Dark Entity
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Dark Entity
Evil Being
Dark Hulk
Powers and Abilities Possession

The Dark Entity is an interdimensional being responsible for the destruction of various planets. He combined with Bruce Banner to turn into Dark Hulk.


Doctor Strange tried to stop the Dark Entity because he had destroyed entire planets. But the entity couldn't be stopped and so he escaped through a portal to Earth, looking for an organism that could house his powers. He found out that the humans were too weak for him to possess but then he found Bruce Banner who was both Hulk and Grey Hulk. He realized that he had great power so the Dark Entity possessed Bruce's body. Once in Bruce's body the powers of Hulk and Dark Entity's combined created a new being, Dark Hulk. Dark Hulk went on a rampage, terrorizing the planet. But before the transformation into Dark Hulk, She-Hulk and Strange entered Bruce's mind in order to stop the Dark Entity. While Dark Hulk was on a rampage they explored Banner's mind trying to stop Dark Entity. Then Strange and She-Hulk discovered Dark Entity inside Banner's mind and teamed up with Grey Hulk and Green Hulk in order to stop him. Eventually with the combined forces of the heroes they were able to defeat the Dark Entity and then Dark Hulk reverted into Bruce Banner.


Both Dark Entity and Dark Hulk were voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Dark Entity's name is never revealed.

In the Marvel Comics

His name is Shanzar.

He declared himself Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange's title, of the Strange World.

Doctor Strange teamed up with Namor, all members of the Defenders, to defeat him.

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