Cletus Kasady
Cletus Kasady SSM
Real Name Cletus Kasady
Cletus Kasady is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Cletus Kasady is a criminally insane man.


The early life of Cletus Kasady is unknown. At some point he was taken to the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane. On Christmas Eve he went to a group therapy session under the care of Dr. Ashley Kafka. He wore a Santa Hat for the holiday.

Cletus told the group something but she told him that it was Max Dillon's turn to speak. Max told her that he wished to be called Electro.

He claimed he didn't need a normal name anymore, and asked Doctor Octopus to back him up. However, Otto revealed that he hated the name, especially how it was associated with destruction and violence. Dr. Kafka reassured him that his progress had been amazing.

Suddenly, the window behind the group was torn out. Kraven the Hunter leapt in, grabbed the two orderlies, and smashed them against each other. Two more ran up but Kraven easily batted them away.

Kraven recognized Doctor Octopus but Otto ran away. Dr. Kafka told the transformed hunter to stay away. Kraven said that he was there to free Doc Ock and Electro. However, Electro stated that they should leave Otto behind as he was no longer worth the trouble.

Electro then held out his arms and Kraven cut the shackles off. Free from his binds, Electro was able to power up. As the two move towards the opening Dr. Kafka tried to reason with Max. However, he simply turned and shocked her, saying that he preferred Electro. The two leapt out the hole with Otto watching in amazement.

The reformed Sinister Six were then beaten by Spider-Man.

Back at Ravencroft on Christmas day, the hole had been patched up with some wood. Dr. Kafka, Kasady, and Otto were watching the news report on the Sinister Six. A reporter said that Mysterio was captured but the rest of the Six were missing and considered dangerous.

Otto looked nervous and repeated that this isn't right. Dr. Kafka turned off the television saying that no one was going to hurt him. Just then they heard pounding outside. Then Doctor Octopus' tentacles smashed through the wood and ensnared Otto.

He pleaded for help as the tentacles carried him out of the reopened hole and onto the roof. Dr. Kafka followed trying to see Otto as he disappeared screaming.


Cletus Kasady did not have a speaking role.

Kasady is more known to Spider-Man fans as the symbiote powered villain Carnage. It is unknown if, had the series continued, Kasady would have become the villain.

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