Crimson Dynamo
Crimson Dynamo
Real Name Yuri
Alternate Identity Crimson Dynamo
Powers and Abilities Crimson Dynamo Armor
Team Affiliations AIM
Allies Walter Stark (Clone)

Yuri, also known as the Crimson Dynamo, is a Russian supervillain who uses a powerful armor.


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Little is known about the early life of Yuri.

He began working with AIM and the clone of Walter Stark. The clone infiltrated Stark Enterprises and deceived Walter's son Tony into thinking his father was alive. However, the deception was discovered and the clone fled, but was never seen again.

At some point, Yuri acquired Stark Enterprises technology and incorporated it into his suit, or he had originally built the suit using the technology. He went to Russia and ended up causing a missile silo to explode killing himself in the process. Tony analyzed the Crimson Dynamo armor and discovered his technology within, igniting the Armor Wars.


William Hootkins voiced Crimson Dynamo in "Not Far From the Tree" while Stu Rosen voiced him in "The Armor Wars, Part One".

The armor is based on Valentin Shatalov, the sixth Crimson Dynamo, while he is called Yuri in reference to the fourth version Yuri Petrovich.

In the Comics

While Iron Man did target Crimson Dynamo in the armor wars, the Russian did not start it. He found his technology in another armor based villain named Force.

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