Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier WXM.jpg
Real Name Charles Xavier
Alternate Identity Professor X
Powers and Abilities Powerful psychic abilites
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Magneto

Charles Xavier is a mutant and founder of the X-Men. He was once friends with Magneto.


Charles Xavier is a mutant who founded a school for mutants to train them to use their powers for humanity's benefit. At some point, Wolverine was preparing to leave the Xavier Mansion once again when Jean Grey became the Phoenix, causing an explosion to detonate which was centered on Charles' position. The explosion destroyed the Xavier Mansion and caused the Charles and Jean's disappearance. Charles washed up on the island of Genosha in a comatose state where he was cared for by Magneto in his palace until was recovered by the X-Men to the rebuilt Xavier Mansion.

Alternate Version

Days of Future Past

In one possible future, Charles regains consciousness in a dark and dismal future where most of the mansion is destroyed. Apparently, fresh clothing and an advanced mechanical legs that allowed Charles perfect mobility were left from him. Upon waking, Charles saw to his horror that Sentinels ruled the Earth and that mutants were hunted freely. By extension, society itself was utterly destroyed. Charles then used Cerebro to contact Wolverine in the past and inform him of the situation. Charles appointed Wolverine as leader of the X-Men and tasked him with leading the team and repairing the timeline. Wolverine, in turn, expressed his doubts about being team leader. But, Charles stood his ground and said Wolverine had to deal with it because there needed to be a strong and confident leader with experience to handle the hard choices to come. A short time later, Charles had to go on the run when the Sentinels tracked him down and destroyed the remainder of mansion. While on the run, Charles was captured and thrown into a mutant prison where he met Bishop. Bishop, as it turned out was leading another group of X-Men who had infiltrated the prison and were trying to free the prisoners. The mission succeeded and Charles joined Bishop's group. In this role, Charles again started training students again as well as being a Co-Leader of sorts to Bishop's team. Charles also recovered the core of Cerebro and used it to contact Wolverine in the past and provided him with guidance.

Age of Apocalypse

After the Sentinel future was erased, Xavier found himself in a future ruled by Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, and a man who looked like Cyclops.


Charles Xavier was voiced by Jim Ward.

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