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Danger Room
Real Name Danger Room
Powers and Abilities Generates Holograms
Robotic Versions of Various Enemies
Numerous Mechanical Dangers
Team Affiliations X-Men

The Danger Room is a room located in the Xavier Mansion. It is used for training the X-Men.


It can generate holograms and uses robotic versions of foes such as the Sentinels, Mister Sinister, Apocalypse, and even Hulk.


When Jubilee first arrived she accidentally wandered into the Danger Room where Gambit and Wolverine were training. Charles Xavier once fled from his step-brother Juggernaut into the Danger Room. On the wedding day of Jean Grey and Cyclops, Wolverine went to the Danger Room to blow off steam. When Spider-Man went to the mansion and was fleeing the X-Men he wandered into the Danger room.

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