Real Name Cat
Family and Friends Hyena
Sabertooth Tiger
For the criminal, see The Cat.

A cat is a small furry creature usually kept as pets by humans. While the term can be applied to any species of feline, it most often refers to the smaller domestic house cat.

Wild cats are known to stay away from humans in abandoned areas. There is a superstition that cats who are black are bad luck.


Rogue knew several phrases related to cats. She once compared Cyclops, who looked nervous, to a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. When Wolverine returned she said "Look what the cat dragged in," referring to a cat's tendency to bring their owners dead animals.

A wild cat was scared off when Bishop came from the future.

Hulk scared a cat at a dump in Chicago.

Thief John Hardesky called himself The Cat. His daughter called herself Black Cat.

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