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Real Name Scott Summers
Alternate Identity Cyclops
Powers and Abilities Fires blasts of energy through his eyes
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Brotherhood of Mutants
Family and Friends Havok (Brother)
Jean Grey (Girlfriend)
Cyclops is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Scott Summers, also known by the codename Cyclops, is a mutant and team leader of the X-Men.


Early Life

As a child, Scott Summers and his brother Alex were orphaned after a plane crash killed their parents. Scott and his brother had jumped out of the plane in parachutes, but when the plane exploded it had caused damage to their parachutes causing them to fall. Scott hit his head in the incident and was in a coma for some time, but when he recovered he discovered his ability to shoot beams from his eyes. He had to wear ruby sunglasses to control his power, otherwise causing massive destruction. Scott was unaware that his brother Alex had survived the crash and was adopted by foster parents, and would not know that until some years later.

Formation of the Brotherhood

Meeting Nightcrawler

Cyclops attended a school football game, during which a coin of his dropped underneath the bleacher he was sitting on. While tilting his head, he noticed a hand going into the pocket of a man and taking his money. Scott exclaimed that someone was taking money to his friend and went off to investigate who was behind the thievery. The pickpocketing perpetrator was that of Todd Tolensky, whom was spotted by Duncan Matthews while in the act of doing so. As Toad was soon to receive a beating for his crimes from Matthews and two fellow football players, Scott appeared and reasoned that they merely return the money to those he stole it from and not cause any injury to him.

As Toad reasoned he would and Duncan asked why he cared, Scott exclaimed that while he was not particularly intrigued in Toad, he also did not like him being outnumbered and continued to ask if they could settle their conflict easily. As Duncan insulted Scott and prepared to stomp Toad in the mud, Scott grabbed hold of him and told him to stop before throwing him against his two fellow football players. As Duncan got up, he exclaimed that Scott had made a mistake in his attack and lunged at him. As the two fought, Duncan hit Scott while he looked at Jean Grey and caused him to use his powers, resulting in serious collateral damage to the field.

Following the explosion, Scott sat with his eyes closed after losing his glasses and until Jean gave them to him upon finding the two. As Scott tried to explain his unintentional blast, Jean revealed that she knew he did not mean to do it and suggested that he leave. As Jean tended to Duncan, Toad came to Scott and thanked him for his involvement as the latter began to walk off. Later, Scott rushed Jean out of the bathroom in the Xavier Mansion and soon was introduced to Kurt Wagner, whom he tried to give a handshake and was surprised when he saw his both blue alien-like. Scott was scolded by Xavier for using his powers in such a manner the previous night, to which Scott rhetorically asked what his mentor expected of him to do with such tremendous abilities. Xavier explained that he wanted his young student to have better control and explained Scott's powers to Nightcrawler. Both Scott and Jean were impressed by Kurt's ability to teleport. Scott was confronted by Toad over his abilities, whom immediately grabbed his glasses with his tongue and spread his germs over them. Scott left him and ran into him again when the former arrived at his home during an entrance exam into the X-Men conducted by Storm.

Cyclops convinces Nightcrawler to stay.

During the exam, Scott and Jean were rushed into action by Xavier after both Toad and Nightcrawler stumbled into the Danger Room. Following Toad's departure, Cyclops went off to convince Nightcrawler to stay after the latter began to take responsibility for the loss of Toad. As Nightcrawler glared at the Blackbird, Cyclops stated that he would one day teach the former how to pilot the jet. As Nightcrawler questioned if Cyclops cared about his physical appearance, the latter told him to simply not make fun of his glasses and the two would be fine. He went off with his new friend to show the latter where the X-Men kept their sodas.

Backing up Wolverine

Soon after his convincing, Kurt nearly got into trouble with Principal Darkholme before Scott came to his aid and explained away his lateness. As he dragged his teammate inside, he asked him a question.

The two returned home later that day and witnessed Wolverine driving off rather quickly on his motorcycle. As Nightcrawler asked Cyclops of Wolverine's reasoning, Cyclops concluded that he was angry before he agreed to follow him after Nightcrawler's suggestion. The two followed him to a rooftop, where he fought Sabertooth prior to their involvement. Despite their aiding of him, Sabertooth escaped. Angered, Wolverine exclaimed to the two to never follow him again. While Nightcrawler suggested that Wolverine really liked the two, Cyclops stated sarcastically that he did as well.

The Rogue

Cyclops and the others watched Wolverine give a demonstration in the Danger Room. However, Cyclops quickly questioned it's meaning before Storm explained that the demonstration was meant to show the young X-Men weak points in security systems. Along with the others, Cyclops could not relate to Shadowcat's feelings over the other X-Men and stared at her in confusion. As Xavier arrived, he claimed their situation to be an emergency and ordered Cyclops to prepare the Blackbird and assemble the full team. After assuring Charles that he would do so, he soon asked what the mission was before Xavier explained that he had picked up a new mutant's signal.

As the X-Men boarded the Blackbird, Cyclops was complimented by Xavier for scheduling transportation in advance of their arrival. Scott was surprised to see Nightcrawler teleport of the ship, as he visibly expressed a gape and tried to confront Rogue as she ran from Jean Grey, Storm and himself. However, Cyclops instead only fell in the mud and failed to reach her. As Xavier concluded that Rouge would have to come of her own free will, Cyclops tended to Storm before departing with the others.


Scott was in class when it was announced by his teacher that he and Rogue would be partners in a play reading. As Rogue stated that she was not scared of him, Scott told her that she was not supposed to be. However, Rogue continued on and told him to tell the other X-Men to keep their distance from her. As Scott sighed, his friend Paul quickly claimed that Rogue liked him and was just playing hard to get before Scott told him to shut up. As he ate lunch with the others, he told Nightcrawler of his role with Rogue. Scott continued on by stating that he was going to have to do a play with a girl that thought he and the other X-Men tried to kill her, exclaiming that she would have to be a good actor.

As Fred Dukes walked past him, he and Nightcrawler laughed with each other. Their laughing, along with that of others caused Blob to react angrily. However, he instead caused several students, primarily jocks to get made at him and prepare to attack him. Scott prepared to move in and did just that when Jean was near the receiving end of one of his attacks. Though he prepared to fire on him, Jean stopped him from doing so. As he left, he claimed to Jean that he would be close while also drawing the attention of Fred. Shortly after leaving, he practiced with Rogue in the park. While reading his lines, she remarked that he was a charmer. Though he stated that he was just reading the material, Rogue started to relate her past with him and the difficulties she had faced with her powers since becoming a mutant before Nightcrawler teleported and interrupted their conversation.

Nightcrawler told Scott that Jean had been captured, to which Scott reacted in anger by slamming his fists onto their table and made a threat to Blob. After asking Rogue if she had any involvement in Jean's capturing, she claimed that she did not and would not tell Cyclops anything if she did. Cyclops told her that he hoped she could live with her conscience and teleported away with Nightcrawler. He arrived to Wolverine losing against Blob. Though he managed to get a good shot in on him, Cyclops proved no match for Blob and was easily bested after Wolverine's comatose body was thrown at him. However, Rogue arrived and defeated Blob. Following Scott's awakening from his state, Rogue claimed that she had only taken a short dosage of his powers and he would get them back shortly. Cyclops recited a line of their play, proclaiming that she was like an angel. However, Rogue thought noting like this and instead ran off.

Meeting Spyke

A young mutant by the name of Evan Daniels was believed to have damaged his school. Scott was deployed with Jean to talk to Spyke. Though the two tried to convince him of their good intentions, Evan merely downgraded Scott and even tried to get him to use his own powers before Jean warned him of them. As Evan snuck away and rode off on his skateboard, Scott, Jean, Ororo and Evan's parents watched him roll out. Scott later came to Spyke with the others while the latter was imprisoned for damages to lockers at his school, damages Spyke claimed to have not caused. Scott had a proposition for Spyke, being that the X-Men could bail him out and he give the Xavier Institute a try.

As Spyke concluded that he had no choice, Cyclops stated that he always had, but the X-Men were just trying to make sure that he made the right one as the two snaked hands. Scott ate with the other X-Men and discussed...


He eventually reunited with his brother thanks to Magneto. The two went to Asteroid M where Cyclops met up with Xavier, who was taken from the mansion by Magneto. His powers were enhanced so that he could control his powers without glasses. But, he gave up the powers after Jean told him she didn't want to be involved in this "new world" Magneto promised. He and his brother destroyed Asteroid M, stopping it from crushing and killing both the X-Men and Brotherhood. He later apologized to everyone on board the Blackbird.

Pre-Mutant Revelation

Stopping the Brotherhood

Scott and the other X-Men watched Jean during her soccer game, giving her support by yelling her name and telling her to go to the goal. Scott was impressed by her win, along with the others and went with them to congratulate her, getting past several cheerleaders to do so. As he told her that she was fantastic, Duncan Matthews proceeded to cut him off and compliment Jean on her victory as well. Obviously jealous, Scott remained silent during their talk before asking Jean while she was complimenting the rest of the team if she was planning on joining the group on their ride back home or if she was merely going to walk.

Scott tells Lance to leave Kitty alone.

However, Jean told him that Duncan would be driving her home, a revelation that irritated Scott, not helped by the fact that Duncan alluded that the two would do something outside of the X-Man's presence and not arrive for a while. After giving Duncan an insult as he walked off with Jean, Scott rode home with Kitty and Kurt. He remained quiet during their debate over a music band until being surprised to see a police car chasing after another vehicle. Scott and the two decided to stop the driver's road rage, with Scott using his powers to blast down the car after the driver was out and phasing away when the police arrived thanks to Kitty.

The X-Men found out about his optic blast through a news report of it while he drove home. As he and the two returned home, they were met at the steps of the Xavier Mansion by Charles Xavier, Wolverine and Storm. During his discussion with Xavier, Scott revealed that something was troubling him, his hesitation that he had before using his powers and asked Xavier why it was so, reasoning that helping others and saving lives should be the most crucial part of their job. Xavier, realizing that it was a confusing issue, told him that while helping others was the thing the X-Men were made to do, they also had to remain anonymous. Cyclops was still disenchanted with his reasoning, stating that it was like the X-Men were hiding in shame and asked what was the harm in letting others know of their powers. After Xavier told him that he merely wanted him to use his powers to save others without revealing whom he was to a world that was not ready for mutants, Scott turned away uneasy, stating that he was having a hard time figuring out that one. Shortly after this, Scott came into contact with his brother Alex, whom discussed to him about possibly going into the pro-surfers that upcoming year. However, Scott believed that he would not be joining the X-Men at the Xavier Institute. Alex reasoned that it was going to have to wait and cited the difficulties he was having adjusting to being a mutant, with Scott understanding and related to him when they discussed their powers.

At school, Scott waited by his car for Jean and asked Sandy if she had seen her, with Sandy telling him that she had not. He did see Kitty being harassed by Lance, whom she told to leave her alone before Scott got involved. Though Lance told him that it was between him and Kitty, Scott stated that their conversation had shifted to the two as he began to lower his glasses. Despite being more than ready to blow him away, Scott regained his composure after Kitty told him to not let Lance bait him into using his powers, reasoning that the Brotherhood of Mutants member knew that the X-Men and them for that matter could not use their powers in the public. He told Kitty to come with him as the two walked away.

That night, Scott and the rest of the X-Men attended Jean's soccer game, where they intended to support her from a distance before the arrival of the costumed-Brotherhood of Mutants, whom revealed that they were mutants and that Scott and the rest of the X-Men were as well. Cyclops and the rest of the team were deployed by Xavier to stop the Brotherhood, succeeding in doing so and removing the memories of the event thanks to Xavier from everyone except for Principal Kelly.

Scott watches Jean give a speech XME.png

Scott and the other X-Men watched Jean deliver a speech to the school. However, Jean had several headaches due to her hearing all of the thoughts of the people in the area. Jean soon lost control of her powers. Of all the X-Men, Scott reacted the worst to this, taking rash actions before being calmed down by Rogue. As Scott and some of the other X-Men confronted Jean, she began to have mental link connections with Rogue. Jean's voice through Rogue's body called Scott's name. After Jean was saved, Scott thanked Rogue for helping to save her.

Scott hears Boom Boom XME.png

Scott was doing a training exercise with Wolverine, Kurt and the New Mutants. He alerted Kurt, who for the exercise was morally wounded, that Boom Boom was going to come and save him. He and Kurt later talked about going to a carnival. Kurt asked Scott if he had a date, he looked at Jean, who was with Duncan, and told him he didn't. He went to the carnival with one of Jean's friends. He noticed Kurt, after he teleported to the carnival, with Boom Boom. Scott's date was interrupted by Kurt.

Scott takes a bag full of money from Toad XME.png

He went with Nightcrawler, Jean and Spyke to fight the Brotherhood and get back the bag of money that Boom Boom's dad had. After her dad escaped with it, Scott was going to go after him, but, Boom Boom told him she would instead. Boom Boom left the X-Men. He came to Kurt later and asked him how much punishment he had to do.

Scott and Jean were tricked into going on a ride together and being stranded by the younger X-Men. Jean first blamed Scott for the car not starting up. The two managed to get back to the mansion. Scott and Jean took control when they got back to the mansion and stopped a boy, calling himself Arcade, from using the Danger Room.

Scott was in the room when Hank McCoy, now in a blue hairy form, had Xavier announce that he was joining the X-Men as a teacher and would like to go by the name Beast.

Scott was surprised by Lance when he came to the mansion at night requesting to join the X-Men. While Avalanche was questioned by Cyclops, asking him what he wanted, insinuating he didn't come to the mansion to make jokes. After Lance was accepted by Xavier, Scott tried to be nice to him, telling him his X-Men uniform was better than his other costume. Lance took this as an insult, impressed the other New Mutants, even Kitty as well, making Scott feel inferior. Scott got mad at Avalanche when he found his car, muddy and dirty. After the New Mutants took the Blackbird, Scott accused him of taking it. Scott apologized to him before he decided to leave the X-Men and rejoin the Brotherhood.

Scott's attitude towards women, was one of the factors that triggered Jean to start a female group of mutants called the Bayville Sirens.


When Jean was taken under the control of Mesmero, Scott and the others looked for her. One night, Scott saw her and tried to convince her to come to her senses. However, all his pleading did was make her knock him out telepathically and put him back in his bed. The next day, Scott went and confronted the other X-Men about Jean's appearance at the mansion.

He, Rogue, Beast, and Wolverine all fought against the mind controlled Kitty, Nightcrawler, Spyke and Jean. As Scott helped Rogue with fighting Spyke, Jean telepathically hovered Scott in the air and took of his visor so that he would shoot randomly and uncontrollably. Scott picked Jean up after she fell upon being out of Mesmero's control.

Scarlet Witch

Cyclops' powers uncontrollable XME.png

Scott and the other young X-Men were called upon by Xavier to fight the Brotherhood's newest member, Scarlet Witch. Scott and his team infiltrated the mall the five Brotherhood members supposedly were in, only to be attacked individually. He was attacked by the only Brotherhood member he ever saved, Toad. Toad took his visor, forcing Scott to have to shield his eyes.

Scott does not want to retreat XME.png

Luckily, Rogue was near the two and defeated Toad rather easily. She gave Scott back his visor. Scott and Rogue regrouped with the other X-Men just in time for Wanda to come down the escalator. Wanda used her powers to make Scott's optic blast uncontrollable for him. Jean convinced Scott to retreat. As the young X-Men arrived outside, they saw Xavier who told them that "handling defeat was as much a mark of you're character as coming home a victor." Scott walked away in shame as he gave the speech.

Cyclops tells Avalanche off XME.png

After their defeat, Xavier started training the team heavily. When he saw how poorly they were doing, he called all of them into the training room. Xavier told them to meet their new teammates, the Brotherhood. When Avalanche told the team they needed a better team leader than the one they already had, Scott quit and left.

Cyclops helped save the New Mutants when Mystique blew up the Xavier Mansion. When he saw the remaining X-Men arrive back at the destroyed mansion, Scott picked Xavier out of his chair and threw him to the ground. He watched as Xavier stood up and turned back into Mystique.

Mutants Revealed

Scott being saved by Storm XME.png

Scott was almost captured by police officers, but, was saved by Storm. He told the other X-Men to meet him at Lookout point. He was almost shot by Bobby by mistake when he arrived, before he told him it was just him and Storm. When Mystique showed up, Scott demanded answers. She told him she would give them when she was ready. He and the others succeeded in rescuing the other mutants. When he asked Mystique where Xavier was, she did not tell him and ordered him to get out of her way. Angry, Scott stopped her from escaping by trapping her in the base. After the X-Men were reunited with each other, they were left wondering what they were going to do in a world without mutants.

On the Run

Scott talks to Jean in a cave XME.png

Scott and Jean were on lookout duty. The two discussed a few things, even almost admitting feelings for each other, before Nightcrawler teleported to them. Scott commented on his "perfect timing."

Scott and Jean are inturrupted by Nightcrawler XME.png

Scott and some of the other kid X-Men watched Storm and Beast together on TV, debating several politicians. When Wolverine and Rogue arrived, the whole team was found out and were forced to get involved with the police choppers.

Scott chose to have the X-Men run, feeling this was what needed to be done. He and the others decided to stop Juggernaut from destroying a dam. He fought Juggernaut solo for a while, his optic blast against Juggernaut's brute strength. After Scott lost, the other X-Men got involved. After Juggernaut was defeated, Xavier was found by the X-Men and mutants were looked at in a positive light since their discovery.

Scott and the others were invited back to school. Scott was pushed into the middle of a break up between Duncan and Jean when she broke up with him and grabbed Scott's hand. She apologized to him for involving him in their business. Scott was attacked by Duncan and a few other bullies. They took his glasses and tried to get him to use his powers. Scott refused and decided to fight them blindly. He was joined in this by Kitty and Rogue. Before they could start fighting, Duncan blew them off and insisted they wouldn't last that long at school. As Jean delivered a speech, Scott, Spyke, Kitty, and Nightcrawler fought Duncan, Lance, Blob, and Toad. Duncan threw himself at Scott while Lance shook the ground. Scott managed to beat Duncan and prove once again that not all mutants were bad.

Encounter with Mystique

Scott is saved by Jean from Mystique XME.png

Scott got a call from his brother, informing him that he needed his help. Scott told him he would be right over. However, this was really Mystique, posing as Alex. Scott ended up stranded in the Mexican desert, without his glasses. He was detected by Cerebro. Scott ended up in a hospital, where a doctor tried to inspect his eyes. Scott told him not to, but the doctor and several assistants forced Scott to, causing a huge blast through the top of the building. After he got out of the hospital, Mystique directly confronted him, trying to get revenge on him for getting her captured. He was saved by Jean, this started a romantic relationship between the two.

Spyke's Departure

Scott had been purposely avoiding Shadowcat because he didn't want her to drive his car or be in the car when she drive. Unfortunately for him, Jean forced him to ride with Kitty and he proclaimed he never wanted to ride anothe car for as long as I live. He and Jean looked for Spyke, who's mutant powers were getting uncontrollable, promising his aunt Storm that they would find him and bring him home. After Spyke decided to stay with the Morlocks, Scott and the others went home.

Rogue's Powers

Scott played tennis with Rogue the same day her powers went out of control after absorbing so many mutant's powers. Scott and Jean went out that same night with some of the other X-Men and both blushingly agreed that the two should be able to date and talk to whoever they want, without the say-so of anyone else Rogue used Mystique's shapeshifting to turn into Scott and shoot him with his own optic blast. After she was saved, he asked Xavier if she was going to be okay.

While on a cruise together, Scott and Jean flirted with each other. They were made fun of by Nightcrawler and Kitty. The two and several other vacationing X-Men stopped a volcano mostly due to Magma's help.

Mesmero Returns

Scott and Jean at graduation XME .png

Scott's powers were absorbed by a mind controlled Rogue. Scott talked to Jean about their graduation. The two were warned by principal Kelly that he didn't want to see any mutant powers at the ceremony. Scott told him to just have their diplomas ready. At his graduation, Scott noticed Magneto and his Acolytes coming. He wrote this off as trouble. Scott went with the others to find Rogue and was beaten, along with the X-Men and Acolytes, effortlessly by Apocalypse.

He and the other X-Men tried to take down one of the domes Apocalypse placed around the world. He watched Magneto get killed by Mesmero when he tried to damage the dome Scott and the other X-Men were next to.


Scott reasoning with the New Mutants XME.png

Scott and Jean tried teaching some of the New Mutants. However, before Scott and Jean could even enter the room, Scott was hit by one of his students, he brought up when she told him to trust her.

Scott is hit by Berzerker XME.png

However, when Iceman objected to learning, reason being that he thought the team had already learned everything they needed to and the class was a waste, Jean levitated all of the kids and Scott shoot his optic blast, to which it deflected across the room and cut an apple for him. Scott impressed the kids with his control and understanding of his powers.

Xavier's son

Scott goes through David's stuff XME.png

Scott and Jean were called on by Xavier for a mission to find his son, David, who had gone missing. He meet Gabby, Xavier's wife he married briefly. As Scott and Jean were in David's room, Scott told Jean to remind him never to go missing, citing he would never want complete strangers going through his things like they were doing. Jean asked him if he had something to hide. Before he could answer, Jean spotted a little boy.

Scott listens to Jean talk to Storm XME.png

Gabby told the two the boy's name is Ian and David found him on the streets. After Jean was captured, Scott went to a castle looking for her. When Scott himself was captured, Jean and David came and freed him. After David was lost by Xavier, Scott returned to the mansion with Jean, Storm, and a rather depressed Xavier.


Scott and the other X-Men watched Xavier and Storm fight Apocalypse. When they were seemingly killed, Scott comforted Jean, who started to cry. Xavier and Storm, along with Magneto and Mystique, became the Horsemen of Apocalypse, with their powers greatly increased and Xavier able to walk again.

Scott went with Nightcrawler and Wolverine to defeat Mystique. While fighting her, Scott blew a huge portion of her chest off, only for it to completely reform.

They eventually freed the four Horsemen and Apocalypse was defeated.

When Xavier scanned Apocalypse's mind he saw Scott with the X-Men that included X-23 and Colossus. Additionally, Rogue was seen being able to fly and landed next to him, hinting that the two eventually dated as Jean was to become the Phoenix and possibly disappeared.

Powers and Abilities

Scott has the ability to shoot energy beams from his eyes. They can only be controlled with ruby quarts, due to brain damage he received as a child after falling from the plane crash that killed his parents. Scott's energy beams have a varied amount of damage they can install, such as when he accidentally shot Duncan Matthews while the two were fighting and his glasses came off his face and destroyed a large portion of the stadium the two were at.

The only way his blast can be stopped is by either being reflected or avoided. The density of his blast have never been outright stated, but, it is known that his powers' strength can easily be stand against by bigger enemies such as Blob or Juggernaut.


Out of all the young X-Men, Scott is the most militant and the most disciplined, shown to be charismatic and a natural born leader who is capable of commanding decisions under pressure. While he can be stoic and is the boy scout of the whole team who firmly believes in doing everything by the book, Scott is shown to have a more open sense of humor and can be light-hearted on occasion, usually with Jean, who brings out a much lighter side to him, and Kurt, who he views as a little brother in a sense. He is also very polite, as shown when he tries to shake Kurt's hand when first welcoming him to the institute. Scott is shown to be a good person through and through and is not afraid to step in and help anyone in trouble, such as when he sticks up for Toad against Duncan, suggesting that they settle things peacefully. He takes his leadership role seriously, as he has been groomed by Logan, Ororo and Professor X to be field leader since they took him in and trained him.

Scott is very kind towards everyone and cares greatly about his fellow X-Men and the students at the institute. He is empathetic and filled with compassion, displayed in his friendship with Rogue over the fact that he is able to relate to her in the fact that he cannot control his powers. He is also fiercely protective of the New Mutants and his teammates, this side to him being displayed when he comes back to the institute after Amara and Tabitha come to him in panic and tell him that the "mansion has gone nuts" and leads the New Mutants to safety in the Cerebro room. His protective nature is additionally shown when he screams at Mystique that the destruction of the mansion and risking getting Amara, Sam, Bobby, Ray, Jamie, Roberto, Jubilee and Rahne killed by locking them in is all her fault. He seems to regard Rogue, Storm, Amara and Kitty like sisters and Kurt as a little brother, showing he thinks of the X-Men as a surrogate family he built for himself.

Additionally, Scott, much like Logan, is shown to have a sensitive ego if pushed over the edge. This side to him is displayed after Mystique, posing as Professor Xavier, takes a jab at him about his leadership of the X-Men accusing him of being a weak team leader, knowing that if Scott is insecure he gets into his own head and doubts himself. When Mystique does this and questions his authority out in the field in front of the X-Men and New Mutants, Scott storms off in anger, but, he comes back after Amara and Tabitha come running to him for help after the mansion goes into self-destruct mode, showing how willing he is to set aside his insecurities for those that he cares about the most. The New Mutants look up to him like a big brother and turn to him in moments of crisis, but, when Scott and Jean start teaching at the institute, while Bobby, Ray, Jamie and the others can stand them, they are not necessarily thrilled about showing up to Scott and Jean's lessons.


Jean Grey

Cyclops had known Jean for an unspecified time, longer than the other young X-Men. The two had been friends for a few years, Jean chose Duncan Matthews over him.

She decided to still stay close friends with him. Scott showed more anger than any of the other X-Men when Jean was captured by Blob. Their relationship started to really change after mutants were revealed to the public.

They both started to have deeper feelings, but, neither wanted to confess it until the other. When Scott was almost killed by Mystique and saved by Jean, Jean told Scott the two had a special link to each other. With this revelation, the two began a romantic relationship.

Charles Xavier

Scott looked up to Xavier as both his mentor and a father figure. The two clashed in goals a few times, but, Scott still respected him.

Lance Alvers

Being that the two lead opposing teams, they have developed a not-so-friendly rivalry.


Rogue has a crush on Scott. While Scott does care for her as a friend and colleague, he has never really shown romantic interest in her. They both understand each other's inability to control their powers.


Scott and Logan are shown to have a liking towards one another and do not have a rivalry over Jean's affections like they do in the comics or the in 90's animated series. Logan trained Scott since he first joined the institute and is shown to be supportive of Jean and Scott dating in his own gruff way, telling Scott, "if you don't tell her, I will," suggesting that he knows Scott loves Jean as more than a friend. The rare occasion where they argue is if Scott defies Logan's orders, such as when they are in the cave in hiding and Scott commands Logan not to kill any of the members of the army, reminding him that he trained all of the X-Men. Although Logan is at first mad, he later tells Scott in his own gruff way that he is proud. It is possible Logan loves Scott like a son much like how he loves Jean like a daughter. When Bobby, Ray and Jamie cry and whine to Logan about Scott and Jean's teaching style, Logan insists of Scott and Jean have something to teach them, it's probably worth the while, proving he respects Scott as a grown adult with responsibilities. The two are shown to have a great amount of respect towards one another and when given, they work well together.

Kurt Wagner

Kurt is the third recruit for the X-Men and could be viewed as Scott's best friend, whom he views as a little brother of sorts. In the pilot, after Kurt accidentally finds himself in the Danger Room, Scott convinces Kurt to stay and comforts him, assuring him that they are all there to make sure not to make mistakes that can put them at risk. Kurt asks Scott if he doesn't mind Kurt to be blue and furry, Scott jokingly assures him as long as no grief is given to him about his shades, they'll be fine, and shows Kurt where they keep the sodas. They are also roommates for a little bit when they sleep under ground after the mansion explodes.

Alex Masters

After Scott learns of his younger brother being alive, he is shown to be genuinely happy to see Alex again. They both go through Magneto's process together at Asteroid M, mostly due to Alex convincing Scott to trust him. After the boys come back to their senses thanks to the help of Jean, Alex and Scott stay in close contact with each other, video chatting often together. Alex eventually tells Scott that he is looking to get his last name changed back to Summers. The two come together to help take down Apocalypse, with there being a possibility of Alex becoming a member of the X-Men in the future.


Cyclops was voiced by Kirby Morrow.

In the Comics

Married Jean Grey.

Developed a rivalry with Wolverine for the affections of Jean.

Left the X-Men after Jean Grey died as the Phoenix Force.

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