Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four (1978)).PNG
Real Name Victor Von Doom
Alternate Identity Doctor Doom
Powers and Abilities Doctor Doom Armor
Doctor Doom is from the Non MAU series, Fantastic Four.

Doctor Doom is the ruler of Latveria and the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.


While in college, Victor Von Doom and Reed Richards were classmates. One day while conducting an experiment it exploded and scarred his face. Doom was then expelled from school. Doom traveled the world eventually making his way to Tibet where he met some monks. The monks took Doom in and he started to study sorcery. Doom then created a suit of armor. Victor Von Doom, now going by Doctor Doom, then returned to his homeland in Latveria and became its monarch. Doom then set out to conquer the entire world.

Several years later Doctor Doom had the Fantastic Four captured and brought to Castle Doom in Latveria. Even though Doctor Doom was wealthy he still needed massive amounts of money to fund the construction of his Doombot army. Doctor Doom wanted the Fantastic Four to use his time machine to go back in time and steal Black Beard's treasure. At first the Fantastic Four refused. However, the Fantastic Four went back in time when Doctor Doom had Invisible Girl locked in a cell and threatened to harm her. After some searching the Fantastic Four found Blackbeard's treasure and returned to Doctor Doom's castle in the present. Doctor Doom then had Invisible Girl released from her cell. However, when Doctor Doom opened the treasure chest he learned that Mister Fantastic had replaced the treasure with a bunch of rocks. Doctor Doom then had one of his Doombots attack the Fantastic Four. However, the Doombot was defeated. The Fantastic Four then went after Doctor Doom, but he was able to escape.

Doctor Doom later returned and told the Pentagon that he wanted total control over the U.S. military or else he would destroy the country. However, Doom's demands were refused. Because the U.S. refused Doom's demands, Doom was able to turn off the power all across the country. The Fantastic Four later caught up to Doctor Doom and Mister Fantastic Challenged Doctor Doom to a battle of brains. Mister Fantastic got a machine that would measure each of their intelligence. Doctor Doom believed he had beat Mister Fantastic. Because of this Doom no longer wanted to take control of the U.S. armed forces and returned to Latveria. However, Mister Fantastic revealed to the Fantastic Four that he had only pretended to lose knowning that he would return to Latveria.


Doctor Doom was voiced by John Stephenson.

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