Colossus WXM
Real Name Peter Rasputin
Alternate Identity Colossus
Powers and Abilities Metal Form (Enhanced Strength and Durability)
Team Affiliations X-Men

Peter Rasputin, also known as Colossus, is a mutant and former member of the X-Men.


Colossus joined the X-Men. Colossus trained with Shadowcat and Nightcrawler when Wolverine messed the three up and left them hanging once they were captured by him. Once Jean Grey blew up the Xavier Mansion, Colossus left the X-Men.

He returned to Russia to be with his family. When Wolverine reformed the team, Colossus turned down the offer because he did not want to leave his family again.


Colossus was voiced by Nolan North.

The spelling of Colossus's real name was changed from the Russian Piotr to the English Peter.

Colossus Age of Apocalypse WXM Concept

Colossus was supposed to return following the explosion but the producers decided against it. He was supposed to return for the proposed second season before the series was cancelled. Concept art showed him in his Age of Apocalypse outfit.

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