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Count Dracula
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Real Name Vlad Dracula III
Alternate Identity Count Dracula
Vlad the Impaler
Powers and Abilities Vampirism
Drinks Blood
Transforms into Bat and Smoke
Creates Other Vampires
Enhanced Strength
Weather Manipulation
Team Affiliations Transylvanians
Allies Satan
Family and Friends Frank Drake (Great-Grandson)
Dolores (Wife)
Janus (Son)
Count Dracula is from the Non MAU video Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.

Vlad Dracula III, also known as Count Dracula and Vlad the Impaler, was the king of the vampires, sovereign of the damned, and personification of evil. He was once a powerful leader in ancient Transylvania. He was resurrected by Satan to become a villain that gained infamy throughout the centuries.


Early Vlad

Little is known about the early mortal life of Vlad Dracula III. It is known he came from a titled and wealthy family and was given the title of count.

At some point he had children, but little is known about them.

Ancient Ruler

In the year 1456, Vlad was made ruler of his country deep in the Balkans region of Transylvania. Despite its small size, the land was quite beautiful and fertile. The climate was ideal, the soil rich, the water from the nearby mountains was clear, and food was bountiful.

Vlad dedicated his life to protecting it. He lived in a large castle that was majestic in the sunlight. It was adorned with many gargoyles and statues.

Castle Dracula

The people lived in a peaceful and gorgeous little town at the base of the mountain where the castle sat. He was a generous ruler causing his people to prosper and were deeply loyal to him.

They did not bother to threaten their neighboring nations. However, the people would fearlessly defend what was theirs from invaders. They were known for their skills with spears.

Leader of men

Vlad led vast armies of his people into battle several times. He wore elaborate armor while handling a strong sword. He went into battle atop a large black horse with white hair.

The Impaler

He defended his nation against the Bulgarians, Hungarians, and even the great barbarian Attila the Great.

Onward towards victory

The opposing armies charged his nation on their horses with spears in hand. Vlad's armies charged with their swords. Their battles spilled vast amounts of blood across the lands, but he always emerged victorious.

The invaders kept up their attacks attempting to take his land, and each time Vlad's army would repel them. Though always defeated, the invaders continued to return.

He continued to ride his horse to lead his people into battle slashing at the enemy below. His actions creating a large pool of blood.

Vlad became desperate to stop the attacks that were killing his people. He decided to send a terrible message to all those who crossed him using his own savage methods.

A dark warning to all

He took the bodies of his fallen enemies and skewered them on large spears. He put up hundreds, possibly thousands, of these spears along the boarders to ward off any force attempting an invasion.

He felt this was the only way to speak to the barbarians.

The bodies drew dark crows to the area who would land and pick the bodies apart. However, enemies continued attacking his lands. He kept up his impalement, even lining the road to his castle.

It eventually worked, and most of his enemies lost the will to fight after seeing the gruesome sights. He became known as a gruesome lord and was called Vlad the Impaler.

Praying for forgiveness, strength, or maybe both

Vlad became disturbed by his actions. He was ashamed at what he had to do in the pursuit of peace, feeling he had become the butcher he was fighting thus damaging his very soul. He sought guidance from God and would kneel before his cross.


His actions inadvertently had the opposite effect of what he hoped. His enemies sought revenge for their disgrace at Vlad's hands and he ended up being attacked by all sides.

Vlad met his enemies once more by leading another charge atop his horse. Unfortunately, his enemies had a new goal: not the invasion of the land but the murder of its leader.

His enemies joined forces and launched a massive attack upon the land. Vlad fought, but his horse was injured and killed. He continued to use his sword to fend off the oncoming spears.

The bigger they are

Eventually in the year 1462, his enemies proved too much for him. Arrows began piercing his body. The attack overwhelmed him and he fell.

He cried out as one by one the arrows struck. His vision turned blue as the arrows continued to pierce his body.

The harder they fall

Vlad's blood poured out onto the ground, eventually dying in his own pool of red.

Vlad Dracula III was buried in a cemetery in his land. His people erected a massive tombstone for him.


Evil takes notice

Normally a man's death would be the end of his story. However, Vlad's reputation stretched all the way to Hell reaching the ears of Satan. The dark lord of evil decided to use Vlad Dracula for his own purposes.

Satan appeared within the cemetery of Dracula. He raises his massive arms and fired bolts of energy at Dracula's tombstone shattering it.

The dark lord looked down to see the unearthed coffin of Dracula. He imbued the fallen leader with some of his own unholy powers, converting him from a deceased man to the world's first vampire.

Given new purpose

Dracula's arm then burst out of the coffin, his eyes glowing red. He was then Satan's slave, neither living nor dead. Dracula rose from his grave bursting out of his coffin.

From leader to slave

Dracula stood and his feet before his new master. Satan raised his arms and altered Dracula's tattered armor, the ones he died in, into a black suit with cape.

The once proud warlord was rewarded for all his sins in life with undeath.

A new world open to him

Dracula raised his own arms and transformed into a bat. He flew away from the cemetery. The newly created vampire flew near his castle then away, now the Prince of Vampires.

Unfortunately, the price for Dracula's newfound immortality was the unsatisfiable lust to drink blood. He would have to drink or else grow weak though he would still not die.

Additionally, he could no longer bear to look upon the symbol of the cross, formerly a symbol of hope for him. He found it caused him terror and he would have to shrink away from it. It reminded him of the eternal damnation that awaited him. Anytime he neared one, it would glow with burning energy and burn him. The Bible and Holy Water also repelled him for similar reasons.

The vampires were not unkillable. Others found that their unlife could be ended with massive trauma to the heart. The most common way was to hammer a wooden stake into the vampire's chest. He could also be injured with silver.

Death-like sleep

The light of the sun would destroy him, so he needed to remain in darkness. He slept during the day and performed his dark deeds at night.

Also, he cast no reflection in any mirror. This often gave his true nature away to those who saw.


His own people turned to vampires

For five hundred years, Dracula fed his unending lust. He killed many people to satisfy himself, and many others were turned into vampires themselves. He started with the people in his own land. These spawn of his spread themselves out into the world, some enjoying their newfound abilities and others cursing Dracula for making them this way.

He created a vampire out of a Transylvanian woman Mallisa and man named Sir Tomo, but Dracula had little respect for this man. Dracula had promised to make Mallisa his wife, but for reasons unknown he left her behind.

The once great castle fallen to ruins

Eventually the area that was once his home turned into a desolate wasteland. His castle fell into ruin and began crumbling. The few people that remained would barricade themselves inside at night to protect themselves from the undead.

His occasional resting place

Dracula tended to stay near his castle, though he occasionally ventured away. He moved his coffin, repairing its top, into the basement of his home. During the day he would sleep in it.

He had become the personification of the conflict between life and death. He was neither living nor was he dead. Though he was still tormented by the passions of mortals.

Stoker's Story

Many people tried to kill him over the years. However, none succeeded. the two who came closest were named Jonathan Harker and Abraham Van Helsing. It is unknown what exactly started this conflict.

Dracula fought the two men then returned to his empty and ruined castle. Outside, wolves howled at the moon as clouds passed by.

While the count slept, the two vampire hunters sneaked into his castle one night, going into the depths of the castle. Since it was so dark, they carried a single lamp to light their way.

They found the passage to the basement where Dracula's coffin rested. They stood in the doorway shrouded by the shadows with only the lamp to see their way. They walked down the stairs and found the coffin.

Trying to kill the monster

They stood at the coffin, Jonathan holding the light while Abraham held a hammer and wooden stake. Jonathan bent over and opened the coffin's lid. Abraham shone the light to illuminate the sleeping form of Dracula. Abraham held the stake over Dracula's heart and prepared the hammer.

Startled awake

Dracula suddenly woke up shocking the two hunters. Dracula rose out of the coffin and raised his arms.

He descended on Abraham and picked him up. Jonathan could do nothing as he bit down on the old man's neck killing him.

Jonathan dropped the lamp breaking it. Dracula turned towards him and the wind blew the flames out. He approached the man and killed him.

Eyes in the dark

Dracula stood over the bodies of the two dead men as his eyes pulsated red.

Passage of Time

Over the centuries, cities began to grow. They illuminated the darkness of the night with their mass of lights. They even made movies about vampires.

Meanwhile, he grew to hate Satan for all that he did to him. He despised the dark lord for turning him into an inhuman monster that required death to live. He sought a way to make him pay.

Count Dracula's name became synonymous with horror. The people of Europe learned too much about him. They organized in an attempt to hunt and kill him.

Eventually he could no longer operate as he once did. He decided it was time to leave to a new land.


He boarded a cargo ship that was bound for the United States of America. Dracula felt the people there were more interested in material objects than in spiritual matters, and would consider them nothing more than mere superstition.

The ship sailed across the ocean through dense fog. Several bats, whether they were vampires or normal animals, hung off of polls on the ship.

While in America, he turned a woman named Layla into a vampire.

Additionally, the son of Jonathan Harker, Hans Harker, took up his father's legacy and began hunting him. He became a constant pain in Dracula's side, but Dracula always prevailed in their confrontations.

Home away from home

Eventually Dracula made his way to Boston. There he acquired a large mansion on the outskirts of town near Brookline deep in a forest.


He discovered a cult dedicated to Satan called the Fellowship of the Black Mass. The cult was based out of an old church just outside the city.

He also discovered that the cult intended to present a bride to Satan. Seeking his chance for revenge, Dracula transformed into a bat and flew over the city to the church, passing a large clocktower along the way. His intentions was to steal the bride away from his dark creator and kill her.

Dracula waited outside. A storm gathered and lightning struck near the church.

Doesn't need an invitation

He heard the church's priest chant an invocation to their master Lucifer. Dracula turned into a bat and flew through the window breaking it.

He entered seeing an alter in front of the cult as well as a pentagram carved into the woods. Candles were at each point of the symbol, providing the only light in the room.

Mistaken identity

The force of his wings blew out the flames. He swooped down and transformed into his normal vampire form on top of the alter. The cult stared as he appeared.

The priest, believing his ritual worked, told his people that this was Satan, the ruler of their cult. He told them that Satan could give them immortality and destroy those that did not believe in him.

He continued on saying that they looked forward to his rule over the Earth. They then offered their guest an offering of a mortal bride.

Dracula simply stood and watched over the cult as they knelt before him. He called to the chosen bride, Dolores, to step forward.

Love at first sight

One of the women stood and walked to the altar, keeping her head bowed. She approached Dracula and knelt before him. The priest said that this would help to bring Satan's reign over the planet one stop closer.

The priest told the cult to be happy for Dolores, now the bride of Satan. She then looked up into the count's eyes.

Stiring with unholy desires

The vampire lord was suddenly shocked by her beauty. He forgot all his plans. When he saw her submit herself to him he knew he had to make her his. His desire for Dolores overcame his need for revenge.

Taking the bride of Satan

The priest praised the two as they stared into each others' eyes. Dracula's eyes glowed red and he wrapped his cape around her. He tore off her cult robes, transformed into a bat, and flew off.

As he left, the cult believed that Lucifer had accepted their offer.

Change of Heart

He flew in the Boston sky through the clouds, moving away from the moon shining its light on the city. He flew above a park to his empty mansion.

Carrying the new bride

Dracula carried the woman, now having passed out, into his home and set her on the bed. He stared at her beautiful body, still wearing a white dress she was wearing underneath the robe.

The woman stirred feelings in him he had not felt in a long time. He decided to make her a vampire so she could be immortal like him and released from her mortal bonds. They could then be together forever.

His look moved from her body to her neck. His eyes glowed red and he extended his vampire fangs. He leaned closer to her neck.

Letting her live

However, some force stopped him and he found he could not follow through with her death and resurrection. He began to pull away and tried to move in once again.

He stopped and stood up. He began to question how a monster like himself could feel something like love. He did not want to bite the woman, but knew his hunger for blood had returned.

Still needs to feed

Dracula knew he still needed someone's blood to sustain himself. He went to the window and transformed into a bat. He went out and flew away over the city.

Night Stalker

Dracula made his way to the Boston Airport, just as an airplane from Yatsirt Airways took off.

Just food for him

He saw that a woman was alone on the roof. His eyes glowed red as he swooped in towards her. When she saw what that a bat was approaching him, she screamed and turned to run.

He transformed into his normal self and extended his fangs. He swooped in and bit her neck. As the blood drained from her body, her skin turned a ghostly blue.

Another one bites the dust

She eventually stopped struggling. He held her arms apart as she finally died.

However, this was not enough for him. He needed more blood to survive so that he could spare his new bride.

The count ventured into the city. He found another woman walking down the street. She passed a drunk homeless man who rested nearby. Sensing the drunk was not a threat, he decided to attack the woman.

His eyes glowed as he watched her come near him. She looked up and saw the glow.

Next unsuspecting victim

Dracula emerged from the darkness of the street and came for her. He took the woman in his arms. The homeless man watched from his resting spot.

He neared her neck and bit down. She went limp as her blood was drained and her body turned blue. She uttered a faint moan as she died.

And another one gone

The woman's hand fell to her side. Dracula continued draining her blood in full view of the man. He stopped when the man spilled his bottle of alcohol all over the sidewalk.

Once he was done, the count turned into a bat and flew off.


Dracula lived with Dolores in his home. He continued his charade as Satan despite his love for her.

A stroll through the park

They began going out together to enjoy each others company. They would walk through the city's park. He cared for her making her feel special.

Leading a normal life

They would eat dinner in a fancy restaurant on top of a skyscraper.

The two walked down the street past all the stores in the area, looking into each one. Once, they stopped and looked into a dress store where the two hugged.

For transportation, they kept a horse and buggy rather than a more modern automobile.

At some point through some means he got her pregnant with a child. Eventually, on Christmas Eve she was taken to Boston Hospital where his son was born. They named him Janus.

Keeping an eye from afar

A large bell rang as two people stood in Dolores's room. Dracula, as a bat, flew past the room and towards a clock tower. He flew around the tower and back towards the hospital as he heard his baby's cry.

He flew despite the snow.

The months went by and Dracula cared for his new mortal child, providing him with a loving home for all three of them.

Full Disclosure

About a year after he first met Dolores, Dracula held his infant son u near a chandelier he had up in his house. He told Janus what a great son he was and hugged him.

He told the boy that it was time for bed and put him in his crib. Dolores watched them with a smile on her face.

With the boy resting, he turned to face her. He revealed that he had kept a secret from her. She wondered why he would do such a thing.

Dracula explained that while he is not mortal, he was not Lucifer as he had led her to believe.

Revealing the truth

He walked over to her and turned her so they could both see the mirror in the room. She saw only herself standing there.

Dracula explained that he is a vampire and explains he is a victim of Satan who made him this way. He then lamented that he was hated and feared by all of humanity.

Dolores revealed that she did not hate him, and explained that she knew he was Dracula not Lucifer. She went on saying that the moment their eyes meant she sensed his feelings inside, somehow knowing he was not Satan.

The vampire asked why she would marry him if she knew he was lying. She explained that she thought of him as the hope for herself. She felt that their love could turn them both away from evil and towards good. She hoped that their love would defeat Satan.

Dracula grabbed her and decided to tell his wife about himself before he became a slave of Satan. He explained to her who he was before, his struggles to protect his kingdom, his death and resurrection, how he came to the United States, and meeting her.

Afterwards, he revealed that he had fallen in love with a mortal women. They both looked down at their child.

Screaming for joy

He went on to say that she made him feel emotions like love and joy again, feeling he had forgotten about them long ago.

Dolores then decided to explain herself to him why she offered herself as the bride of Satan. She said that she too had lost her humanity, the reason she gave herself up.

She claimed that in her whole life, no one ever made her feel loved or wanted. However, that changed when she saw Dracula.

She recalled their dates together. They would talk and for the first time Dolores met someone who talked to her not at her.

New lease on life

Dracula told her he actually cared about what she thought. Dolores felt no other woman ever felt such love. She knew that such a man could not be pure evil.

Dolores claimed that she sympathized with Dracula. But she felt that their love was worth suffering for. The two embraced then looked down at Janus as their son laughed.


Some time later, a black dove flew to the mansion and Dolores grabbed it. She looked at the bird and found a note attached to its leg. She saw that it was from the Black Mass.

Dracula pulled it off the bird and read it aloud. The congratulated them on the baby and said that the cult wished to baptize Janus to place him under Satan's protection.

Full of himself

Upon hearing this, Dolores grew afraid. She knew the priest was a vengeful person who could not be trusted.

Dracula laughed at this. He felt he could handle any normal human being. He believed that the protection they could offer would be valuable to their son.

A family outing

The vampire hooked up the buggy to their horse and the three of them left for the cult's church. Dolores cradled the baby in her arms while Dracula drove.

Dracula guided the buggy through the city and eventually made his way to the church. Once there, he pulled the vehicle into the driveway.

He helped Dolores down as she carried Janus. Dracula opened the church doors and the three of them entered.


Inside, the three of them went down the main hall to the front of the church. They stopped and gazed upon the alter, which had been prepared for them.

Dracula noticed that no one was there. He wondered if the invitation was some kind of cruel joke.

His insight proved all too true, as metal coverings closed over the windows. Each window then had a glowing cross on it preventing his escape.

Bad reaction

Dracula shrunk away from the symbols in terror. Dolores was shocked when she found that each and every window was closed to them.

The vampire lord screamed in pain as the crosses around him glowed when he neared. Suddenly, the cult's priest rose and laughed.

Trapped like mice

Dracula demanded to know what was happening. The mortal accused Dracula of sacrilege for using Satan's name and stealing his intended bride. The priest then sentenced Dracula to death.

The priest held up a pistol threatening him. Dracula tried to reason with the man, since he could not be hurt by the weapon but his wife and son could. He told the priest that he would not be hurt by such weapons.

However, the priest revealed that he knew this since Satan gave him his powers. He then threatened that Satan could take them away. The priest revealed that he had silver bullets in the gun, which would kill him.

Protecting his loved ones

He also knew that with all the crosses around Dracula had no strength to fight him. Dracula looked around and screamed as each cross glowed.

The priest fired the gun. Dracula dissipated into a cloud of smoke to avoid damage. Unfortunately, the bullet passed through him and hit his son, Janus.

Dolores realized that Janus had been shot when she saw the blanket wrapped around him begin to bleed. She knelt down and held her dying son. The priest started to back away.

The price of immortality is seeing those around you die

Dracula reappeared out of the smoke. He ran over to Dolores and Janus. He hugged his wife while she cried. She told him that Janus was dead.


The priest claimed that he did not mean to shoot the child. Dracula pulled out his fangs and began glowing his eyes as he whipped around to scare the man.

This caused the priest to run away. Dracula leaped into the air after him. He landed on the man and began chocking him.

Back to old habits

He picked up the priest and threw him into the alter. The man's mask fell off and he began to bleed out of his mouth as he died.

Dracula looked over and saw the crosses still glowing. He grew angry that God would allow the death of his innocent child. He vowed to destroy the church.

He grabbed one of the columns and threw it against another. Dolores looked up to see her husband's rage.

Dracula tore another column from its foundation and hurled it aside. It hit another column and the roof began to shake.

Violent temper

Undeterred, he grabbed another column and threw it. This one hit the door's covering knocking it down.

The vampire ruler continued throwing columns. The destruction allowed a man in a wheelchair and cane, a woman with a crossbow, boy with a rifle, and a dog to enter the church.

Dracula knocked another column over causing debris to fall on the priest. He stopped and walked over to the priest.

Children of His Enemies

Just then he was shot in the shoulder by the man in the wheelchair. Dolores was shocked by the sudden appearance of the vampire hunters.

Dracula recognized the man in the wheelchair as Hans Harker, son of Quincy who he killed so long ago. He realized the woman was Rachel Van Helsing, granddaughter of Abraham. He sensed that the boy was a descendant of his, Frank Drake.

Attacked by hounds

Hans told the others to attack and the dog, Elijah, to pin him down. Dracula turned to see the dog in time. He grabbed him and threw the animal to the side.

Frank ran up and tried to kick his grandfather. Dracula dodged the attack. Elijah caught himself and faced off against the vampire.

Frank tried some more martial arts kicks and punches, but Dracula simply dodged them. Elijah then jumped on his back before leaping off. Frank continued his assault to no avail.

Family feud

Dracula grabbed his grandson's leg and threw him to the side. Elijah ran over to protect the boy. Dracula approached him and slapped the dog away.

He was suddenly fired upon by an arrow. Dracula turned and easily deflected the weapons. She fired two more for her grandfather, but the attack did nothing.

The vampire lord leaped up and grabbed the girl. He knocked the dog away as Elijah attacked him again. Dracula began chocking Rachel.

Getting too much for him

Hans fired his gun hitting him in the shoulder. Dracula screamed in pain, throwing Rachel into Hans so they were both knocked over.

Dracula walked over to them preparing to attack. Hans tried to crawl away.

Becoming the enemy again

Suddenly Dolores called out to her husband to stop. She asked him to stop the killing, claiming that nothing would bring their baby back. She did not want him to take his revenge out on these people. She then cried into the corpse of their baby.


Dracula realized what he was doing and that she was correct. He leaped out of the hole in the building, transforming into a bat to fly away into the night sky.


He flew up to the top of a building and returned to his normal form. He screamed out into the night demanding to know why his son was killed but he was not.

Dracula commanded nature to mourn his son with a great storm.

Suddenly, the planet answered his cries as clouds formed overhead. Lightning pierced the sky and heavy rains began to fall.

Even nature follows his wrath

Dracula continued to scream out in torment.

The vampire began living in a cave high on a mountain. Several bats were already living in the cave. He watched over Dolores from afar, though never getting too close to know he was around, as she mourned for their son. Janus was buried in a cemetery outside of Boston.

During this time, Dracula refused to drink the blood of humans.

Will of God

Sensing the power of God

One evening, Dracula was kneeling in the cave along with the natural residents who hung upside down from the roof. Suddenly he saw a bright light illuminating the darkness inside.

He recognized the light as that of the Heavenly Light of Revival and realized it was coming from the cemetery containing his son.

The count went to the mouth of the cave and saw that it was coming from directly over his son's grave. He realized that Heaven was resurrecting his son.

He knew that Janus would be sent to kill him, pitting heavenly powers against his own demonic powers.

Off to stop the forces of good

As the light began to fade the sun went down. Dracula transformed into a bat and flew towards the cemetery. He intended to stop the process before it could finish.

As he neared the cemetery, the light began to hurt him. However, he was determined to stop the resurrection and continued on his way enduring the pain.

Family Reunion

Can't stand up against the forces of good

He flew into the cemetery but the light was finally too much in his weakened state and he was knocked away. He returned to his normal form and fell among the tombstones.

Dracula stood and saw his reborn son, who was turned into a full grown man wearing a suit of blue having long blonde hair and solid red eyes. He ran to his child saying that God would not turn his son against him.

Too much for him

Dracula ran and leaped at the adult form of his son. Dolores called out to him not to hurt their son. However, Dracula did not even get close and was knocked away.

Dracula stood once more as the bright light of God began to disappear. Janus landed on the ground nearby.

Dolores ran to Janus, but did not recognize the man. She did not believe the man was her son until he called her mother. When she realized the truth she embraced him.

Not needed anymore

Dracula agonized that his son would try to destroy him. He turned and fled.

Hunter Becomes Hunted

Too distracted

Dracula made his way into town to an empty street. He wandered down the road exhausted. He stumbled over a trash can.

The vampire realized that despite his attempts he needed to drink blood to survive.

He heard footsteps and looked up to see a woman walking down the street. He began staring at her neck as she walked by.

His eyes turned red with blood lust. He readied his fans intending to attack her.

Son finds the father

However, he was stopped by a bright light shining behind him. He turned to see a golden hawk flying down to him.

The hawk became Janus, a holy version of his bat transformation, who landed nearby. Janus told his father that he would not allow him to murder anyone else. Dracula demanded that the man not call him father.

The son now a weapon of God

Janus agreed, arguing that this would make it easier for him to destroy Dracula. The count promised to show him how he survived for five-hundred years.

Dracula walked towards his holy attacker and leaped at him. Janus leaped into the air and over his father. Dracula headed towards him as he turned.

Fighting the powers of good

Dracula made another attack though once again Janus jumped over him. Janus's eyes began to glow yellow, in contrast to his own, and fired powerful beams at Dracula.

More forms at his disposal

The vampire was weakened but leaped into the air to become a cloud of fog. He floated over to a nearby rooftop and returned to his normal form.

Dracula realized that his son had inherited some of his powers, reasoning that this was why he was resurrected. Dracula promised that he had more powers to come.

The count raised his arms and called forth a great storm cloud. Lighting struck and a funnel of fire came down.

The funnel struck at Janus, who leaped back quickly. With his son distracted, Dracula jumped into the air and became a bat. He flew off over the city.

To the Rescue

Sensing a disturbance

Dracula returned to his cave to hide. He suddenly heard the terrified screams of his wife and looked up to the opening. Getting angry, he stood.

The other bats in the cave flew out sensing his fury. He believed that the Black Mass was behind her screams. He transformed into a bat and flew out of the cave.

He flew past the rocks outside the cave and over the city. He made his way to the forest where the cult's church was located.

Returning to the unholy place

Dracula flew back into the large hole he had made before and returned to normal. He stood and gazed around at the devastation he had caused.

He then saw Dolores lying on the altar. He ran over and grabbed her asking to hear her speak. Dolores woke claiming that she was fine.

Still love there

The two embraced. She then wondered who had brought her there. Dracula knew it was a trap.

Meet His Maker

Being called home

Suddenly, the booming voice of Satan welcomed them taunting the two. Dracula invoked his title at the sovereign of all damned souls to command the Prince of Darkness to appear.

A bright light appeared in the doorway, causing Dracula much pain. Satan explained that it was he who commands Dracula, not the other way around.

Going back to Hell

Just then a spiral of flames moved towards the two. Soon the entire church was engulfed in horrible flames. Fires spewed from every corner and swirled around.

A place without God, without hope

Dolores and Dracula stood in shock. The count wondered where they were. Satan appeared before them in gigantic proportions. He answered his servant's question that this was their home, Hell.

Satan informed him that Dracula would soon die. Dolores was terrified but Dracula told him to get on with it. Satan laughed while Dracula claimed to be ready to die.

Satan asked why his servant would betray him. Dracula countered that he did serve him well. The dark lord stated that the vampire would pay severely for giving his enemies hope. Dracula grasped in fear.

Alone against the dark lord

Satan explained that Dolores meant nothing to him, though it was an insult when Dracula took the woman and loved her. He pointed out that love was the worst crime in his eyes, and that Dracula was expressly forbidden from loving. Yet they had created a child together.

Dracula pleaded with his master that whatever happened to him that Dolores would be left alone. Satan laughed and explained that Janus got his powers from his mother, not his father as Dracula had thought. He explained that the power would threaten his empire.

Dolores claimed she was just an ordinary mortal with no powers. Satan pointed his massive finger at her reassuring them that she did have an awesome power. He claimed that once she got control over the power, it would be used to help mankind undoing centuries of his work. He intended to destroy Dracula for punishment and Dolores for his protection.

Dracula vowed to protect his wife, promising to stop Satan.

Hit with strange energies

Satan fired beams of energies out of his eyes hitting Dracula and causing him to scream out in pain. When the energies stopped, Dracula fell to the ground. Dolores knelt and checked on her husband.

Strange occurrences

Strange bubbles then appeared all around them. Dolores stood and begged Satan to stop. The dark lord simply laughed as his eyes glowed once more. Dolores raised her hand once again begging him to stop.

Satan fired beams once again but they stopped when they hit her hand. Suddenly, a bright light began shining from her.

The light forced Satan's energies back and soon hit him in the eyes. Satan stopped and grabbed his head in pain.

Dolores faced her fallen husband again as the bubbles disappeared. Satan continued to thrash around in pain.

He was powerless against his creator

Dracula woke up feeling strange. However, before he could think about he saw Satan screaming. The dark lord stopped his thrashing and looked at the two.

He claimed that Dolores finally found the power to stop him. He went on saying that while he cannot exact his revenge then, he promised he would.

Satan bid them to leave and waved his arms. Dracula and Dolores were pushed back into the blackness.

Going back to Earth

Dracula grabbed his wife in their tumble and they landed. The darkness dissipated revealing that they were sent back to their mansion.

Mortal Again

Happy again

Dolores was happy to be home and hugged her husband. As she did, Dracula saw something he had not in five-hundred years and thought impossible. He saw his reflection in the mirror.

A sight for sore eyes

Dracula was shocked when he realized that Satan's attack had made him mortal.

Leaving home for his own selfish reasons

Too stunned to speak, the count left Dolores and walked out of the mansion. It was the last they ever saw of each other.

The now mortal man wandered towards the city. He knew that if he wanted him immortality and dark powers back he would need to find one of his vampire children to turn him back.

Concerned with more pressing matters

He stumbled through the city streets. As he did, he passed Frank, Rachel, and Eljiah. If he noticed them he made no mention of it and they did not bother him.

The ancient human eventually made his way to New York City. He knew of recent reports of a vampire there and he knew it was a woman named Layla.

Wandering the city streets, he stumbled around in the night while searching for Layla. However, he found that after five-hundred years he was hungry for normal food.

He decided he needed money to purchase food, apparently having lost whatever money he previously had. He spotted a couple walking away from him. He decided to sneak up behind them and steal their money.

Dracula grabbed the man and put him in a choke hold. The woman stepped back and screamed. The man told the count that his money was in his pocket, but he began chocking.

No concern for anyone in the way of his goal

Dracula grabbed the man's wallet and dropped him. The man fell without a sound. The woman yelled out that their attacker had killed him, pleading for help.

On the run with nothing to help him

Dracula quickly checked the wallet and took what money he found. He dropped it and ran down the street. He heard people yelling after him to give chase.

He found that two men were chasing him. He quickly hid in an alley so the two would run past. After they left, Dracula peaked his head out. He realized that at the moment he was nothing more than a common thief.

A mortal meal

He made his way to a restaurant called Restaurant King near 75 St.. He entered the business and sat at a table. His first normal food in five-hundred years was a mere hamburger.

Following his meal, he left to resume his hunt for Layla.

Woman Scorned

Walking amongst the people

While in a park, Dracula found Layla with a man though she now had red hair. He walked through several street vendors watching the couple and noted her changed hair.

He followed them out of the park and into the city streets going past several stoops. The two walked up to one stoop and into the building.

Night stalker

Dracula stopped and watched them enter. Once they were out of sight he proceeded forward once more.

The count entered the building. He spotted a flight of stairs immediately in the door and proceeded up. He found the floor the two were one, went down the hall, and walked to the door they were in.

Breaking and entering

Dracula entered the apartment and found the man pouring himself some wine. The man confronted his intruder, but Dracula swatted him away with his still respectable strength. The man hit the wall passing out, and Layla called out to him.

The count ordered his servant to come. Layla recognized the voice and opened the curtain to the shower, where she had been. She was garbed in her traditional vampire outfit with a cape and crown.

The woman walked up to Dracula, berating him for spoiling her dinner. She then asked why he was there.

Now at the mercy of his own creation

Dracula explained that he had confronted Satan, who then took away his powers making him mortal. Layla grew interested and began walking around him. She claimed that his situation suited him now, except for the clothing.

Dracula begged her to help. Layla stopped behind him and Dracula restated his request. Layla agreed and readied her fangs.

The count turned and thanked her. Layla came closer snarling, causing Dracula to react instinctively with disgust.

Shrinking away at the last moment

She raised her hand and scratched him with a sharpened fingernail. Dracula screamed in pain.

Layla revealed that she was angry that Dracula forced her into this existence against her will. She transformed into a bat and attacked Dracula.

Realizing his empire was built on fear he no longer has

He was forced to fend her off and asked her to stop. However, Layla came around for another attacking saying she would never help him.

Dracula pushed her away only for her to fly around and attack again. She told him good riddance as she broke through the window and flew away.

Hopes dashed

He ran out of the building to the front. He saw her flying around and asked her to return. Layla said her good bye and left him alone. Defeated once more, Dracula collapsed onto the ground.


Suddenly the Heavenly light appeared once more. Dracula looked up to see a hawk approaching and transform into Janus.

Accepting his fate

Dracula accepted his fate, realizing he had nothing to fight with, and asked that his end be quick. Janus explained that he was tasked with destroying any and all servants of Lucifer. He could no longer harm Dracula as long as he was mortal.

The father explained that he saw Janus's mother use the Heavenly power, saying how strong it was. Janus reassured him that he would use his power against the count should he ever become a vampire again.

No threat to each other

Dracula then stood and fixed his cape. He said he had to try and could not accept the thought of death.

He realized that he could find the solution back in Transylvania and walked past Janus. The son stood there watching him go.

A man without a home

He wandered through the New York streets, the last he would ever wander in America.

Return Home

Somehow, Count Dracula returned to his homeland of Transylvania.


He wandered down a road through the forest at night. Off in the distance, a wolf howled. However, his efforts made him weak and he stumbled and fell.

He looked up and saw a cemetery through the fog. A bat flew through the trees. He knew that some of his servants were buried there.

Dracula entered and stumbled around before falling at a grave. He saw the tombstone of Mallisa, who had died in the 1400s. He recognized the name and began digging her up.

One last hope

With his bare hands, he pulled the dirt away from the grave. Soon he uncovered the coffin and lifted up the lid. He saw the undead body of Mallisa, and asked her to forgive him for waking her up.

He reached down and asked her to wake. Soon her yellow eyes opened and Mallisa sat up. She was glad to finally see him again.

A moment of pain to live forever

Dracula explained that he was mortal again. He asked her to turn him into a vampire once more. Mallisa prepared to bite his throat and closed in.

No friends or allies

However, she stopped and began to laugh. She told Dracula that she would not do it. He demanded to know why she would disobey her master.

Mallisa explained that he was no longer the lord of the undead as he had become human. She went on to say that all vampires knew he married a human woman and fathered a human child, explaining this was the reason Satan stripped him of his powers.

She said they had a new master, showing no sorrow for Dracula's plight. She had promised to marry their new master, Sir Tomo. Dracula was angered that Tomo would declare himself master.

Man Without A Country

Along against his own forces

Soon, the other vampires in the cemetery awoke. They burst through their coffins and emerged from the ground all around Dracula and Mallisa. The disgusting creatures stood and surrounded their former master.

Dracula demanded to know what was going on. Mallisa explained that Tomo ordered his death and that they intended to obey.

He should not have burned his bridges

The count tried to command the others as their true master. However, the vampires ignored him. He ordered them to go away but they continued walking towards him.

The group transformed into bats. They swarmed Dracula attacking him. He screamed in pain at their betrayal.

Dracula tried to protect himself but there were too many of them. He pushed them away, but fell to the ground. A cut on the top of his head began bleeding.

He stood and slowly made his way out of the cemetery. He started to run while the bats continued to attack. He made his way down a hill and started running.

Night of the Undead

Searching for any safe haven

Dracula eventually spotted a small cottage. With no where else to run, he decided to head there. As he made his way down he fell from exhaustion, grabbing a cart for support.

He got up and began pounding on the locked door. The bats continued their attack. Dracula continued pounding on the door asking the residents to save him from the vampires.

Now reliant on children for help

The door opened and Dracula quickly stumbled in. He saw three children, one named Billy, each with a cross around their neck.

He ordered them to close the door and Billy does before any bats could get in. The vampires began clawing at the door.

A young girl was surprised by the sound of their ferocity. Billy asked if he was fine, but Dracula could only lay on the floor breathing heavily. The oldest boy offered Dracula a bowl of soup saying he seemed hungry.

Still a scary person

The count smacked the bowl away spilling it and scaring the children. He warned them that there were more important things to worry about. He claimed that the bats would eventually break in and kill them all.

Just then he looked down at the crosses hanging from their necks. He instinctively reacted in horror before realizing that it did not hurt him. He figured out that they could be used to repel the vampires.

Outside the bats began screeching louder and louder. The children could not stand the noise.

Dracula believed that the crosses they wore bothered the vampires, reasoning that it was why they had yet to attack.

No where left to run

The group looked through the windows to suddenly see the bats disappear. Billy wondered why it was so quiet and went to see if they had left. He ran to the window to see that all the vampires had returned to their normal form.

Dracula went to see as Billy explained they were surrounded. He saw that the vampires were slowly walking towards the home moaning loudly.

The count backed up as they started pounding on the door. The two girls cried out for their mother. Billy reassured them by reminding them that their mother told them to pray to Heaven.

No choice but to fight

One vampire smashed through the window. Others had burst through the front door. Dracula told the children to stay behind him as he would do his best to protect them. The vampires began pouring in from all openings.

A bald vampire leaped at Dracula trying to bite him. Dracula grabbed the man and pushed him away.

Insider knowledge

Another ran at him, leaping on top of the former sovereign. Dracula shoved this one away as well. As he did, he saw a large cross sitting near the home's fireplace.

Still plenty of evil left in him

Dracula ran over and grabbed the cross. The closeness of the vampires caused the cross to heat up, burning his hands. Despite the pain, he turned around and pointed it at the onslaught of vampires.

As the count put the cross near a female vampire, she dissolved into a cloud of dust. With no other choice, he did the same to two more vampires.

The other vampires backed off to avoid damage. They allowed him safe passage out of the house. However, one remained behind and turned towards the children. The older sister held up her cross causing him to dissolve.

The other vampires quickly left the house in fear of their former master as he left. The three children simply stood there shocked.

The Will of God

Dracula continued his search for a vampire friendly to him. He was walking up a hill until another vampire burst from the ground.

Fighting for leadership

The vampire introduced himself as Sir Tomo, telling the mortal Dracula to leave. The count asserted that he was the true vampire master. Tomo retorts that Satan gave him the title when Dracula married the woman Dolores.

Dracula decide to challenge Tomo to combat for the title. The vampire accepted, believing that the fight would make him more respected if he defeated the former master. Other vampires gathered to watch the two.

The battle for his unlife

Dracula leaped towards Tomo, though his enemy dodged the attack and pushed him back. Tomo stomped on the ground forcing Dracula to dodge.

Tomo then began beating Dracula with his staff. The count was hit several times across the face. Tomo stood and confidently said that Dracula was no match for him.

No match for one with powers still

The vampire went for another swipe but Dracula maneuvered around to hit him in the back knocking him aside. Dracula stood and faced his usurper.

Tomo kicked at Dracula and the count backed up. Tomo leaped into the air and forced Dracula to fall. He pulled out a dagger and tried to stab Dracula in the head, though he dodged the attack.


Tomo tried again but Dracula grabbed his arm and stopped him. Tomo began to get the better of him forcing the blade down. The vampires watching started laughing.

Dracula grabbed Tomo's face to push him back. Steam suddenly appeared from the vampire's face. Dracula pulled back his burned hand.

Secret weapon

Tomo's face continued to burn. He moved his hands away from his face revealing a scar in the shape of a cross. The other vampires pointed in shock.

Tomo's face continued to burn until he fell down. As he laid there his body began to dissolve away into nothingness.

The victor and yet he still lost

Dracula and the other vampires surrounded his disappearing dust. The undead looked up and pledged their allegiance to their master once more.

Dracula looked at his hand and saw that the cross from the cottage had burned itself into his skin. He realized that Heaven had used him to defeat Tomo. Disgusted at this thought, he turned and headed towards his nearby darkened castle. He abandoned thoughts of them turning him into a vampire once more.

No place for him

The vampires called out to him as he went.

Return Home

Dracula walked alone along the darkened road. He made his way through his deserted kingdom to his once-proud castle.

Cannot go home again

The count walked up the ruined stairs into the entrance. He went through the enormous doors entering his home.

Lord of the Castle

He went through his castle heading towards the main hall. He opened the set of double doors and entered the hall.

Everything is normal again

As he walked through he suddenly realized that he had his vampire fangs once again. He theorized that the air in his castle somehow returned him to being an undead and he is once more the master of vampires and sovereign of the damned.

Final Battle

Suddenly Hans Harker called out to him. The vampire turned to see the old man guiding his wheelchair into the light so that Dracula could recognize him.

His home invaded

Dracula demanded to know why he was there. Hans then left his wheelchair, standing, and readied his cane for battle.

Hans explains that he had finally trapped the count. He intended to avenge the murder of his family. Dracula stated how tired he was of Hans constantly harassing him, vowing to end him once and for all.

Attacking the son of his enemies

Dracula screamed and leaped forward. Hans readied the blade hidden inside his cane. Dracula landed and batted it away.

He grabbed the son of his enemy and began choking him. Hans fell to the ground as he struggled against the vampire's incredible strength. Blood began spurting out of his mouth.

Straight to the heart

Hans reached up with his weakened hands and pressed a button in the center of his wheelchair's wheel. This released one of the spokes and the human used it to pierce Dracula's heart.

Still vulnerable even with his powers

Dracula stopped his attack. He backed up in pain, crying out as blood began pouring from his mouth. Dracula stood and Hans followed.

Final Death

Hans fell down onto his wheelchair, the battle too much for him. He explained that the spoke was made of pure silver. He claimed that Dracula had finally been defeated.

An end in sight

While he struggled with the spoke, Dracula could not believe that he was beaten by such an easy attack. Hans pointed out that he had dedicated his whole life to destroying him and had finally succeeded.

Dracula finally pulled the spoke out of his chest and threw it to the side. He leaped at Hans claiming that he had no been defeated yet.

Hans told him that they would meet their judgement together. He then pressed a button on his wheelchair.

His long struggle finally at an end

This activated explosives hidden in the wheelchair. The chair erupted in light. The blast vaporized Count Dracula shredding his cape apart.

For the second time, Count Vlad Dracula III was dead.


He became the very thing he fought against

Count Dracula's evil deeds served as a warning to all others against similar dark deeds.

The blast erupted throughout the castle destroying it completely. It became a symbol of the rise and fall of its owner's life.

Afterwards, Janus returned to his parents' home and informed his mother of what happened to her husband. While she was sad, God restored him to an infant to grow up with his mother.

A warning to all who seek power

Presumably, his soul returned to Hell where he was punished for all eternity by Satan.

Powers and Abilities

See also Vampire.

In life, Vlad Dracula III was a highly skilled warrior. He was incredibly adept at hand to hand combat. He was dangerous with various weapons and slew countless enemies.

Vampire, the undead

In undeath, Count Dracula was a vampire. He was imbued with dark, unholy powers by Satan, possibly the first of his kind. As a vampire, he is practically immortal. He cannot die through most normal means. He has survived for centuries looking the same in appearance the entire time.

Feasting like an animal

In order to sustain his youthful appearance and maintain his strength, Dracula must drink the blood of humans though it is possible he could use the blood of animals. To do so, he is able to grow fangs in his mouth, two on top and two on the bottom. The fangs can be hidden so that he appears to be a normal human being. When hungry he completely drains all the blood from a person leaving them the victim an empty shell.

One side effect of drinking blood is that the victim then becomes a vampire. They then possess all the powers he did. This means he can choose to consume a person so they would become a vampire even if he does not need the energy.

Preferred mode of transportation

He is able to transform into a variety of things. The two that have been seen were an enormous vampire bat and cloud of smoke. The form of the bat allows him to fly like a bird. His bat form is larger than most vampires and he can even carry a full grown person. The cloud of smoke allows him to avoid damage by becoming intangible. It is possible that he can transform into other things, such as wolves.

As a member of the undead, Dracula has greatly enhanced strength. While the limits of his strength is unknown, it is far beyond any normal mortal man. He can crush stone with relative ease.

Able to command the very elements themselves

Dracula also has some ability to manipulate the weather. He was able to call upon a thunder storm several times. He could even order the lightning to strike where he wanted. However, he did not use it often so it may have taken too much of a toll on him to do.


Dracula is nearly immortal, but not completely. He is vulnerable to several things that affect all vampires.

The only sights he sees are at night

He cannot go into the light of the sun. Even the smallest beam of light burns him. Therefore, he must stay in the darkness of night or the shade of objects. With nowhere to go, he spends the day sleeping and must perform all his actions at night. He is vulnerable during his sleep and open to attack.

One of the most well known ways to end the unlife of a vampire is to drive a wooden stake through their heart. It is possible that any massive trauma to the chest can kill him, but wood has been used on others and tried on Dracula.

It burns him

The cross, the symbol of Christian faith, is incredibly dangerous to him. Seeing one causes him to recoil in horror. Likely this is due to his unholy powers and the fact that his actions have caused him to turn away from God and Heaven. In very close proximity, a cross becomes heated causing physical pain and burns.

He is vulnerable to any weapon made of silver. It is unknown why this one metal in particular affects him, but even a small amount is enough to fatally damage him.

Additionally, he casts no reflection in the mirror for himself or anyone else to see. There is no apparent explanation for this phenomenon. This is not a weakness per se, but it does mean others can identify him more easily.


A great leader

In life, Vlad Dracula was driven by determination. He loved his country and was determined to protect it through any and all means. This meant he was willing to perform the most gruesome of acts to drive his enemies away. This determination proved to be his downfall as his enemies united to end his sadistic ways.

Unholy flesheater

In death, Count Dracula was still driven by the desires of mortal men but unable to act upon them. Additionally, he was forced to exist with the unholy needs of being a vampire. He decimated his own nation to feed his hunger. He could fall in love, but his need to feed would usually overtake him. His vampirism would overtake any attempt at a normal human life. It was only when a human woman loved him back that he would allow himself to feel love again, though he fed his vampiric desires through other means.

Dracula was full of self loathing over what he had to do to sustain himself and terrible rage at his creator Satan. He despised that he needed to kill others to maintain himself. He regretted his murders, though he could not bring himself to stop them.

Afraid to account for his sins

Above all else, Dracula was afraid of death. This overrode even his love for his wife. Having died once before, he knew the horrors that awaited him for the sins he committed. When Satan took away his immortality, his first reaction was to return to his unholy state in the process abandoning his beloved wife. He literally traveled the globe seeking to restore himself. Even though he hated his existence he could not bring himself to allow anyone or anything to end it.



Happy couple

Dolores was the last person Dracula ever loved. It is unknown if he ever truly loved anyone else. She made him willing to set aside his vampire desires to attempt to live a normal life. He turned his back on his entire vampire empire, sacrificing all that he was and had, to be with her. She loved him as well since he was the first in her life to show her kindness. The two somehow had a child together. When he was threatened, she discovered the hidden power within her and defeated Satan.

Unfortunately, his fear of dying and being sent to Hell overwhelmed him and when he was made mortal by Satan he abandoned her.


Happy family

Janus is not his first child as he had at least one before his initial death and resurrection. Like Dolores, Janus is one of the final people Dracula truly loved. He loved his son as deeply as any father could love their child. The boy's death was a terrible blow to him.

God resurrected Janus as a fighter for him as a way to hurt Dracula emotionally. Dracula recognized this tactic and turned against his own flesh and blood. However, those feelings remained and he did not want to battle Janus unless he was forced to.


A battle between light and dark

During his life, Dracula worshiped God as anyone else would. He kept religious iconography like crosses around his castle. However, after his death and resurrection he became a servant of Satan. As a vampire he was unable to gaze or be near any cross. He turned against God for feeling that God turned against him. Because of his undead sins, God too tried to destroy him.


Put under the dark lord's control

While God created him in His image, Satan recreated Dracula for his dark purposes. Satan granted his desire to be spared from death's grasp, but turned him into an unholy vampire. To survive, Dracula had to feast upon humans causing him to deeply resent the dark lord. Eventually, Dracula did all he could to hurt his recreator. In response Satan formed long-term plans of revenge to destroy everything the count held dear. In the end, Satan won when Dracula was defeated.


Layla getting her revenge

Layla is much like Dracula, in that while he delighted in her powers she resented her creator. The count made her into a vampire as he had many before her. But she was the one he turned to when he needed help. That was when he found he had become just like Satan, the very figure he despised. She was all too happy to leave him alone in the misery of his life.


No longer his bride

It is unknown exactly what happened between Dracula and Mallisa. He turned her into a vampire and promised to make her his bride. He never revealed whether he was honest in this promise or had just told her this to make her happy. He likely did not mean it since he left her behind in Transylvania. She was further spurned when she learned that Dracula had taken a human wife. She went into the arms of Sir Tomo to hurt Dracula back.

Sir Tomo

Tomo wants what Dracula gave up

Dracula regarded Sir Tomo as nothing more than a fool, simply another vampire drone. The vampire lord had little regard for this man. In response, Tomo hated Dracula for being the sovereign of the damned, wanting the position for himself. When given the chance, he quickly accepted the title when it was offered to him by Satan. However, when it came to a battle to the death between Dracula and Tomo, the usurper was destroyed and Dracula returned to the throne.


Count Dracula was voiced by Theodore Lehmann in English, Nachi Nozawa in Japanese, Jean Claudio in French, Luis Carrillo in Spanish, and Renato Montanari Italian.

First film version of the character based on the comics to be seen outside the comics, and currently the only animated film version.

Based on a real woodblock print of Vlad the Impaler dining in the presence of numerous impaled corpses

The images of his life as Vlad the Impaler, seen in Hans' library, are recreations of real depictions of the actual Vlad. The comics was one of the first to make a connection between the real Vlad, who inspired the book, and the fictional Dracula.

In actuality, Attila the Hun (born 434, died 453) was not alive at the same time as Vlad (born 1431, died 1476/77). Since the video says "Attila the Great" it could mean another figure also named Attila.

More Bela Lugosi than Bram Stoker

In the Bram Stoker novel, Dracula does transform into a wolf. He also crawls on walls and can appear in sunlight for limited times. He must also sleep in his native soil and keeps several boxes of Transylvanian dirt with him to England.

In the Comics

As with the original book, Abraham Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker were successful in killing Dracula in his castle. Though it was later established that he had been killed and resurrected several times.

It was a friend of Frank's that awoke Dracula for this period. Dracula made the friend his human servant then killed and turned Frank's girlfriend. It was this event that caused Frank to be depressed when the vampire hunters found him.

The cult priest, named Anton Lupeski, hired the vampire hunters whereas in the video they are simply hunting Dracula.

Dracula saved Domini, renamed Dolores for the video, from being a human sacrifice. A magical spell was used to impregnate her.

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