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Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom AEMH.jpg
Real Name Victor Von Doom
Alternate Identity Doctor Doom
Powers and Abilities Doctor Doom Armor
Allies Lucia von Bardas
Iron Man

Victor von Doom, better known as Doctor Doom, is the sovereign ruler of Latveria. He was one of the first to be aware of the invasion of Earth by Skrulls.


Little is known about the early history of von Doom, but he always encountered the Fantastic Four. At one time he rocketed the Baxter Building into space.

Doom sent Lucia von Bardas to make a deal with A.I.M. to acquire Stark Industries technology. However, the deal was interrupted by Iron Man.

He later discovered that the alien race called the Skrulls were secretly invading Earth and that some of the planet's heroes were replaced. He sent his Doombots to kidnap Wasp and Invisible Woman from the Baxter Building and Avengers Mansion.

The Fantastic Four and Avengers teamed up and stormed his castle. However, after discovering that Invisible Woman was a Skrull he let both women go.

Later, he invaded Stark's home and gave the Avenger a chip that could detect hidden Skrulls. When Stark asked him to help, Doom replied that he would stop the invasion but for whatever reason would not help the Avengers.

He was later attacked by the Avengers when they were under the control of Purple Man.

It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


Doctor Doom was voiced by Lex Lang.

"Emperor Stark" is based on a story titled Emperor Doom where Doom uses Purple Man to take over the world.

In the Comics

Doom had no significant role during Secret Invasion.

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