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Doctor Doom
Real Name Victor von Doom
Alternate Identity Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom is a villain from the Non MAU Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes series.

Victor von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom, is leader of Latveria and adversary to the Fantastic Four.


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As a diplomatic figure he has diplomatic immunity and therefore cannot be arrested by the American police for crimes committed in the United States.

He switches bodies with Reed Richards. While switched Reed-as-Doom destroys the Doombots and removes the mask. They eventually switch back where Reed tells Doom that his insecurities are Doom's greatest adversary.

Alternate Version

Doom once went back in time and changed the past. In the new timeline he was ruler of the planet and the Fantastic Four never existed. This was erased by the intervention of the Fantastic Four.


Doctor Doom is voiced by Paul Dobson.

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