Doctor Octopus
Doc Ock Attacks Spider-Man Trailer SMITSV.jpeg
Members Otto Octavius
Doctor Octopus (Alternate Universe)
Doctor Octopus (Spider-Woman Universe)
Former Members Olivia Octavius
Doctor Octopus is from the Non MAU film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Doctor Octopus is a moniker used by several individuals across the multiverse. They are often the enemy of Spider-Man.



Otto fought with Spider-Man many times. Miles Morales had an action figure of the Otto Octavius version of Doctor Octopus in his dorm room.

Olivia used her powers while working at Alchemax. She fought with several versions of Spider-Man while attempting to create an interdimensional portal for Kingpin. During a fight with numerous Spider-Men she was hit by a train her portal brought in and presumably killed.

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