Danielle Moonstar
Danielle Moonstar XME.jpg
Real Name Danielle Moonstar
Powers and Abilities Telepathy, Illusion Generation
Allies X-Men
Family and Friends Shadowcat (Friend)
Danielle Moonstar is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Danielle Moonstar is a Native American mutant.


When Danielle's powers emerged, she cast illusions into the minds of her home village. This drove the people away turning it into a ghost town.

While hiking, she was buried alive in a cave unable to escape. Trapped, she went into a kind of suspended animation for two years.

She accidentally contacted Shadowcat of the X-Men. Kitty told her teammates but they did not think that Danielle was real. When Kitty realized her dreams were real she sought out Danielle, found her, and rescued her. The two became close friends because of the link.

Powers and Abilities

Dani has a weak form of telepathy that allows her to make people see their worst fears.  Because she couldn't control her power at first, Dani unintentionally scared off the residents of her hometown, leaving herself and her grandfather it's only inhabitants.

Due to her mutation, Dani can also go into hibernation.


Dani is a kind and caring person, shown when she saves Kitty.  She can, however, get angry if she thinks that people will cast her out like her former neighbors.  


Kitty Pryde

Dani "met" Kitty on a dirt trail and pulled her out of the way of a falling boulder.  After introducing her to the X-Men, Kitty and the others brought her to the mansion where Kitty offered to share her room with her.  When Kitty woke up and found Dani in a cave, Kitty and the team saved her.  Kitty came through for her friend even when some would have thought it just as a dream.


Danielle Moonstar was voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.

In the Comics

She has used the codenames Moonstar, Psyche, and Mirage.

She joined the New Mutants.

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