks, while Wong makes his sword double sided. The two fight while Strange goes to the children.

Dormammu is released

Strange sees flames coming out of their eyes, noses, and mouths. Suddenly they all open their mouths and fire shoots at Strange. He shields himself but the flames suddenly rise up into the air. They form a vortex and Dormammu's face appears.

Strange makes a fool of Mordo

During the fight Mordo jumps on Wong's head and cuts his chest. Wong falls to the ground and Mordo goes to making a finishing strike. Strange stops him in the nick of time. Mordo goes to attack but Strange stops his attack with a spell then blasts him back. Strange conjures his own sword and easily, and one-handed, defends himself. As they lock swords Strange turns them both into bats. Mordo charges but Strange hits him with a blast of energy.

Mordo flies to the foot of the vortex. Mordo gets up but is grabbed by Dormammu. Since Mordo has failed Dormammu consumes him. Dormammu then goes to attack Strange and Wong. Strange defends himself and Wong but the attack is too great. Dormammu then takes the Eye and leaves. The children all wake up and wonder where they are. Wong tells Strange to follow.

Dormammu arrives at the Sanctum. He melts the gates then enters the building. Suddenly the entire area is consumed in a large fireball, with spirits traveling in every direction. Dormammu then tells the spirits that since the gateway is open they can feast and multiply in this world.

Doctor Strange embraces his destiny

Just then Strange steps up to confront Dormammu. Dormammu asks who he is and Strange replies that he is the Sorcerer Supreme. Strange then conjures up a rain cloud to put Dormammu out. Despite the heavy rains Dormammu easily breaks apart the cloud.

Dormammu then rains fireballs down on Strange. Strange is knocked back by one but before he can get up he is knocked back by another. Strange does manage to deflect the next fireball. Strange then summons an icy wind to stop the fires. Dormammu tries another fire attack but Strange defends himself. As the flames overwhelm Strange Wong arrives and gives Strange a message.

The Sorcerer Supreme takes the powers of a god

Wong says that Dormammu is a creature of pure magic and Strange can use that against him. Strange manages to close the Eye and bring it back to him, where it opens up again. He uses the eye to absorb all the magic that Dormammu is using against him. Strange absorbs all of Dormammu's flames until nothing is left. Then the remainder of Dormammu disappears into a cloud of smoke.

Smoke is everywhere and many of the surrounding buildings are in flames. Wong tells him that is not what he meant. Strange notes that the creatures Dormammu released are still out there.

Giving Back

Strange apologizes for being such a jerk

Gina sits in a field reading a book when Strange walks up to her. He offers her his hand and she stands up. Strange apologizes and tells her she was right. It is time he started giving back. She then notices that his hands are perfectly healed. Gina doesn't understand but then she wakes up at her desk surrounded by the woken children.

Doctor Strange lets go of the past

Strange stands at the grave site of April Strange. Strange is now fully garbed in the Sorcerer Supreme's robes. Wong stands behind him. Wong asks if Strange is all right and he answers that he is. Finally able to let it go, Strange walks away.

At the rebuilt Sanctum Strange asks Wong how it goes with scouting for new recruits. Wong tells him there are several promising people, including one woman named Clea. The two walk inside and Strange magically closes the door behind them.


"Frank, what the hell was that thing!?"
"I don't know. Run!"

-Sewer technicians, first lines of the video

"There's something down here! Get me out! Get me out! Help!"


"The beast is shrouded. Use the eye."

-Mordo, first line

"It has tasted flesh. We must not let it escape."

-Wong, first line

"What the hell!?"

-Stephen Strange, first line

"No beast has ever come this close to the sanctum before. Mordo, does this not concern you?"
"The creature is dead. I will leave the worrying to you."

-Wong and Mordo

"He saw us?"
"Through your spell?"
"It would appear so."

-Sorcerer and Wong talking about Stephen Strange

"Uh, Miss Latansie, acute aphasia, migraines, facial nerve paralysis. Referred by the Third Street Clinic downtown."
"Well, their deductible's fairly substantial, but..."
"Modest. Ok, low, but..."
"Cory, you have screened these cases, haven't you?"
"Yes, but..."
"Would a medical journal be interested in Miss Latansie?"
"No, but..."
"Then neither am I."

-Cory and Doctor Strange

"Stephen. Good. When I saw Cory sulking outside I knew you were in."

-Oliver, first line

"That woman has issues."
"Yes, she does. And they're all with you."

-Stephen Strange and Oliver about Gina Atwater

"I can't believe it. The great Dr. Strange has descended from his lofty tower to slum in the coma ward."
"Don't get used to it. This hospital didn't hire me to handle ordinary cases."
"I almost forgot how grumpy you get when you miss your morning coffee and colonic."
"Let me clarify the economics for you, Gina. Sensational patients bring recognition. Recognition brings money. And money keeps Wellhaven's doors open. You should be thanking me."

-Gina Atwater, first lines, and Stephen Strange

"The nightmares. What...what did she see?"
"What did she see in her nightmares?"
"A face. She always saw a burning face."

-Stephen Strange and Gina Atwater

"I am sick of this hospital feeding your monster ego. It's time you start giving back."

-Gina Atwater to Stephen Strange

"Lipstick? Since when does my little sister wear lipstick?"
"Hey, give it back, moron."

-Young Stephen Strange and April Strange, first line

"In today's top story, the third tornado this month strikes the city in an escalation of violent... And in other news the fate of two city workers remains a mystery as an unexplained blast..."

-News Reporter

"The children..."
"The ones in the road. Did I... hit any of them?"
"Stephen, there weren't any children. Witnesses say you just lost control."
"No, I...but I saw..."

-Stephen Strange and Gina Atwater

"Oh God."

-Stephen Strange at seeing his broken hands

"Listen, Stephen, nothing is absolute in the world of medicine. You know that."
"Save it. I'll be lucky if I can open a door, let alone hold a scalpel."
"You're still a doctor, and you don't need a scalpel to heal people."
"You think I had this coming, don't you?"
"Stephen, please."
"Just go."

-Gina Atwater and Stephen Strange

"Oliver, there's got to be someone."
"There's always someone who will take your money, Stephen, but that doesn't qualify them to treat your hands."
"I'll take that chance! I don't care how experimental or how expensive. I need some options. Please. Help me."

-Stephen Strange and Oliver

"Dr. Strange."
"Who's there?"
"I am Wong."
"How do you know my name?"
"I know a great deal about you, what you have been through, and what you are attempting to do now. Do not lose hope, Dr. Strange, for healing awaits you."
"In Tibet."
"Tibet? How am I supposed to get there? I have nothing."
"You have all that is needed, and this will guide you there."

-Wong and Stephen Strange after his attempted suicide.

"I made it."
"One journey ends as another begins."

-Stephen Strange and Wong

"How long must I wait?"
"Be patient. An audience with the Sorcerer Supreme is an honor that cannot be rushed."

-Stephen Strange and Wong

"All I want is the cure I was promised."
"You can only heal the wounds of the flesh once you have healed the wounds of the soul."

-Stephen Strange and The Ancient One

"Spiritual guidance? That's what you're offering me? But he told me you could fix my hands."
"I cannot. For the cure you seek is within you."
"I don't understand."
"Then you have made this journey in vain."

-Stephen Strange and The Ancient One

"Where am I supposed to sleep?"
"Here." [Points to the floor]
"On the floor?"
"Comfort is a privilege. One that is earned."

-Stephen Strange and Wong

"What has happened?"
"I will accompany you."
"Oh? And what of your duties as nursemaid?
"Even when I was your nursemaid, Mordo, I still accomplished all that was required of me."

-Wong and Mordo

"Stay in the light. That is where they are most vulnerable."

-Wong on Shadowhounds

"How do we lure them out?"
"We already have."

-Female Sorcerer and Mordo

"So we wait. When we can smell their breath,only then do we strike."


"You want me to scrub the floor?"
"I would do it, but I am an old man."
"I don't understand. How am I supposed to hold the brushes?"
"That is between you and the brushes."

-Stephen Strange and The Ancient One

"The creatures move with increasing confidence."
"They seek their master, and Dormammu's influence grows stronger by the day."
"How is that possible? I have seen the gateway. The dark dimension remains sealed. Dormammu has not come through."
"Yes, but I fear he knows something we do not."

-'Mordo, The Ancient One, and Wong

"Doctor, she will not survive without surgery."
"And there's little hope that she'll survive with it."
"Let me tell you something. Hope is the only thing keeping her together. I'm not letting you take that away."

-Young Stephen Strange and Doctor

"What'd he say?"
"Forget him. He's not the right doctor for you."
"You've said that about the last three."
"Listen to me, April. We're gonna wait six months. By then, I'll be your doctor, and we'll deal with this once and for all."
"You're gonna be my doctor? Ah man. Now I'm really in trouble."
"Wait until you get my bill."

-April Strange and Young Stephen Strange

"Look, I don't know why you think this is helping me, because it isn't. My hands... are getting worse!"
"They should not be the measure of your progress."

-Stephen Strange and Wong

"This is not about your hands. It never has been."
"No, listen to me. I am a doctor. I need my hands."
"No. You do not."
"Then there's no reason for me to be here."

-Wong and Stephen Strange

"Okay, April. You should be feeling a little more relaxed."
"I'm not scared."
"You shouldn't be. Because I'm gonna take care of you."
"How do I look?"
"You could use some more lipstick. Okay, we're ready. Now when you wake up you're gonna feel a little groggy but you'll be all better."
"I am scared."
"April, you're gonna be fine. I promise."

-Young Stephen Strange and April Strange


-Young Stephen Strange after April Strange died

"Love... loss... pain. They are stones in the wall that block your path, Stephen."

-The Ancient One in Stephen Strange's dream

"See the wall for what it is, and then tear it down. For the truth is waiting."
"What truth?"
"That your sister could not be saved."

-The Ancient One and Stephen Strange in Stephen Strange's dream

"You are a natural healer, Stephen. But not all lives are destined to be saved. It was out of your hands."
"I don't believe it."
"And that is what has chained you to this place. Accept the truth and break free. You stand at the foot of the wall. What is your next move?"

-The Ancient One and Stephen Strange in Stephen Strange's dream

"You helped him?"
"Just a little."

-Wong and The Ancient One

"He is ready."

-The Ancient One

"It will take all of you to stop even one. Begin with the nearest threat and then move on to the next."
"But Master, I believe we are strong enough to engage them on both fronts."
"Believe what you will, but do as you are commanded."

-The Ancient One and Mordo

"Not quitting. Just resting."

-Stephen Strange

"How do you do these things?"
"By learning to accept the unacceptable."

-Stephen Strange and The Ancient One

"Matter is energy, which is all around us. Sorcery is simply the art of wielding that energy."

-The Ancient One

"Control the forces around your hands and limitations become irrelevant."

-The Ancient One

"So many innocent lives, and four of our own. Our brothers. Our sisters. Their bodies lie at your feet, Mordo."
"We were victorious. The Chinou were slain and the Sanctum was defended. I regret nothing."

-'The Ancient One and Mordo

"I am sorry for my part in what has happened, Master."
"You were misled, my son."

-Wong and The Ancient One

"Have you ever held a blade in your life?"
"To save lives, yes. But not to take them."

-Mordo and Doctor Strange

"What is difficult is the ability to absorb Mordo's magic and then turn it against him. A unique gift granted to very few."


"What just happened? We're here. That's all it takes. You had me trek all the way to Tibet when you had a back door the whole time?"
"You could not have gone this way until now."

-Doctor Strange and Wong

"The space we occupy here on Earth is shared by many others. Entire worlds. We are not aware of them for the exist in separate dimensions. However, each dimension has a gateway. One that leads only to this place: the Sanctum Sanctorum. It is called the Nexus. The center of all other dimensions. As sorcerers it has become our duty to defend it."

-The Ancient One

"He consists of corrupted magic and dwells in the dark dimension. A world consumed by his brutal appetite."

-The Ancient One on Dormammu

"Did you feel it?"
"Step away from the Nexus, Stephen."
"But if he answers here, then we..."

-Doctor Strange and The Ancient One

"What was that?"

-Doctor Strange and Wong

"Yes. The answer is there. In dreams, the pure mind of a child can sometimes see through the veil of other dimensions. Dormammu has found a way to reach through that veil."

-The Ancient One

"You dare enter my realm?"
"I come to offer my help."
"Why turn away from the Ancient One?"
"Because the Ancient One has turned away from me."
"I could imprison you here... like the children."
"Then Doctor Strange would then release me, like the children."
"And what is it you offer?"

-Dormammu, first lines, and Mordo

"I see you have found your true place, Mordo, as the lap dog of Dormammu."

-The Ancient One, last line

"Master! No! No! Not my master."

-Wong after finding Ancient One's body

"So, the torch has been passed. And now it will be extinguished."
"Not before the Ancient One is avenged."

-Mordo and Wong

"Bow to the true master, Strange."
"My master is dead."
"And you will soon follow."

-Mordo, last lines, and Doctor Strange

"You have failed me."

-Dormammu to Mordo

"Come. The gateway is now open. Spread into the night. Feast. Multiply. For this world is ours."


"Who are you?"
"I'm Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme!"

-Dormammu and Doctor Strange

"You are a child fighting a god!"


"Stephen, listen to me. Dormammu is a creature of pure magic. Use that against him!"


"You wield the power of a god? Then give it to me... ALL OF IT!"

-Doctor Strange

"No! It's not possible!"

-Dormammu, last line

"Well, that is not what I meant. But nice work, Stephen."


"The creatures. They're still out there."
"And we will have long days ahead."

-Doctor Strange and Wong

"Stephen? You look... You look great."
"Things have changed for me."
"I'm so glad. But how did you know I was here?"
"You always come here, Gina."
"Wait. Your hand. It's healed. How did it..."
"It's a long story. But I want you to know that you were right. It is time I start giving back."
"I don't understand."
"You will."

-Gina Atwater and Doctor Strange


-Gina Atwater, last line

"Are you alright?"
"Yes. I am."

-Wong and Doctor Strange

"How's the scouting been going?"
"Very good. I have discovered several new prospects. Young, but very promising. One in particular. A woman named Clea."

-Doctor Strange and Wong, last lines of the video


  • Although not directly stated the city is probably New York City, as that is where the Sanctum Santorum is in the comics and all other media.
  • Mordo does not use his title of Baron. He may not have the title or simply does not use it.
  • One of the pictures on the wall in Strange's office is from the 1978 Doctor Strange movie.
  • Gina Atwater was created specifically for the video.
  • A colonic is a colon cleaning.
  • In the flashbacks Stephen has a soul patch.
  • Though not directly stated April has a brain tumor.
  • Strange hears the news about the tornado at 11:59 PM, according to the clock in his radio.
  • According to the news report, in the month before Strange's accident there were two more creatures that the sorcerers fought before the one seen in the prologue.
  • Strange drives a stick shift.
  • The radio station Strange listens to in the tunnel is 98.5 FM.
  • It is difficult to determine just which bridge Strange was near when he crashed. Based on the size of the towers and surrounding area it is most likely the Manhattan Bridge.
The man with the cane is secretly the Norse God of Thunder
  • As Gina bumps into Wong the announcer pages a Dr. Donald Blake. Dr. Blake is the "secret identity" of the Marvel Comics superhero Thor. Additionally, just as Wong walks away a young man needing a cane walks by. In the comics Dr. Blake needs a cane. Typically he is one of the best in his field as Strange is. Later when Strange goes to see the different doctors the one in Australia is Blake, as it is the same cane shown.
  • The article Strange reads after the procedure in Berlin is titled "NEW STRIDES IN THE FIELD OF NERVE REATTACHMENT".
  • Strange tries to write a check to a Dr. Abraham Cornelius. In the comics Dr. Cornelius was associated with the Weapon X program and the creation of Wolverine.
  • The check is dated April 11, but no year. It is for four hundred five thousand, nine hundred ninety 00/100 dollars. The check number is :11509671413 :15736 1235. It is for "Medical Treatment".
  • Strange's apartment's address is 1075.
  • The moving company Strange uses is M M Movers.
  • First speaking role for the Ancient One. He appeared in the Spider-Man episode "Doctor Strange" but did not speak.
  • According to the official website there are a total of eleven sorcerers training under Ancient One including Mordo, Wong, and Ancient One.
  • The sorcerers can defy gravity to an extent, performing levitation and even air running in the process, despite in the comics, only Strange with his Cloak of Levitation can perform such feats. It is possible this ability is connected somewhat to the Ancient One's demonstration of defying weight.
  • Wong's dialogue would suggest he was among the group before Mordo.
  • In the comics, Clea is Strange's apprentice and lover.
  • In the trailer there is a line not seen in the movie. It shows Ancient One saying "The position of Sorcerer Supreme was destined to be yours." Presumably said to Stephen.
  • Bryce Johnson went on to play another famous Marvel doctor: Bruce Banner in Hulk Vs.
  • This video is listed as Earth-2772.


  • Throughout the film the mouth movements do not always match the sound.
  • During the attack on the sewer technicians there is a single frame where the helmet light emits two distinct beams.
  • What witnesses saw Strange crash? It was midnight and the road was completely empty. The only ones around were the ghostly children.
  • Gina's nail color constantly changes throughout the video.
  • When Strange is making out the check the ink moves independently of the pen movement.
  • Strange's hair color changes between his attempted suicide and when he meets Gina for no apparent reason.
  • Stephen's eye color changes between green and brown in the operation scene. Throughout the film they are usually green.
  • Although it keeps the film out of time, most tombstones have a birth and death year on them.
  • The subtitles on the DVD incorrectly spell the Chenoo as Chinou. The film's official website provides the correct spelling.


Meeting Stephen before Tony


The vile villain
Actor Role
Bryce Johnson Doctor Strange
Paul Nakauchi Wong
Kevin Michael Richardson Mordo
Michael Yama The Ancient One
Susan Spano Gina Atwater
Jonathan Adams Dormammu
Fred Tatasciore Oliver
Additional Voices
Tara Strong April Strange
Additional Voices
Josh Keaton
Phil LaMarr
Masasa Moyo
Additional Voices


See also Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (Video) Full Credits.

Job People
Distributor Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Producer Marvel Studios
In Association With MLG Productions 4, INC.
Editor George P. Rizkallah
Composer Guy Michelmore
Music Supervisor David Ari Leon
Voice Director Jamie Simone
Executive Producers Avi Arad
Craig Kyle
Eric S. Rollman
Co-Executive Producer Stan Lee
Producer Frank D. Paur
Screen Story Greg Johnson
Craig Yost
Screenplay Greg Johnson
Directors Patrick Archibald
Jay Oliva
Richard Sebast
Supervising Director Frank D. Paur
DVD and Blu-Ray Package Design Steve McNiven


The DVD cover. Blu-ray looks the same

The DVD and Blu-Ray were released on August 14, 2007. The features on the DVD and Blu-Ray include:

  • "Best of Marvel Video Game Cinematics" featurette and select scenes. This includes a video montage of extraordinary CGI cinematics, as well as thirteen select scenes from both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. Containing over twenty minutes of content, this unique feature brings forth a wealth of content that would normally only be available to gamers who've played through the Marvel/Activision titles.
  • "Who is Doctor Strange?" featurette. Classic "Doctor Strange" scribes explain the creation and development of the surgeon turned hero. It explores how the animated feature spins the magic in the fourth installment of Marvel's film series. The featurette includes interviews with Stan Lee, Steve Englehart, J.M. DeMatteis, Eric Rollman (executive producer), Frank Paur (supervising producer), Greg Johnson (screenwriter) and Craig Kyle (executive producer).
  • Doctor Strange Concept Art. Presented along with music and dialogue from the movie, this cinematic featurette showcases original sketches and design materials created for Doctor Strange.
  • First Look at Avengers Reborn feature (later retitled Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow). What legacy will the Avengers leave? And will their successors be able to fill the shoes of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Executive producers Eric Rollman and Craig Kyle, director Gary Hartle, and screenwriter Christopher Yost present a first look at Avengers Reborn, the next Marvel/Lionsgate animated film. Complete with storyboards, production stills and character designs, get a glimpse at what happens when the Avengers leave the retirement home in this futuristic look at the classic heroes and their heroic children.
  • Trailer Gallery. Trailers for other Marvel animated features as well as select Lions Gate films.
Steve McNiven final pencils

The video format is Widescreen (1.77:1). The DVD audio contains English and Spanish Dolby 5.1 and 2.0, while the Blu-Ray audio contains English 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio and English and Spanish 5.1 Dolby® Digital Surround EX™ Audio. The feature runs for seventy-six minutes.

The movie was released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment in the United States and Maple Pictures in Canada.


The preview as seen on the Ultimate Avengers II DVD.

The trailer.


Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme is the fourth direct-to-video from Marvel Animation and Lions Gate Home Entertainment. It also called simply Doctor Strange.

Writer Greg Johnson previously worked on The Incredible Hulk, X-Men: Evolution, Ultimate Avengers, and Ultimate Avengers II so Avi Arad asked him to work on this project. He and Craig Yost felt that the first story idea was good but not a Doctor Strange story, so the two reworked it into this film.

The element of Strange's sister was added to help explain why he was a jerk before his accident. Johnson felt that the reason would make him more likable.

Johnson wanted to include Clea but felt they couldn't properly include her. So they made her into a single reference.

The script was finalized and storyboards were done before The Invincible Iron Man was finished.

The artwork was influenced by Steve Ditko's and Kevin Knowland's run on the Doctor Strange comic.

The use of computer generated imagery was decidedly less for this movie than it was The Invincible Iron Man. However, much of the magic was animated traditionally.

Answer Studio worked on the project in their first non-Disney feature. Ironically, Disney would later buy Marvel and all its property.[2]

In the comics, Strange did not learn martial arts from the Ancient One's teaching, only magic. He did learn martial arts but not from Wong.

In the comics, Wong was always an apprentice to Strange, never his teacher. Also, Wong is typically bald.

The writers say that Strange's motivations as a doctor to only choose the impossible cases are so that if he succeeds he is praised as a hero but if he fails no one can blame him.

Concept art showed Dormammu as being more of a Devil-looking figure with large bull-like horns.

The images during the credits are those of the comics.

Steve McNiven, who drew the Marvel Civil War, did art for the DVD.

The film was screened at Comic Con in 2007.

At the screening at Comic Con, writer Greg Johnson said he wanted to do a movie on the X-Man Gambit while Supervising Producer Frank Paur wanted to do one on Namor the Sub-Mariner. They also admitted to never watching the 70's live action movie.[3]

In an interview, Greg Johnson said he would like to do an origin story of Captain America.

The MPAA rated the movie PG-13 for action violence and some frightening images.

Future Doctor Strange movies, if any, will explore Strange's exploration of magic and growing abilities. Greg Johnson feels they would then have to give him more definite limitations. However, following Marvel's purchase by The Walt Disney Company there have been no further plans for another animated Doctor Strange movie.

After the movie was released Greg Johnson was approached by a physician who praised him for the medical aspects of the story. He claims it was due to the television series ER.


Critical reaction to the film has been mixed but is generally favorable. Some enjoy the changes to the character's backstory while most felt that fans would be disappointed. The visuals and audio quality are commonly praised. Though some note some problems with the second act and the lack of development in Dormammu. Many critics feel that the movie is true in spirit to the comics.

Reaction to the DVD presentation has also been mixed, though for many of the same reasons. Many do not like the lack of extras, with the most interesting ones being the documentary on the comic book character and preview for the next movie. Some feel the inclusion of video game cinematics is unnecessary and out of place. Critics commonly point out the superior audio and visual presentation, while noting some small slip-ups.


James Harvey of Marvel Animation Age said that his only previous knowledge of the character came from Spider-Man and a couple of comic books. He was initially indifferent to the project but became excited after seeing the first preview. He does say that the movie lived up to the expectations, improving upon the mistakes of previous releases. He said it may be hard to identify with Strange at first but the story got him engaged in the character. He felt it did not drag in places like The Invincible Iron Man and that it was tightly paced. He thought it was a bit unbelievable that Strange so easily accepted his surroundings instead of being more in awe. He liked Strange's flashbacks and the “Hell Yeah!” moment of Strange facing off against Dormammu. He said that Bryce Johnson and Kevin Michael Richardson were perfectly fit in their roles. He particularly liked the changes to Wong, such as turning him from a manservant to an ally and giving him hair. He felt this was the first time he really got to know the character. He liked the visuals but felt the CGI did not blend well and sometimes the lips did not match the sound. He greatly enjoyed Guy Michelmore's score. "The movie is just fun, and tight from start to finish. The movie even has a few scares, a shock or two, and a couple great nods to the comic fans ("Paging Dr. Donald Blake" is my personal favorite). [...] Of course, the main attraction is the feature itself, and you should base your purchase on that, with the extra features a nice bonus for the fans. I just wish there was more, though. [...] This is probably the best Marvel Animated DTV to date. The creative team is improving with each feature, learning from past mistakes and applying that forward, and it really shows here. [...] Doctor Strange will not disappoint. It's a great movie for either the Marvel newbies or Marvel Zombie. The creative team obviously care about doing the character justice, and it’s quite apparent here." He did say that some fans may be disappointed with the changes to the character. "As lame as this pun in, I will say that, yes, the doctor . . . is in. Make an appointment with Doctor Strange!" [4]

Stu of Marvel Animation Age was initially skeptical of a Doctor Strange movie as he believed other heroes deserved a movie more, and that the character and villains work better as supporting characters rather than on its own. However, the first preview and Comic Con buzz got him to see it. He called it one of the best from Marvel Animation yet. Though not one for magic, he was intrigued by the character. He said the casting was good and the music was better than the flatter version of the previous movies. He claimed the role was the best of Kevin Michael Richardson's career and stole the show. He enjoyed the character models. He liked how Mordo looked and was glad they skipped on the cape. He did point out that the other sorcerers were pretty bland and served no purpose other than to die. He liked this version of Wong as he had a more human touch, and gave someone for Strange to talk to other than his teacher. Though he did not care for Wong's design as he seemed fat. He liked that Dormammu was a better villain than the Mandarin in The Invincible Iron Man. He liked the final battle between Mordo and Strange but felt the villain had a disappointing demise. He claimed that besides the odd slip-up the animation looked stunning. "Overall, the film isn't perfect, but Strange is an incredibly difficult character to 'get' and the team arguably did a better job than anyone before them. There's a few minor disappointments but there's a lot of good in here, certainly worth picking up. This comes recommended from me."[5]

Christopher Monfette of said he also never followed Doctor Strange before but the movie "actually represents a dynamic, finely-produced introduction to the world of the good doctor." He said that the movie was skillfully drawn, had strong voice acting, a gripping story, and pulse-pounding battles. He said the story was archetypical and straightforward. He said the actions scenes were effective, the choreography was beautiful, and emotionally resonant. Expert filmmaking moves the movie beyond other animated direct-to-video features. However, he said the middle section drags a little. He also points out the lack of awe as Strange discovers his surroundings, and that he too easily accepts his role as the hero. He gave the movie an eight out of ten. "But taken as it is - a 'hero's journey,' comic-book, magic-filled adventure film - Doctor Strange is certainly capable of curing the worse disease of all…boredom. So take up your cloak, fire off a few incantations and check out this magical DVD."[6]

Adam Arseneau of DVD Verdict said that Doctor Strange is a difficult character to write as he often ends up as a deus ex machina for the other characters. He said that the magical swords gave them some kind of limit but felt that was untrue to the characters. He noted the differences to the characters, and while they may anger fans, were true in spirit. He claimed that Doctor Strange probably works best in animation, better than he ever could in live action. "The animators make full use of the medium, making Doctor Strange visibly splendid and striking in its action sequences". The animation looks like a good blend of Japanese anime and American animation. He said it was fun but nothing groundbreaking. He claimed it hit all the required canon points but did not warrant repeated viewings. The style was good but nothing beyond a Saturday morning cartoon show. He said the voice acting was passable, with Dormammu being pitiful but Mordo was "awesomely bad-ass." He did not that not all the dialogue matched the lip movements. He did feel the third act was rushed but overall the movie could have been a lot worse. "Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme fails to live up to its narrative potential, but sharp animation and a great technical presentation make this DVD a solid rental for the comic book fan. The rushed ending leaves the door open for many more sequels, as all straight-to-DVD moneymaking projects ultimately must, but I'd be inclined to give future installments another look. It's not a disaster by any stretch of the means, but Doctor Strange does kung-fu, carries a sword, and looks like a Russian tsar in a velvet smoking jacket. You take the good with the bad, I suppose."[7]

Blake Matthews of Blogcritic said that his only complain was that while the movie set up Strange so well it spent almost no time on Dormammu. He felt it was true to the comic. Despite him not being a fan of the character, he found the movie to be fun. He liked that the animation focused on traditional 2-D animation instead of 3-D computer generated animation. He gave the film a rating of B+. "Fans of the previous Marvel films, animation based on comics or the supernatural will enjoy this film."[8]

Nick Lyons of DVD Talk, being a fan of the original comic book character, did not like this version. He gave the content two stars, the video four stars, audio five and a half stars, extras four stars, and replay value two stars; each out of five stars. Ultimately he advised to skip it. He disliked that Strange's change from a cocky, confident jackass to "emo wimp." He felt the backstory with the sister was useless and Bryce Johnson was lifeless. He complained about the fact that the other sorcerers were nameless side characters meant only to die. He wished that Mordo and Strange, being rivals in the comics, had more time together. He did like the visuals but felt they did not do justice to the comic books. "Comic book fans looking for a faithful adaptation of 'Dr Strange' will sadly be disappointed by this animated feature. For a superior Marvel animated movie, I'd advise checking out the first 'Ultimate Avengers'." [9]

The movie has a 6.6 rating on the Internet Movie Database. Among the community, it has a 58% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has four out of five stars on Amazon.


James Harvey of Marvel Animation Age liked the menu system, calling it the best from the Marvel animated films up until then. He said the visuals and digital transfer was better than The Invincible Iron Man and the video is just solid. He pointed how the amount of details in the sound and called it sharp and clear. However, he called the special features a letdown, particularly that there are so few of them. He said the video game cinematics looked great, but were useless without context and out of place on the DVD. He enjoyed the Doctor Strange featurette but wished it was longer and contained more details. He enjoyed the preview for Avengers Reborn but acknowledged that not all fans would enjoy the film itself. Overall he wished there were more features, such as an audio commentary track.[10]

Christopher Monfette of gave the video an eight out of ten saying that the animation was vibrant and simple. Things looked real when they were supposed to and magical when they were supposed to. He gave the audio an eight out of ten saying the audio was surprisingly effective and had some nice touches throughout. However, he gave the extras only a six out of ten claiming that only one had to do with the movie itself. He said the documentary on Doctor Strange was good but brief, while the rest was simply filler. Overall he gave the film an eight out of ten. "An exciting, impactful, well-directed and beautifully illustrated film based on a lesser-known comic-book icon. The doctor, most certainly, is in…Go and see him." [11][12]

Adam Arseneau of DVD Verdict noted that the animation looked great despite a few flaws. The audio is good and immersive. He noted that the extras were okay but nothing special.

Blake Matthews of Blogcritic said that the documentary on Doctor Strange was good for those not versed in the comics. His favorite feature was the preview of Avengers Reborn, which as a fan of the Avengers made him excited.

Nick Lyons of DVD Talk felt the video quality was not exceptional but good. He felt the audio really transported the audience into the world of the characters. He did not like the selection of trailers, like the inclusion of Delta Farce. He liked the preview of Avengers Reborn. He also felt the discussion of the comic book Doctor Strange was more interesting than the movie itself.


The live-action Doctor Strange film released in 2016 from Marvel Studios borrowed many changes from this film.

  • The live film's Christine Palmer has the same role as this film's Gina Atwater.
  • Dormammu's primary minion on Earth is a former disciple of Ancient One who feels disillusioned with their teacher.
  • The Ancient One's disciples travel across the world to stop Dormammu's forces.
  • Mordo and Wong train Strange.
  • Mordo has darker skin than his comic counterpart, who in the comics is originally of Transylvanian descent.
  • Mordo turns against the Ancient One due to Strange's actions. In the comics, he always planned to kill his teacher.
  • Dormammu is the main villain using minions on Earth.
  • Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to defeat Dormammu.
  • Ancient One's death prompts Strange and Wong to become the protectors of the Sanctorum. In the comics, Strange and Wong protect the Sanctorum while Ancient One is still alive and they assist each other for years until Ancient One's physical death.


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