Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four (1967)).PNG
Real Name Victor Von Doom
Alternate Identity Doctor Doom
Powers and Abilities Doctor Doom Armor
Allies Lizard Men of Tok
Doctor Doom is from the Non MAU series Fantastic Four.

Doctor Doom is the ruler of Latveria and the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.


Early life

While Victor Von Doom was in college he met Reed Richards. Reed tried to be friendly to Doom, but Doom was arrogant and believed that everyone else was below him. Victor use to conduct strange experiments in his dorm room. When Reed looked at Doom's notes he noticed that his calculations were off and tried to warn Doom. However, Doom did not listen to him and continued with his experiment. Reed was right and the experiment blew up and scared Doom's face. Because of the explosion caused by the experiment Doom was expelled from the university. A few days later the bandages around his face were removed and Doom realized just how bad the scarring was. Doom then swore that he would get revenge on Reed Richards.

After Doom was expelled from school, he traveled to the mountains of Tibet. Doom passed out due to the extreme cold, but he was found by monks who took him to their temple. Doom learned the ways of sorcery and black magic from the monks. Doom became so powerful that eventually the monks worshiped him. The monks then forged Victor an armored suit and then took the moniker of Doctor Doom.


Doctor Doom later contacted the Fantastic Four and predicted that he would remove the heart of the Fantastic Four (Invisible Girl), remove the Fantastic Four's greatest strength (Thing), and that he would "conquer all." Doctor Doom later kidnapped Invisible Girl and told the world leaders to turn complete power over to him or else he would destroy all major U.S. cities with a man made tidal wave. Later, Doom was able to take away the Thing's powers and captured Mister Fantastic and Human Torch. However, Thing was quickly able to regain his powers. The Fantastic Four were able to stop Doom from creating a tidal wave. However, Doom was able to escape.

Doctor Doom later built a shrink ray and tested it on himself. Doom shrunk to microscopic size and discovered a Micro World. The king of Micro World then appointed Doctor Doom as his Royal Scientist. With this position, Doctor Doom was able to build another shrink ray. Doom then used the shrink ray on the king and his daughter, Princess Pearla making them even smaller. Doctor Doom then shrunk down the Fantastic Four and brought them to the Micro World. Doom then captured the Fantastic Four and revealed that be as going to give them to the Lizard Men of Tok so they could be their slaves. Doctor Doom was also planning to shrink the entire population of Earth and make everyone on the planet his slaves. However, Doctor Doom was defeated by the Fantastic Four and they returned to normal size.


Doctor Doom was voiced by Joseph Sirola.

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