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Real Name Matthew Michael "Matt" Murdock
Powers and Abilities Superhuman senses, echolocation, skilled Martial artist, peak human physical condition
Team Affiliations Spider-Man

Daredevil was blinded at a young age by radioactive chemicals that fell from a oncoming vehicle.

Matt Murdock's father was a boxer. However, in order to support Matt, he began working for a mobster. When Matt discovered this, he was unable to deal with the shame of it, and was blinded after carelessly crossing the road by an oncoming vehicle full of radioactive chemicals, in which was being smuggled through the city under the crime lord Kingpin's orders. Subsequently, his father vowed revenge. It so happened that this was the same mobster that Matt's father was working for. As he attempted to turn the criminal mastermind in to the police, Matt's father was discovered gathering evidence, and was therefore killed. Matt then vowed to avenge his father's death. Even though he was blind, Matt's other senses seemed to be enhanced as of the accident, and upon meeting a mysterious man named "Stick", was mentored to control these senses, and took on a crimefighting secret identity, the Daredevil, as well as taking on a regular career as a lawyer.

Daredevil and Spider-Man

When Matt became Peter Parker's lawyer, who had been framed by the Kingpin's son, Richard Fisk, of selling government secrets. As the Daredevil he teamed with Spider-Man to clear Parker's name. When Daredevil and Spider-Man eventually managed to clear Parker, Kingpin allowed his son to be imprisoned.

Daredevil also assisted the Fantastic Four when they lost their powers.

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