Deadpool's Chimichangas
Deadpools Chimichangas CMCG
Real Name Deadpool's Chimichangas
Allies Deadpool
Deadpool's Chimichangas is from the Funko Universe short Chimichangas.

Deadpool's Chimichangas is a business owned and operated by Deadpool that serves chimichangas.

Deadpool operates the business out of a food truck. The logo for the business is his own personal logo based off his mask.

Deadpool Chef CMCG

According to the menu, the various chimichangas he serves include Hot Chimichanga, Cold Chimichanga, Wide Chimichanga, Super Hot Chimichanga, Loud Chimichanga, Sharp Chimichanga, and 4th Wall Chimichanga. He lists his side dishes as Sour Wolverine, Slice, Stab, and More Chimichangas.

Food Truck Dented CMCG

Deadpool drove his food truck to a freeway interchange to confront the rampaging Venom. Venom tackled Deadpool and the two fought inside the truck, knocking the truck upside down. Venom pounded Deadpool into the walls denting the truck outward.

Venom Truck Burp CMCG

After Deadpool was thrown out he fed Venom a chimichanga filled with jalapenos. Venom ate it and burped fire. The force shook the truck and the back doors exploded knocking the pans, utensils, and food out the back.

It is unknown if this is a real business or if it was simply part of an elaborate ploy when he confronted Venom.

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