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Real Name Scott Summers
Alternate Identity Cyclops
Powers and Abilities Can shoot blasts of energy from his eyes
Team Affiliations X-Men

Scott Summers is a mutant and member of the X-Men.


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Scott Summers was only a little boy when he and his family had were on board a plane crash. He was in a coma for two years, his brother was forced to move in with another family because of the death of his parent, and the supposed death of Scott. Scott also had to move in with another family. One day he got bullied by two kids in his class, Scott got so angry with the boys that he awakened his power, he lost control and couldn't open his eyes or else he would hurt someone.

He was locked up until Professor Charles Xavier came to him and gave him a pair of infa-red sunglasses, he asked Scott to come with him to the Xavier Mansion and he accepted. Later, after a humiliating training session Xavier took him to see Jean Grey, and convinced her to also join the X-men. Shortly after, the two of them fell in love. After Wolverine came he began to flirt with Jean which Scott angry so he battled him, but when Jean came she took Wolverine's side.

After an explosion at the mansion and the disappearance of both Jean and Charles Xavier, Scott spent most of his time in a rundown apartment, sitting and being sad about Jean. One day, Logan came to his apartment and talked to him in a very rude demeanor. Scott warned him to back off, but, Logan continued to egg him. Scott became so furious that he shot Logan out of his apartment's window.

He went back to the mansion and regrouped with the other X-Men. New recruit Emma Frost made a comment about Wolverine being very desperate due to Cyclops being back on the team. On the Blackbird, Emma read his mind and told him to just ask her where Jean was already. He asked her if she could find Jean. She told him to ask Wolverine if she could stay.

Once they arrived, Scott shot down several doors looking for Xavier. He came into direct conflict with Magneto and tried to defeat him, with aid from the other X-Men. He was quickly overpowered and held back from fighting. He and the other X-Men were freed by Magneto and were shown Xavier.

After they took him home, Wolverine gave Scott and the others a speech about them being a team. Now reunited with the X-Men, Scott continued to spend most of his time by himself, sad about Jean. After Kitty knocked on his door and told him that Storm was in trouble, he got himself together and went with Wolverine and the others to save her.

When he arrived in Africa, he and Wolverine shot several hard pieces of ice falling from the sky. When he found Storm under the possession of the Shadow King, he watched the Shadow King try to go in Wolverine's body and Emma's fight with him. After the Shadow King was defeated, Storm rejoined the team.

Scott came to Emma a few days later and asked her why she couldn't locate Jean. Emma implied to him that Jean may be dead. After she stopped using Cerebro, he told her he was sorry, before she told him it was Wolverine who stopped her. After Wolverine told him and the other X-Men to rescue a mutant and hand him back to the government, Scott told him that he had no interest in recapturing mutants.

As he was about to walk out, Scott was told by Wolverine that if they didn't find him, all mutants would be eradicated. After rescuing Nitro, he and the other X-Men had a ground confrontation with the Brotherhood. Cyclops shot Avalanche, knocking him out instantly. The team succeeded in getting Nitro and took him with them.

He and his fellow X-Men arrived at Trask Industries. He asked Logan if he actually had a plan, to which Logan responded by saying something didn't smell right. After Wolverine said getting in was way too easy, Cyclops told him to do it the hard way. He blasted through a part of the building, letting all of the X-Men in.

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