Real Name Matt Murdock
Alternate Identity Daredevil
Team Affiliations Avengers

Daredevil is the alternate universe counterpart to Matt Murdock.


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Daredevil was part of the Avengers led by Captain America and consisting of Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Black Widow Spider-Man, and Hercules. Together they battled the X-Men led by Magneto.

During the battle, two more time travellers, Bishop and Shard, appeared on the battlefield. They took Wolverine and Storm with them as they jumped to another time.


Daredevil's appearance was merely a cameo with no speaking part.

It is possible that this version of Daredevil isn't blind, since the reason for mainstream Daredevil to not join the Avengers is that generally crowds confuse his senses. There have been instances where this has not been an issue.

In the Comics

He calls himself Keeper Murdock.

Got his powers while in a labor camp thinking that Mister Sinister gave them to him. He served as one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Eventually realized the error of his ways and renounced Sinister.

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