Crimson Dynamo
CrimsonDynamo EMH
Real Name Anton Vanko
Alternate Identity Crimson Dynamo
Powers and Abilities Crimson Dynamo Armor
Team Affiliations Masters of Evil
Crimson Dynamo is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Anton Vanko uses a set of powerful armor to become the Crimson Dynamo. He is obsessed with taking down Iron Man and is a member of the Masters of Evil.


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Little is known about the history of Anton and his career as Crimson Dynamo.

He was held in the Vault when the breakout of the world's supervillains occurred.

He joined the Masters of Evil along with Baron Zemo, Amora, Executioner, Abomination, and Wonder Man. He helped the other members of the Masters of Evil take over Avengers Mansion and capture every Avengers except for Black Panther, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye. Zemo promised him he could kill Iron Man when everything had succeeded. Impatient, Dynamo blocked Zemo's path and asked him when and Zemo's answer was "When I say so." Dynamo agreed and stepped aside. He was later defeated by Wasp and Black Panther. He was then betrayed along with the others, though they managed to flee.

The Masters of Evil then divided themselves to split the Avengers. He fought Captain America but was transported to Hel. He was attacked by spirits and ran screaming in terror.

As with the Avengers, the Masters of Evil returned to Earth. For revenge, he attacked Amora and Executioner. However, they trapped him until Iron Man and Hawkeye arrived. He was taken away to Prison 42.


Crimson Dynamo was voiced by Chris Cox.

In the Comics

Anton was a Russian scientist who invented the Crimson Dynamo armor to generate electricity. He then defected to the United States. Black Widow was sent to recapture the armor, and Anton sacrificed himself to protect Iron Man.

Many other people, almost all Russians, used similar armor to become the Crimson Dynamo.

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