Charles Cameo
Charles Cameo (Spider-Man (1967))
Real Name Charles Cameo
Powers and Abilities Can disguise himself as anyone
Allies Brutus
Charles Cameo is from the Non MAU series, Spider-Man.

Charles Cameo was an actor turned criminal that used his knowledge of make-up and practical effects to disguise himself as other people and commit crimes.


Charles Cameo started out as an actor but turned to a life of crime.

Cameo kidnapped the Prime Minister of Rutania and took his place. Spider-Man witnessed Cameo kidnap the Prime Minister and tried to stop him. However, Cameo was able to knock out Spider-Man, hide the real Prime Minister, and tried to have Spider-Man arrested.

The reason Charles Cameo impersonated the Prime Minister of Rutania was because he was asking the U.S. government for a $10 million dollar loan to help the people of his poor country. Cameo planned to steal the money. However, Spider-Man was able to stop Charles Cameo and rescue the real Prime Minister.

Charles Cameo later returned and used his disguises to commit various art thefts around New York City. Cameo was eventually captured by Spider-Man and turned over to the police.


Charles Cameo was voiced by Claude Ray in The Sinister Prime Minister and by Carl Banas in Double Identity.

He is an original character to the series.

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