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Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel Unproduced
Writers Ben Bates

Captain Marvel was a proposed series for Marvel Animation.

Animator Ben Bates developed an idea for the series. This was long before the announcement of the live action Marvel Studios film Captain Marvel. Bates went to Marvel with the idea and they asked for an animatic.

The animatic features rough animation that would have been cleaned up later had the pitch been successful. The animation was inspired by anime and had a transformation sequence.

He wrote a short himself and even hired actors to provide voices. The brief story borrows elements from Carol Danvers' earlier days as Ms. Marvel where her dual identity is secret. The story also features cameos of Turbo, Big Bertha, Ultragirl, and Spider-Woman.

Marvel Entertainment turned down the series as they were uninterested in seeing pitches. Bates eventually uploaded the animatic to his YouTube channel on January 7th, 2018.[1]

Series Pitch

Captain Marvel Unproduced Series Pitch

Captain Marvel Unproduced Series Pitch


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