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Real Name Century
Alternate Identity Woody
Powers and Abilities Parallax
Various Magic
Team Affiliations Force Works
For the period of time, see Century (Time).

Century, also known as Woody, is a superhero and member of Force Works.


Century joined Force Works along with Iron Man, War Machine, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye. When Tony faked his death, Century was one of the team who left to pursue their own superhero career. However, when Mandarin returned to life he rejoined the team to stop The Hand once and for all.


Century was voiced by James Warwick in the first season, Jim Cummings in "The Beast Within", and Tom Kane in "Hands of the Mandarin, Part One" and "Hands of the Mandarin, Part Two".

The name Woody is original to the series. In the comics, he has no other known name.

Unnamed in the series, the ax is named Parallax in the comics.

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