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Real Name Scott Summers
Alternate Identity Cyclops
Powers and Abilities Can shoot blasts of energy from his eyes
Team Affiliations X-Men

Scott Summers is a mutant and member of the X-Men.


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Scott Summers was only a little boy when he and his family had were on board a plane crash. He was in a coma for two years, his brother was forced to move in with another family because of the death of his parent, and the supposed death of Scott. Scott also had to move in with another family. One day he got bullied by two kids in his class, Scott got so angry with the boys that he awakened his power, he lost control and couldn't open his eyes or else he would hurt someone. He was locked up until Professor Charles Xavier came to him and gave him a pair of infa-red sunglasses, he asked Scott to come with him to the Xavier Mansion and he accepted. Later, after a humiliating training session Xavier took him to see Jean Grey, and convinced her to also join the X-men. Shortly after, the two of them fell in love. After Wolverine came he began to flirt with Jean which Scott angry so he battled him, but when Jean came she took Wolverine's side.

After an explosion at the mansion and the disappearance of both Jean and Charles Xavier, Scott spent most of his time in a rundown apartment, sitting and being sad about Jean. One day, Logan came to his apartment and talked to him in a very rude demeanor. Scott warned him to back off, but, Logan continued to egg him. Scott became so furious that he shot Logan out of his apartment's window.

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