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Real Name Scott Summers
Alternate Identity Cyclops
Powers and Abilities Eye Energy Beams
Team Affiliations X-Men
Family and Friends Jean Grey (Wife)
Corsair (Father)
Havok (Brother)
Cable (Genetic Son)

Scott Summers, also called Cyclops, is a mutant and one of the founding members of the X-Men.


The Summers family were involved in a plane accident. Scott and his brother jumped with parachutes to safety but their parents were left aboard. The two orphans were put into an orphanage.

Charles Xavier recruited Scott into his X-Men along with Storm, Jean Grey, Morph, Beast, and Rogue. Wolverine eventually joined the team, and many thought he could not stay but he did. Scott would be second in command and lead the team while out in the field.

He fell in love with Jean Grey but so did Wolverine. Jean decided on Scott but still had feelings for Wolverine. Wolverine respected their love despite his own feelings.

Meeting Jubilee

Young mutant Jubilee was attacked by several Sentinels, of which followed her through a mall. As she ran outside, Cyclops came to her aid. Jubilee questioned who he was, before Cyclops formally introduced himself and told her to take cover as he shot down the Sentinel chasing her. At the Xavier Mansion, Jubilee tried to escape after being taken back for recovery. Cyclops was deployed by Xavier to keep her on the premises. Cyclops was amongst the X-Men as Xavier made plans for Storm's fellow members to be deployed alongside her. As Xavier emerged from the room, Cyclops quickly followed after him. Cyclops expressed his confusion and distaste at the X-Men being involved in any type of negative human interaction before Xavier left him. Soon after, Wolverine confronted him about his disdain for the mission, something that visually irritated Cyclops. Wolverine continued to pressure him into battle by inferring that he would face him anytime.

As the two stood against each other, Jean Grey ran to their position. She told Cyclops that she had checked Jubilee's room and discovered she had wandered off. Deciding to make matters into his own hand, Wolverine concluded he was going after her, something Cyclops advised against doing. Cyclops continued by stating the two and the other X-Men had a job to do. Much to his discharging, he was given a rejection by Wolverine, who then proceeded to push Gambit into a wall. As Gambit prepared to strike back at his oppressor, Cyclops urged him to let Wolverine go off on his own, which Gambit abided by. With Wolverine's absence, he continued alongside the X-Men that night and listened to their stories of first discovering their powers. As Rogue expressed her distaste in her father discovering her powers, Cyclops concluded that every member of the group had to face what she went through at some point.

The loss of Morph

Cyclops remained outside with Gambit and Rogue as the others descended into the building. After the latter commented on Cyclops' nervousness, he explained his desire to know what was happening inside. As several military vehicles passed by the three without detecting their presence, Cyclops concluded the group had trouble. Cyclops led Gambit and Rogue against the vehicles, with the rules of no humans being harmed and to watch out for themselves as well. As he and the two continued to fight, Cyclops deduced the battle's true difficulty and called in Storm to aid them from inside the base. However, the group was forced to leave Morph and Beast behind. As they arrived at the Xavier Mansion, Cyclops claimed to Wolverine he understood his frustrations before being assaulted by the latter with a blow to the stomach.

Cyclops glasses are taken off, revealing his powers to those present.

As Cyclops prepared to go off on Wolverine, the two's argument was settled by Jean Grey. She revealed to Wolverine that while Beast had indeed survived, Morph had not. Cyclops comforted Jean as Wolverine walked off. Cyclops came to Jean's side once more after Wolverine ripped apart the top of his car. Cyclops went to confront Wolverine, who had drove to a bar. As he entered, he was subject to harassment at the hands of a member of the bar. Unfortunately, his powers were revealed after the man removed his glasses, causing his powers to destroy the pool table and for others to witness.

As he and Wolverine walked outside, Wolverine told him to save his breath if he were only there to apologize for running out on Beast. Cyclops insisted he wouldn't apologize for a command decision and asked him if he would like to locate the Sentinel home-base. Cyclops had a conversation with Jubilee's parents later that night. He reasoned to the two that many feared what they couldn't understand and was kicked out shortly after making the statement. Outside, he was attacked by a Sentinel and defeated it. He later joined the X-Men to save Jubilee after she was kidnapped by the Sentinels.

Rise of Magneto

Cyclops was present during Beast's testimony, alongside Wolverine. The two listened to his speech and bore witness to the audiences' rudeness towards the latter. After Beast was denied, Cyclops returned to the Xavier Mansion and explained Wolverine's history with Sabertooth to Jubilee. Just as he explained, Wolverine began to remove Sabertooth from his room. Though Cyclops and the others tried to get him to stop, Wolverine was adamant on the mutant leaving their premises. Wolverine explained to Cyclops and the two that Sabertooth couldn't be trusted before Storm came to remind him of his own past with the group and how the others felt of him.

As an alert passed through the mansion, Xavier concluded it to be Magneto, something Cyclops chose to question as to his certainty. Cyclops was dispatched with Storm and Wolverine to face off against Magneto, who continued to reign terror over the innocent civilians. Soon after Magneto made his presence aware to the three, Cyclops called out his name. Magneto claimed to be glad the three had come to join him in his liberation of mutant kind and that day would begin a new world for all mutants. As Magneto approached the three, Cyclops gave him the choice to either come quietly or be taken. As Magento hovered in the sky, Cyclops proclaimed his choices Magneto's last warnings. As the three tried to move in on him, they were lifted in the air by a bubble he created around them and were told to give Xavier a warning as he dropped them to the ground. As he himself recovered, he asked Wolverine and Storm if the two were alright. As Magneto launched off missiles, Storm rushed to prevent their landing. Cyclops desperately cried out for her to return to his and Wolverine's side, but was unheard as she continued her mission and disabled the bombs.

Magneto strikes back

Soon after his first encounter with Magneto upon his return, Cyclops would find himself once again confronting the master of magnetism, this time with Storm and Rogue by his side. Despite their additional help, he was no match for his opponent and defeated. Rogue noticed his comatose body shortly after uncovering Storm's. She flew over to him and checked for a pulse from his heart, giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after doing so. As Scott started to breathe again, Rogue promised she wouldn't tell Jean before being overwhelmed by her optic blasts she received from Cyclops. As Rogue caused much collateral damage, Cyclops woke up and asked her what had happened. Rogue explained that she had absorbed his powers and was having difficulty controlling them.

As he dodged her blasts, he instructed her to close her eyes. Rogue did just that and stopped herself from causing anymore destruction. Soon after, Cyclops passed out again, leaving Rogue to blindly fend for herself. He returned with the two and Xavier back to the Xavier Mansion, reasoning that it was good to be home again. He and the others had cups of coffee as he explained to Xavier his current condition. He also confirmed that his powers had returned and found himself speechless when Rogue suggested the two repeat themselves before they heard a commotion from the war room of the mansion.

Meeting the Morlocks

Scott went on a date with Jean. Scott felt continuous pressure for what he believed was letting Xavier down, but Jean continued to tell him he were merely doing the best he could and that he was no good to the professor when he was down with the blues. Jean continued by telling Scott to relax a little for the good of the team before kissing him. As the two continued to walk, Scott concluded that she was absolutely right and proclaimed he was focused solely on her. As the two continued down the street, they noticed a mutant being attacked by several humans. Cyclops reasoned he and Jean had to do something as they ran off. However, they discovered more mutants, whom chose to attack their human attackers. A woman arrived and managed to completely subdue both Scott and Jean with her powers, as well as the other mutants. Cyclops soon woke up in restrains. As he woke up, he noticed the restraints and pondered where he could be.

The young mutant which he had tried to save earlier came to thank him for trying to help him. Cyclops asked the former what had become of his glasses, of which the young mutant proclaimed he had Cyclops' powers restrained so he could see better. Just then, a large mutant came and grabbed him by the shirt. He dropped Cyclops off in front of Calisto, who explained the group were the Morlocks and tried to get Cyclops to rule by her side. As Scott asked where Jean was, he expressed he was uninterested in her and continued to vest interest in locating Jean. Calisto revealed Jean to him, whom she ordered to be destroyed before Jean freed herself and attacked her. However, she was overpowered and defeated, as well as Scott. The two were eventually freed after the other X-Men arrived to help them. Cyclops' comatose body was discovered by Wolverine. Cyclops was nearly killed as the former struggled with demons in his mind of jealousy over him for having Jean.

Disappearance of Wolverine

After being saved from the Morlocks, Cyclops noticed Wolverine's absence from his bedroom. He questioned why the latter would just leave without telling anyone before Jean tried to insinuate that Wolverine had a good reason for departing. He continued by stating that Wolverine was a hot-head and the team could never depend on him as he walked away from the room. Later that same day, Gambit started to spread rumors regarding Genosha, an island dedicated to mutants such as themselves. Cyclops did not believe him, causing a tense argument between the two, with Cyclops even threatening expulsion from the team if he continued further. As Xavier walked in, he demanded to know what was going on. Gambit redirected him to Cyclops, whom explained the meaning of their argument. Cyclops reasoned that Gambit just wanted to get away to relax on a beach.

Xavier sided with Gambit and offered the entire team restoration after their recent tense battles. Xavier told Cyclops to select three X-Men to go to Genosha, of which he picked Storm, Gambit and Jubilee. He explained that the three would take a commercial flight to the island and their cover would be that of tourists. Cyclops quickly finished his own personal time and prepared to depart with Rogue and Storm as he walked in on Xavier. He asked him if he really didn't want to come with them, only to be redirected to a comment he had stated prior to Storm, Jubilee and Gambit's leaving. As he and the two boarded the Blackbird, he reported no answer from any of the three and was only receiving static. As the X-Men recovered the three and Wolverine, they returned home to a destroyed Xavier Institute.


As the X-Men continued to stare scarcely at the mansion's ruins, Jean expressed concern if Charles had emerged before it's destruction to Cyclops, something the latter said the group would find out on their own. After some searching, Jean concluded that since she couldn't trace Xavier's thoughts, he was either dead or unconscious. However, Cyclops contacted her regarding a discovery he and some of the X-Men had made while searching the ruins. The discovery was a message sent by Xavier to the mansion. As Rogue concluded the group hadn't done what was instructed, Cyclops informed her that the message was left prior to the destruction of the school and soon began to hope that Xavier made it out in time. As Wolverine started to look around, Cyclops came and asked him if he had found any clues. While Wolverine discovered footprints, Cyclops instructed Wolverine not to wander off again and soon enough, found himself at odds with the latter, whom reasoned that Xavier wanted to be found while he was still alive.

As the others arrived, Jubilee asked where Wolverine was going, causing Cyclops to tell her he was going his own way like he always did. Cyclops only hoped that Wolverine would not be brazen enough to counter the destructor of their mansion by himself. Wolverine didn't meet his expectations and instead, fought the villain on his own before enlisting the help of others. The villain in question was the Juggernaut, whom had a past with Xavier. As the X-Men struggled to defeat their foe, Cyclops gathered a plan. He did instruct that it would need the X-Men to work as a team, of which he looked at Wolverine while stating. During his plan's execution, he joined Jubilee in firing at Juggernaut. His plan proved successful, as the group combined strength was able to take off Juggernaut's helmet and with that, allowed Rogue to absorb his powers and Jean Grey to enter his mind. As the Juggernaut struggled down the road, Cyclops asked Jean what she did to him. She explained that she gave him a hypnotic suggestion, of which erased his mind and memories. As Wolverine and Jubilee came towards the two, Wolverine deduced that Cyclops' teamwork strategies had an actual purpose.

A chance for normality

Cyclops and the other X-Men continued to work on reconstructing the Xavier Mansion. Gambit, while mad at Wolverine over his insults, caused one of the bricks to become explosive. As Wolverine ducked for cover, Cyclops shot it down. After it exploded, he asked Gambit what he thought he was doing. As tension grew between the X-Men, Xavier contacted the group. Mutant suppression continued to plague the world, as many were still unsure of how to deal with them. A cure was devised and the X-Men became aware of its existence. Cyclops believed that the cure might not be such a bad thing, as some mutants would want to become normal. During a moment of intimacy between him and Jean, the latter expressed her concern for Rogue, much to Cyclops' confusion. She went on to explain that she had been in Rogue's mind and noticed her insecurities relating to her powers.

Cyclops thanks Rogue for saving Jean.

Later that night, Cyclops and Jean reported Rogue's disappearance to Xavier. Cyclops and the others speculated that she had left to undergo treatment by Dr. Adler. As Cable prepared to kill Dr. Adler, Cyclops and the others came to his aid. Upon meeting Cable, he told the latter to drop his weapon. After an explosion set Jean off a cliff, Cyclops screamed in horror. Thankfully, Jean was saved by Rogue. Upon reunion, he hugged Jean and thanked Rogue for saving her, proclaiming that she didn't know how much what she did meant to him.

As Cyclops sat with Jean, Rogue and Xavier in a bar, Warren Worthington arrived, without his wings and claimed to have been cured by Dr. Adler. Worthington continued by stating he could cure others as well. This led to confrontation between him and Cyclops, who almost removed his visor to shoot Worthington before being restricted by Xavier. As Apocalypse attacked several civilians with his horsemen, Cyclops and the other X-Men observed his attack through a monitor. Xavier explained that unlike Magneto, Apocalypse was a foe who couldn't be reasoned with. The X-Men arrived on the scene, with Cyclops reminding the team to be careful with the civilians. Shortly after the team spread out, they were sighted by Pestilence, whom's powers were most effective when she touched. After she was taken down by Storm and left to recover, Cyclops stated that it would be a while before she plagued humanity again.

Soon enough, she was recovered by Archangel, whom Cyclops predicted would lead the X-Men to Apocalypse. Rogue was the first of the X-Men to get Apocalypse and was soon backed up by Cyclops and the others. During the battle between the X-Men and Apocalypse and his horsemen, Cyclops was knocked unconscious. The battle was stopped by Archangel. As the ground started to rumble around them, Cyclops ordered them to get clear.


Time traveler Bishop came back to the present to prevent the current time to prevent it from sinking into the same type of war-ravaged time as his. As Bishop came towards the Xavier Mansion in a truck, Cyclops and Storm moved in to stop him from causing any damage. However, the two were forced to retreat as he smashed through the mansion's front door. As Bishop moved out of the van, Cyclops dodged a blast of his as it struck Storm. After dodging, he fired an optic blast directly at Bishop's head. The attack was blocked and Cyclops was quickly overpowered, soon to be shot by Bishop only before intrusion by Jubilee.

As Xavier arrived on the scene, he stopped Wolverine from killing Bishop. Cyclops was ordered by Xavier to check everyone for injuries and after doing so, report to the war room. Despite their attempts, the X-Men could not determine fully what he had come to do. As Xavier asked him if he and Jean had uncovered anything since the start of their investigation, Cyclops held Bishop's gun and stated that the X-Men would be in trouble if his weapon were indeed the next stage of technology. As Jean uncovered the barrel's strength, Cyclops concluded that the event had to be a set-up. As Xavier entered the mind of Bishop, Cyclops and the other X-Men observed his inner memories and witnessed a war ravaged timeline with mutants being hunted and rejected even more profusely than in their current timeline.

As Bishop's radar started to go off, Xavier instructed Cyclops to let him out of his bonds. Xavier concluded by stating Cyclops was in charge of the group dedicated to helping Bishop recover his memories. However, Bishop did not want help from anyone and only agreed due to Wolverine's assurance that he wouldn't be taking his eyes off of the latter anytime soon. As the group wandered out of their base and onto a distinct sight Bishop remembered, Cyclops placed the latter's gun in the air and discovered it was showing a door-like structure, with Bishop concluding that it was an energy surge. However, the group was attacked by Nimrod, a Sentinel from Bishop's time. After Nimrod returned to his own time, Cyclops, Bishop and the other X-Men returned to the base. As Bishop stated that the killer could have been anyone of the X-Men, Cyclops assured him it could not have been Jean.

However, Jean was reluctant to his point, citing that she had dark days herself and asked Cyclops if he had forgotten.

Attempted assassination of Senator Kelly

Bishop accused Gambit, whom had just returned alongside Rogue, of the murder of Senator Kelly. As Bishop continued to fire at Gambit, Cyclops and Wolverine moved in to restrain him, with Cyclops proclaiming the fighting ended then and there. As Cyclops and Wolverine held him, Bishop proclaimed that because of Gambit, the world and everything they loved would be in ashes over his treachery. While Gambit prepared to depart to stop the assassination, Cyclops told him that he and the others couldn't let him go, with Storm continuing by stating that his residing at the Xavier Mansion would be the only way to make sure he wasn't behind the assassination.

Cyclops is stopped in his pursuit by Blob.

Cyclops went with the other X-Men sans Wolverine and Bishop to Washington, D.C. to prevent the assassination. His first act was to sit by Jean Grey as Xavier discussed his past with mutants in court. As Avalanche and Pyro came in the building and created panic, Cyclops shot an optic blast through a wall and enabled Jean to toss the two out of the building. The two removed their civilian clothes and prepared to face them outside. As Cyclops and Jean chased after Pyro and Avalanche, Blob blocked him and taunted him as Jean came to his side and Rogue descended to fight Blob.

As he fired at the foe, he discovered his optic blast were of no challenge to Blob. Just then, Wolverine arrived and attacked the Blob from behind. After tossing the latter in a pool, he ordered Storm to freeze him in his tracks. Initially confused as to Wolverine's presence, he explained to Cyclops that Gambit had boarded to Washington before he and Cable could stop him. As the latter arrived to ask for the whereabouts of Gambit, Cyclops explained that Gambit was supposed to be with the two before being attacked by Avalanche. As the three were moved by his imprints in the ground, Wolverine grabbed Cyclops and tried to help him. However, the two were unable to get to Bishop, but soon discovered the latter was more than capable of taking care of himself. As the two descended into the room of which Senator Kelly inhabited, he walked out of the room and expressed his confusion after seeing a shapeshifter transform into others continuously. Later, he returned to the scene with Jean and Xavier. As Jean concluded that something was wrong, Cyclops shot his way through the door and discovered Senator Kelly had been abducted.

Final Sentinel battle

Cyclops collaborated with the rest of the X-Men and Xavier to discover where Senator Kelly had been taken. As Xavier feared the repercussions of Kelly's kidnapping, Cyclops stressed that Kelly could be anywhere. Cyclops dispatched with the rest of the X-Men to find Kelly. While aboard their ship, he reminded them that their mission was to get Senator Kelly to safety and to worry about Magneto later. Just then, Storm discovered a wreckage. While pacing through with Rogue and Wolverine, Cyclops assumed that the Sentinels must have rescued Senator Kelly. Rogue succeeded in lifting a large mass of machinery and discovered the comatose body of Magneto. Along with the others, Cyclops was surprised to see him.

As the X-Men resided at their base, Gambit willingly allowed the group to enter his memories. Cyclops ran through names and identified a man by the name of Henry Peter Gyrich. Later that day, he went after Henry Gyrich, whom pointed a gun at Cyclops upon making his presence aware. He blasted the gun out of his hands and watched as he ran off. After running off, Gyrich was caught by Wolverine. Cyclops told Wolverine not to hurt him after the latter raised his claws to attack, citing all the group wanted was the location of the Sentinels' base. As he and the others closed in on Gyrich, Trask contacted him and alerted him of Master Mold's plan to replace Senator Kelly and other world leaders' brains. The X-Men regrouped at their mansion and discussed their plan of action. Xavier proposed that the group save Senator Kelly, asking Cyclops and the other X-Men what they believed should be done. Cyclops and Jean were the first two to choose to go and waited for the others in the Blackbird. Ultimately, all of the X-Men went to the save Senator Kelly.

Powers and Abilities

Cyclops using his blast

Cyclops stores solar energy for discharge as powerful force beams fire from his eyes. However, he needs special material to contain his beams. This is why he is always wearing his visor or special ruby lensed glasses, which gives him the name Cyclops. The true strength of his powers have been measured, but not fully explained. His powers proved ineffective against the likes of Blob, but were shown to cause particular damage to Wolverine.


Cyclops takes his position on the X-Men very seriously, which sometimes gets him into a few conflicts with Wolverine who doesn't always obey his orders. He tends to be stoic, a bit uptight, and believes in doing things by the book, such as when he questions Professor Xavier about breaking into the Mutant Control Registration office to destroy the mutant files. He cares about his teammates greatly and has often regretted the decision he made when he left Beast and Morph behind during the Sentinel attack, which made him vow never to leave anyone behind again. There are also times when he can admit when he has made a mistake and tries to make things right for the team. Cyclops has an aura of authority and compassion and is very charismatic, extremely skilled at making decisions under pressure. Additionally, he seems to view Beast as a brother-figure and seems to love Jubilee, Rogue and Storm like sisters, hinting that he regards all the X-Men as family. His compassionate, sympathetic side is displayed when he goes back to the orphanage he once lived in and comforts a teen boy named Rusty, who is struggling with his pyrokinesis. He believes Rusty when the boy tells him that the man fostering him is dangerous, relating to him in the fact that he also has a hard time controlling his powers and that when he was growing up, he was unwanted by people who turned him away due to his mutation. Scott as a result goes and rescues Rusty and all the other mutant children from The Purple Man, showing how deeply he cares for others despite saying in that episode that he was sick of caring. He additionally shows his compassion and sympathy for Jubilee when he goes to talk to her foster parents about her mutant powers and her being kidnapped by the Sentinels, assuring the both of them, "You've done nothing wrong . . . you just wanted to help her . . . and you have." Him wanting to talk with Jubilee's foster family could be because he knows what it's like to not have a home and to feel rejected by people due to his own mutant powers that he struggles with controlling.


Jean Grey

The two were in love for quite some time before they got married. Following the death of Morph, Scott primarily comforted Jean during their loss. Jean had her turn to comfort Cyclops as the two went on a date one night and he expressed his distaste in what he believed was his failing to Xavier. However, Jean protested his statement, citing that he was doing the best he could and giving him encouragement to continue to support the team, all the while telling him to relax through his tense times. Scott concluded she was right and proclaimed that he would focus solely on her for the remainder of that night. During their captivity at the hands of the Morlocks, Scott and Jean cried out for each other. As Bishop accused the X-Men of harboring an assassin, Cyclops added that Jean couldn't have done it, believing in her innocence more so than her. Shortly after a rather climatic battle with Sentinels, Cyclops proposed to Jean for marriage.

Though she was initially hesitant, primarily due to not wanting her children to face the same prejudice they faced their whole lives, she eventually agreed after Cyclops revealed to want their lives that way. The two's wedding was attended by the fullness of the X-Men. However, the priest was not a priest at all and the marriage was void. Scott was devastated when Jean turned into the Phoenix and disappeared. They were then married for real. Their honey moon was cut short as Jean was abducted by Mister Sinister, whom continued to try and get DNA samples from her. During her absence, Scott felt guilty over her captivity and wondered why Mister Sinister would want only her.


Callisto was infatuated by Scott and wanted him for herself. She kidnapped him and tried to make him hers. However, he did not feel anything for her and the X-Men arrived to rescue him.


Scott and Dazzler were manipulated into spending time together. She seemed to show feelings for him but he was just being nice. They were forced together to make Phoenix jealous and leave him.

Charles Xavier

Scott looks up to Xavier like he would a father. During a date with Jean, he revealed to her that he was feeling great pain for letting him down. While Xavier was on what many considered his deathbed, he told Scott that he was the truest son one could ever have, causing Scott to sob profusely as he unraveled his words. Scott later looked on in sadness as Xavier rode into the sky.


Scott and Beast first meet during the formation of the original team of X-Men. Through the years, their friendship remained strong as they watched members come and go. After Beast was captured by humans and placed in jail, Cyclops was saddened over his incarceration and like the others, believed the act to be unjust.


The two were both rivals for Jean's affections. Logan left the two alone but that didn't mean he liked it. Prior to a date between Jean and Scott, Wolverine revealed his desires for Jean to her. After Cyclops and Jean were captured by the Morlocks and Wolverine held Cyclops' comatose body, he struggled to not kill the latter. Wolverine seemed to have redeemed himself, as he looked after Cyclops and prevented him from being hurt from an attack by Avalanche during an attempted assassination on Senator Kelly. The two worked with each other for the remainder of the event before separating upon its completion. While they often fought and wanted to choke each other, the two had a good chemistry together and when time allowed it, they worked well together and often bantered with each other.


Cyclops was primarily naive to Rogue's inner feelings of sadness over not being able to touch others. During a fight against Magneto, Cyclops was rendered unconscious. Rogue noticed his lack of breathing and used CPR on him to bring his breathing back. After doing so, she gained his powers. Cyclops instructed her on how to use his powers properly before passing out again. His first indication of her sadness was when Jean expressed her concern for Rogue to him.


Cyclops first met Jubilee during the latter's evacuation from the mall and running from Sentinels. After explaining to her who he was, he instructed her to get down and finished off the one chasing her, possibly being the one to transport her to the institute. He later on went to talk with Jubilee's foster family, telling them about Jubilee being kidnapped by the Sentinels, and reasoned with her foster dad that in putting Jubilee on the mutant registry, he was just trying to keep her safe and protect her, understanding that Jubilee's foster dad was manipulated into believing that the Mutant Registration was helping mutants. He would later join the group of X-Men dispatched to save her. During his choosing of X-Men to visit Genosha, Jubilee begged him to let her go. Cyclops willingly agreed, stating his belief that the island wasn't dangerous. He later came to her rescue once again after she was captured alongside Storm and Gambit. Jubilee attended his first wedding as the flower-girl. She often looked to him for his approval even though she was primarily Wolverine's sidekick. Cyclops showed himself to be protective over Jubilee and possibly saw her as a little sister of sorts, possibly because he was sympathetic towards her due to the both of them having been orphans after losing their families at a young age.


Scott was angry that his father left him and did not come back for him. However, Scott realized why his father did it and the two were at peace.

Mister Sinister

Cyclops first met Mister Sinister during his and Jean's honeymoon. After the two were kidnapped by the Nasty Boys, they met the man, whom harbored nefarious intentions for their DNA. Cyclops has from then on out, despised Mister Sinister with all of his being. He believes the villain is a sick and twisted individual, of which Sinister sees him as well as Jean and their DNA as the next age of mutation. When Sinister ordered and succeeded in Jean being captured, Cyclops was heartbroken, as he had wanted to protect his wife. He wondered why Sinister had chosen only to kidnap her and not him as well, as he had done previous times.


Sarah was a kind, sympathetic, caring woman and an old, childhood friend of Cyclops' when he lived at the orphanage who was there as a source of comfort for him after Jean's "death". She told him she always knew of his mutation and had compassion for him when no family wanted to take him in due to his lack of ability to control his abilities. She watched while they were kids as Cyclops was isolated, bullied and made to feel lonely over the fact that he had powers he could not control, trying to comfort him and be there for him while he stood alone. While it is possible they may have loved each other as more than friends when they were children, Cyclops most likely viewed Sarah to be like a sister to him, with Sarah telling him, "You were always my friend."


It is hinted that Morph looked at Cyclops and Jean like sibling figures. As a result, after Morph got put under Mr. Sinister's control, his feelings of hurt for being left behind by Cyclops outside the Mutant Registration office got manipulated into feelings of hatred for him. Morph posed as the minister officiating Jean and Cyclops' wedding day, which Cyclops hoped to be a joke. When Morph briefly came to his senses, Cyclops begged him to help him and Jean, telling Morph he was still an X-Men. When Morph got attacked by Mr. Sinister, Cyclops demanded Sinister leave Morph alone and stay away from his friends.


Cyclops is voiced by Norm Spencer. Spencer also voiced Drax on Silver Surfer. There are rumors that Spencer also voiced Havok.

When casting Cyclops, the producers had in mind a voice like a young Robert Stack, a young William Holden, and a young Robert Redford.[1]

The first version outside the comics to feature his open-hair uniform.

During the opening sequence, Cyclops is the only one seen out of uniform during the naming section. It was meant to show the horror of his out of control powers as a civilian rather than X-Man.[2]

Although not stated in the series Scott's brother, Alex, grew up to become the X-Factor member Havok. In the episode where the two meet they use their powers on each other but neither do any harm. Their confused look is to imply their relationship. In the comics the nature of their powers meant that the two could not harm each other.

Age of Apocalypse concept art

Cyclops, along with Jubilee, were the only main X-Men not to appear in the Age of Apocalypse seen in "One Man's Worth, Part One". In the comics, this Cyclops was a servant of Apocalypse and villain. Concept art created showed a vastly different version featuring a jacket, short hair like his normal version, and a small eye in the center for his beams.

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