Real Name Christopher Summers
Alternate Identity Corsair
Powers and Abilities Various Weapons
Team Affiliations Starjammers
Allies X-Men
Family and Friends Katherine Summers (Wife)
Scott Summers (Son)
Havok (Son)
Jean Grey (Daughter-in-Law)

Christopher Summers is the father of the mutants Cyclops and Havok. As Corsair he is the leader of the Starjammers.


Christopher was a pilot flying with his family. When their aircraft was attacked by an alien spaceship, he sent his two sons out with a parachute while he and his wife were captured. Eventually his wife died and he formed the Starjammers, a pirate-like group of various aliens.

He was eventually hired to steal the M'Kraan Crystal. They encountered the X-Men, being lead by a man he did not realize was his son. However, his son's girlfriend, Jean Grey, became possessed by the Phoenix Force and took the crystal into a star.

Some time later, Corsair went to Earth seeking the help of the X-Men. He discovered that Cyclops was his son. The two argued for a bit but eventually overcame their differences.

It is unknown if he ever found out that his other son became a member of X-Factor.


Corsair's voice actor was uncredited. It was later revealed to be Lawrence Bayne. Bayne also played Cable, who in the comics (though unspecified in the series) is Christopher's grandson.[1]

In the series, it is never actually specified that Havok is Corsair's son or Cyclops' brother. A flashback does show Corsair with two children. The brothers' relationship was hinted at in "Cold Comfort" but never stated.

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