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[[File:Morph_as_Deadpool.jpg|thumb|Morph Changing Into Dead-Pool]][[File:Wolverine_and_Deadpool_HV.jpg|thumb|Wolverine & Dead-Pool]][[File:Deadpool_Fine_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Secret Ending]][[File:Deadpool_On_Hulk_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Covering Hulk's Eyes]][[File:Deadpool_Wolverine_HV.jpg|thumb|NOLAN NORTH]][[File:Deadpool_Swords_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Joins The Fight]][[File:Deadpool_Tranq_Dart_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Holding A Bullet In His Hand]][[File:Deadpool_Defeated_HV.jpg|thumb|All Dead-Pool's Parts In Hulk Vs. Wolverine]][[File:Hulk_Smacks_Deadpool_HV.jpg|thumb|Hulk Smashes Dead-Pool]][[File:Deadpool_Heals_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Putting His Arm Back On]][[File:Deadpool_Finds_Professor_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool And Omega Red]][[File:Deadpool_Fires_Guns_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Shooting]][[File:Deadpool_Missing_Arm_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Lost His Arm]][[File:Deadpool_Says_Hi_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Shot Wolverine In Back]][[File:Deadpool_MAXM.jpg|thumb|deadpool]][[File:Deadpool_Nightcrawler_MAXM.jpg|thumb|dead &crawler]][[File:Deadpool_Threatens_Bruce_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Trying To Kill Bruce Banner]][[File:Deadpool_Strangled_HV.jpg|thumb|Omega Red Choking Dead-Pool]][[File:Deadpool_On_Hunt_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Ready For Battle]][[File:Wolverine_Throws_Deadpool_HV.jpg|thumb|Wolverine Throwing Dead-Pool]][[File:Deadpool_Elkford_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool In Wolverine's Mind]][[File:Deadpool_Early_Team_X_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Trying To Shoot A Baby]][[File:Deadpool_HV.jpg|thumb|Dead-Pool Character Trophy]]
| name = Deadpool
| image = Morph as Deadpool.jpg
| real = Unknown
| alt = Deadpool
| xm = {{eps|Deadly Reunions|Whatever It Takes|The Dark Shroud}}
| other = {{C|Deadpool|hv|Hulk vs Wolverine}}<br>{{C|Deadpool|maw|Marvel Anime: X-Men}}<br>{{C|Deadpool|usm|Ultimate Spider-Man}}
Little is known about the figure known as '''Deadpool'''.
He apparently has ties to the [[mutant]]s [[Wolverine]] and [[Sabretooth]], possibly connected to [[Weapon X]] in some way.
Professor [[Charles Xavier]] saw a vision of Deadpool along with [[Maverick]], a [[Talon]] robot, [[Mystique]], and [[Omega Red]].
[[Morph]] knew about Deadpool. He morphed into the figure in order to taunt Wolverine, who tracked him to an underground mine.
When Xavier's dark side came out, he used the image of Deadpool to taunt Wolverine.
The character of Deadpool never actually appeared himself. He only appeared in memories and when Morph transformed. Even then, he is never named.
This is Deadpool's first version outside of the comics. The {{C|Deadpool|wxm|character}} itself would not appear until {{hvw}}.
===In the Comics===
His name is Wade Wilson.
While not technically a mutant, got powers from Weapon X that include teleportation and a much more advanced healing factor than Wolverine's.
Modeled his costume after [[Spider-Man]].
Knows he is in a comic book and breaks the fourth wall.
Has joined the [[X-Men]], [[S.H.I.E.L.D.]], and [[Frightful Four]].
Has teamed up with [[Cable]].
==External Links==
*[ Marvel]
*[ Wade Wilson (Earth-92131)] at Marvel Database
*[ Wade Wilson (Earth-616)] at Marvel Database
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Morph as Deadpool

Morph Changing Into Dead-Pool

Wolverine and Deadpool HV

Wolverine & Dead-Pool

Deadpool Fine HV

Dead-Pool Secret Ending

Deadpool On Hulk HV

Dead-Pool Covering Hulk's Eyes

Deadpool Wolverine HV


Deadpool Swords HV

Dead-Pool Joins The Fight

Deadpool Tranq Dart HV

Dead-Pool Holding A Bullet In His Hand

Deadpool Defeated HV

All Dead-Pool's Parts In Hulk Vs. Wolverine

Hulk Smacks Deadpool HV

Hulk Smashes Dead-Pool

Deadpool Heals HV

Dead-Pool Putting His Arm Back On

Deadpool Finds Professor HV

Dead-Pool And Omega Red

Deadpool Fires Guns HV

Dead-Pool Shooting

Deadpool Missing Arm HV

Dead-Pool Lost His Arm

Deadpool Says Hi HV

Dead-Pool Shot Wolverine In Back

Deadpool MAXM


Deadpool Nightcrawler MAXM

dead &crawler

Deadpool Threatens Bruce HV

Dead-Pool Trying To Kill Bruce Banner

Deadpool Strangled HV

Omega Red Choking Dead-Pool

Deadpool On Hunt HV

Dead-Pool Ready For Battle

Wolverine Throws Deadpool HV

Wolverine Throwing Dead-Pool

Deadpool Elkford HV

Dead-Pool In Wolverine's Mind

Deadpool Early Team X HV

Dead-Pool Trying To Shoot A Baby

Deadpool HV

Dead-Pool Character Trophy

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