Doctor Doom
Doom (SHSS)
Alternate Identity Doctor Doom
Family and Friends Cynthia von Doom (Mother)
Physical Therapy
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Doctor Doom is the leader of the villains in Super Hero City.

Doom wears a hooded green cape and full battle armour and mask. It seems that the mask is a hereditary quality when Doom's mother is shown wearing a similar mask except with lipstick.

When he attempted to steal the Infinity Sword, Iron Man foiled his plans and the Infinity Sword broke apart into the Infinity Fractals.

He is always seen with M.O.D.O.K.. Although he dislikes his subordinates for their incompetence and failing him everytime.

He also seems to have a psychological problem whenever he is around his mother.

Later, Doom is locked in jail and is kept in isolation until Captain America decides to move him into another cell with M.O.D.O.K. He is also sent to psychologists ward to try to change his villainous ways.


Doctor Doom is voiced by Charlie Adler.

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