Days of Future Past
DOFP Xavier Sentinels WXM.jpg
Real Name Days of Future Past
Alternate Identity Alternate Future, Dystopian Future
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Sentinel
Master Mold
Family and Friends Age of Apocalypse
Days of Future Past is from the Christopher Yost Animated Universe.

The Days of Future Past is an alternate future where Sentinels destroyed most of the organic population and destroyed almost every trace of civilization.


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The path to this dystopian universe began when the Inner Circle captured the X-Man Jean Grey. They took the Phoenix Force from and the Stepford Cuckoos used Phoenix to destroy vast cities, including Genosha. The United States government used Sentinels to attack the mutant population while Magneto used his own Sentinels to attack normal humans. Both sides nearly destroyed each other leaving the world in ruins.

Twenty years later, Charles Xavier awoke from a coma and found the world in ruins. He used a damaged Cerebro to contact the past and inform his X-Men on how to prevent it. He was eventually captured by Sentinels and formed a new X-Men. He eventually met Wolverine and a group of X-23s and they destroyed Master Mold.

Because of Xavier's interference into the past, the X-Men stopped the Cuckoos and prevented this future. However, it was changed to another horrible future ruled by Apocalypse.


The term "Days of Future Past" is the name of the comic storyline where the universe originated from but never mentioned in the series, just as it wasn't in X-Men.

In the comics, it was Kitty Pryde's consciousness who came back in time to stop it. X-Men used Bishop.

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