Debra Whitman
Debra Whitman
Real Name Debra Whitman
Team Affiliations Empire State University
Family and Friends Flash Thompson (Boyfriend)
Peter Parker
Curt Connors
Michael Morbius
Mary Jane Watson
Martha Connors

Debra Whitman is a student at Empire State University, intern to Dr. Curt Connors, and both friend and rivalry to Peter Parker.


Debra is the "little sister" Peter never wanted. They both go to Empire State University and work for Dr. Curt Connors. Debra is just as smart, possibly smarter, than Peter and maintained a friendly rivalry with him. She developed a crush on Michael Morbius, though he showed interest in Felicia Hardy. She also had a crush on football star Flash Thompson and he eventually returned them making a relationship. After Morbius disappeared she began to party, so much that even Flash felt they should study instead. Eventually Debra went back to her studies after she helped Mary Jane Watson and Martha Connors use the Neogenic Bomb to stop Lizard and save Spider-Man.


Debra Whitman was voiced by Liz Georges.

In The Comics

She had a brief romantic relationship with Peter Parker.

She was able to deduce Spider-Man's true identity, though she thought she was delusional.

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