Death's Head Guards
Real Name Death's Head Guards
Powers and Abilities Flamethrowers, Enhanced Strength, Heads Up Display, Scanning Capabilities
Allies Red King
Death's Head Guards is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.

Death's Head Guards are powerful robots designed by Red King specifically to handle the Spikes. However, their role was later expanded to deal with any and all threats to the Red King, including possible revolutionaries. They spend their downtime in a large storage facility where their "dreadlocks" are hooked into their stalls to keep them continually powered up in cast of emergency.


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They first became known to the world of Sakaar during the Spike Wars when they emerged to deal with the threat in An-Sara. Caiera, who had just killed her entire family, was glad to see the robots and Red King. However, Hiroim of the Shadow Priesthood criticized the priesthood's stance on Red King as the Sakaarson as he felt the Death's Head Guards did most of the work.

They were later recalled to deal with the reemergence of the Spike threat when Hulk and his Warbound friends were at An-Sara. Red King dropped a Death Fire Bomb on the city while the guards cleaned up afterwards.

When Red King was defeated by Hulk he called on the guards to come rescue him. However, Caiera, betrayed by the Red King, used on last Spike spore to infect him. The guards arrived but only recognized their master as the enemy and destroyed him.


In the comics, 300 Death's Head Guards crashed on Sakaar. Their lead unit was destroyed by Red King's father, Angmo, and the remaining units pledged their allegiance to him. Their ship was later transported to Crown City where it became the palace.

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